PAS Newsletter Vol. 7 No. 3
July 2000


It was a successful breeding season. Probably more than I shouldhave. Of course Mother Nature thwarted my best pairings, but perhapsshe knows better? I'll have to trust that. I lost fewer babies thisyear but still feel frustrated that some hens never come into seasonand I still have some clear eggs and damm if I can figure out whysome babies just don't make it. I know one had a stroke this year,the right wing and foot were both weak and so I reluctantly put itdown after a few days without response to antibiotics. I willreluctantly add a form of antibiotics to my conditioning regimen thiswinter before setting up. I hate to routinely use them but perhapsthe old-timers are right in doing so..... anyone care to share orelaborate?

Now that your flock has been sexed and flighted (yes you shouldhave) those unused cages need to be disinfected with Clorox. Andthose show cages should be checked for paint jobs. No, it's not tooearly.

My lucky bird coat (that ratty green garden coat with bird pins)you see me in at all the show has been cleaned and is ready for the2000 show season. The one time I didn't wear it I failed to place abird. Anyone else got a charm?

Mark your calendars for the shows. A month to six weeks prior,those boys should be caged up to study and practice their songs. Getthem into show cages at least 2 weeks before if they've been inbachelor cages and one month if straight from flights.

Move them around often, drive them in the car and get them used toadversity. Nothing worse than an unsteady bird in a small cage. Minehave their own TV and dogs running around. Cover them at night anduncover in the AM with tapes playing. Cover and uncover as often asyou can.

THE QUAD in December was created for all of you. Primarily so thatthe birds would be mature and ready to show, so that you would havemaximum chances to win and more time away from home doing what youreally love, learning more about American Singers and how to raise abetter flock next season from your fellow fanciers. Our two judgeson Saturday are new to our arena and sound like very good people, noI have no idea what they like. Sunday will be Darrell's inaugural andthen you have me......

Please plan to join us, this show needs your support or we won'tdo it again. This has never been done anywhere in the States (theworld?) and is really for the benefit of the exhibitors. I reallylook forward to seeing you all at the shows again. I have very fondmemories of the few years I've been at it and sincerely look forwardto new winners this season. I believe the West Coast is leading aRenaissance in the American Singer World.

Gary Tom

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