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2021 Band Information

April 2021 Update

All the bird band manufacturing companies are on a 10 week back order. One company said this year has been the busiest band year in 30 years! Apparently, the COVID-19 pandemic has reversed the decline in aviculture, so now there is a band shortage.

The company that we placed our previous orders with would not let us add on to our order in March and all those bands have been allocated already. Any additional bands orders go to the back of the 10 week line. Even if we end up placing another order, it will not be here until June, so for practical purposes, we are out of bands for this breeding season.

A bird must wear a closed ASC band that was issued to its exhibitor to be eligible for ASC awards and points at sanctioned shows. That exhibitor must also be a current ASC member for the year of the show, regardless of the year of the band.

American Singer is a copyrighted name and only birds bred to the standards and banded with closed, registered American Singer bands can legally be called American Singers.

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