PAS Newsletter Vol. 7 No. 1
January 2000

President's Message

Well, we did it, 7 shows! Another season done. Thanks to all whomade it happen: the Waughs, Ginger, Brian, Marion, our judges Ella,Clay, Doria, Earlene, Freddy, Tad, and Yours Truly. It wasn't so bad,huh guys? No worse than 4 shows?!

Congrats to newcomers, Randie B. and James T. on their top 6ranking the first time out.

I believe PAS competition has reached another level up in additionto attracting out-of-state competitors. Personally as your judge Inoticed improvement in type, song, and presentation. I predict thatcompetition will stiffen even more next year.

Be diligent, steadfast, and have a goal in mind. Study thosepedigrees and songs.

I have on hand interviews with several of our judges from the '99season and will print them in upcoming newsletters as space does notpermit this time.

Gary Tom

The Nationals
by Gary Tom

Prominently absent was Jessie Durkin and so the task of runningthe holding room fell to Sally and Warren Kemerer. Supported by themany ASC members and exhibitors, all went very smoothly consideringthere were 375 birds from 42 exhibitors, it was quite a feat.

Commanding the judging room was Allen Gibson from Houston area inTexas. His friendly and casual attitude surprised and delighted usand his commentaries on every bird in the class let us know what hehad heard and thought.

It was my observation that most of the birds still had an immaturesong and many lacked variety. Allen's three top birds of Riedelbreeding had an immensely unusual variety and presentation. Manyphrases delivered in a staccato fashion. Some might say it lacked amusical quality but I myself was fascinated by these birds'repertoire and wondered how it was developed, Alberta?

In Sacramento 2000, Allen has agreed to do the honors. Don't misshim.

Reminders of the Season
by Gary Tom

The breeding season is upon you. If you haven't done so already,you should:

a) Send in your PAS dues.

b) Pay your ASC membership dues and order bands.

c) Have eggfood and other vitamin/supplements on hand.

d) Study your boys, listen, and narrow down your stud force.

e) Plan those breedings, study your pedigrees, and listen, listen, listen.

f) Increase your lighting to 12 to 13 hours by your target date.

g) Get those burlap bags from coffeehouse retailers, wash and shred.

h) Clean and disinfect those breeding cages if you didn't do it in the summer.

i) Get religious and pray that Mother Nature is kind to you this season.

j) Hope you're lucky. No matter how much planning and praying, you'll still need some.

The Waterslagger Man Cometh
by Gary Tom

We're always glad to have visitors in our showroom and in Modestowe were lucky to have a nice handful. Some who stayed for a fewclasses and some who politely left after one twenty minute period.One rather rotund fellow stood at the end of a class, muttered to oneof our members "This is Mickey mouse", and proceeded to leave whilehanding out his German Restaurant cards which on the back he hadwritten "Waterslaggers" along with a phone number. As he pushed itinto each persons hand, he said "If you want a REAL singer!"

In shock, I took the card, thought twice about a confrontation,and realized this wasn't my classroom. My blood was up and shreddedthe card quicker than I accepted it. Our visitors all had left and Icould not contain my outrage. I couldn't believe the nerve, thejudgment, and the betrayal. To visit another songbreed showroom as afellow aviculturist and to denounce us on our own turf. It was anoutrage!

As aviculturists and canary fanciers worldwide, we're all facedwith obstacles and declines in interest. Clubs and shows sufferlosses year after year. I wonder which breed we'll lose next to gothe way of the London Fancy? Will we have any clubs or shows in thefuture?

People, please remember, we're part of a family. We need to acceptone another's differences and pursuits. There is room for all.

This story didn't end here. Sensing my rage, one of my friends inthe club offered to go after this man. James confronted him and madehim realize what a horrid offense he had committed. He apologizedprofusely and apologized to all members he ran across. I met this manat the Nationals and he apologized to me personally. I thanked himfor doing so and for recognizing his error and look forward to seeinghim next season.

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