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To pay online using PayPal, Click Here

To pay by check (U.S. funds only), you must make the check out to Susan Kretchko but put ASC on the memo. If the check is written to ASC and not to Sue, then it will be returned and that will delay your band order. Click Here for the membership and band order form. Download and print the form, fill it out, then mail it with your U.S. check or money order to:


Susan Kretchko
A.S.C. Secretary/Treasurer
259 Columbus Ave.
Port Chester, NY 10573-2527


Single membership is for one person, $30/year for U.S. members, $35/year for non-U.S.
Dual membership includes two persons who live in the same household, $35/year for U.S. dual members, $40/year of non-U.S. dual members.

2022 Band Information

Bands can only be ordered with your new or renewed membership, or separately if you are already a member for the band year you are ordering. Bands that are pre-ordered before the first of the year are sent out the first week in December. Sorry, no special requests for letters or range of numbers. No express shipping, please plan ahead.

Click Here for the PAPER membership and band order form. All prices in U.S. dollars, send check in U.S. funds or money order, no cash.

Click Here for online orders

Please be accurate on band order and the fee amount enclosed, any discrepancies, may extend the process and delivery timeframe. Please allow 7 days for processing/delivery after January 1st.

A bird must wear a closed ASC band that was issued to its exhibitor to be eligible for ASC awards and points at sanctioned shows. That exhibitor must also be a current ASC member for the year of the show, regardless of the year of the band.

American Singer is a copyrighted name and only birds bred to the standards and banded with closed, registered American Singer bands can legally be called American Singers.

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