These show cages are no longer available from Jovaco

[ Le Canadien Cage ]

If you already have these cages or buy them used, they are allowed in sanctioned American Singer Canary shows.

The "Le Canadien" Cage has:

  1. The same "footprint" as the existing Show Cage manufactured by Prevue and the same height;
  2. The door on the side;
  3. 0.5 inch bar spacing (canary standard);
  4. Preformed openings for the drinker and feeder;
  5. 0.5 inch diameter perches (2 on top, one on the bottom);
  6. Superior manufacturing quality as compared with the model manufactured by Prevue.
  7. It has a carrying handle.

By majority vote, the ASC National Governing Board has approved this new show cage for use and distribution throughout the fancy (previously only considered for use in Canada).

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