American Singer Show Cage Cups

ASC-Approved Show-Cage Plastic Feeder Cups
by Stan Jones & Arben Bebeti

As you know, ASC hobbyists are facing a shortage of show cage feeder cups. I and Arben Bebeti have taken the initiative to work with a tooling company to duplicate our existing plastic show cage feeder cups. A letter was sent to officially notify the ASC National Committee and the Chapter Representatives. We have made an agreement to have a Tool Set made and samples returned to us before we give the final approval to produce these greatly needed feeder cups. We then plan to have a large quantities produced. Our process to date and in the future will require NO OUTLAY OF FUNDS from the ASC. However, with these successfully results a new feeder cups becoming available at a reasonable price for those who would be interested in purchasing the cups. Enclosed you will find photos of the first samples from the new mold. Here is the difference between the two Plastic Feeder cups.

The old plastic feeder was glued together and this new plastic feeder is clipped together but is identical with the previous plastic feeder regarding size and looks which had been approved by the ASC.

Here is the final product plus we have careful compared the new with the old and they are a carbon copy except for the assembly method.

[ Show Cup View 1 ] [ Show Cup View 2 ]

Any club or breeder interested please contact the following:
in the USA, Chapter 3 - Alex Amorim (401-438-7588)
or Chapter 25 - Tom Miller (973-546-6892)
in CANADA, Arben Bebeti (905-553-5408)
or Chapter 31 - Marcel Ferrazzi (519-579-3196)

The price per cup is $1.10/ea unit (Canadian dollars) or $0.75 U.S. Dollars each.

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