ASC approved show cage is now available from Jovaco

[ Le Canadien Cage ]


The "Le Canadien" Cage has:

  1. The same "footprint" as the existing Show Cage manufactured by Prevue and the same height;
  2. The door on the side;
  3. 0.5 inch bar spacing (canary standard);
  4. Preformed openings for the drinker and feeder;
  5. 0.5 inch diameter perches (2 on top, one on the bottom);
  6. Superior manufacturing quality as compared with the model currently manufactured by Prevue.
  7. It has a carrying handle.

By majority vote, the ASC National Governing Board has approved this new show cage for use and distribution throughout the fancy (previously only considered for use in Canada).

All ASC breeders can order these cages by contacting Stan Jones at or phone 418-522-5427.

The price per cage is $35 USD ($40 CAD/cage) without feeder cups or $38 USD/cage ($43 CAD/cage) with the feeder cups. Prices may change due to various reasons.

The price per cup is $2/ea unit USD or $2.50/ea unit CAD.

Shipping Terms: FOB Jovaco Manufacturing Plant, postal code J2R 1H5

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2015 note: Jovaco has carried the increases in raw materials for the past years but this year they have to increase the price a little.

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