PAS Newsletter Vol. 7 No. 2
April 2000


It was an early breeding season thanks largely to the mild winter.I'll be totally done by Easter at which point I'm on my way for ashort trip. It was a successful season in terms of numbers and a lackof too many traumatic happenings. It was that or I've finally beenat it long enough so that some things don't phase me any longer. I'mworking on the Fall show season and that is shaping up nicely. Veryexciting is our QUAD this December. Two days four judges, veryexciting and a weekend worthwhile. Salinas has lots of eating andshopping close by (very). Don't miss this one!

Get ready to sit back and watch the feathers fly! Don't forget tocontinue to feed real well, lots of fresh produce, egg food still andbaths as often as possible. You may want to consider an air filter.The dander gets pretty intense at this time.

See you at the Spring meeting and stay diligent!!!

Gary Tom

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