American Singers Club Latest News

The American Singers Club currently does not have a newsletter editor and our email list server, Yahoo Groups, is no longer available. So, messages from the club will be posted here for now.

Ed Madrano has recovered from his illness last year and has returned to his full duties as secretary/treasurer. The board members agreed to extend their terms another year because elections were not held last year. Candidates for 2022 are encouraged to contact the nominators who are listed on the Contacts Page.

The deadline for getting 2021 show awards is August 1, 2021. Clubs should send their show information directly to Ed, the ASC secretary, and follow up with him to confirm he recieved the information. Clubs should also send their information to the webmaster either by email, or use this 2021 Show Submittal Form.

Membership renewals and band orders for 2022 will soon be accepted. Mailing a check is best, but we only accept U.S. funds, so if you are not in the United States, you may send money using PayPal. The online order form for this will be available soon.

Board members are listed on the Contacts Page.

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