Show Cage Care
by Darrell Horst

First published in the Pacific American Singer newsletter, volume 6, number 4, October 1999.

Moving your males from flight cages to show cages this time ofyear can greatly increase the time for cleaning and feeding. I'msure all of you have some tip and tricks to reduce the job ofcleaning. I've found a couple of tricks that help a little. First Ireverse the seed and water cups on the cages. I place the water onthe left and the seed on the right. (For older cages, place the seedcup on the side of the cage with the solid partition). This reducesthe splatters on the solid partition and makes cleaning thosepartitions a bit easier.

Second, when placing the paper in the bottom of the cage, I don'ttrim it for an exact fit. I trim 3/8" off the 812" side so it fitsthe tray snuggly but don't trim the other side of the paper. I placethe paper in the tray and leave the excess on the forward side. Ithen fold the paper down against the bottom of the tray forming acrease in the paper. I then let this creased portion stick up andclose the tray. This leaves 1 inch or so sticking up flush with thecage on the outside. Having this excess sticking up makes removingthe sheet the next day much easier than trying to get a snugglyplaced piece of paper out. I place about 3-4 sheets of copy paper inthe cage tray at one time. Removing the soiled sheet each day. Iused newspaper last year, but heard several judges comment on soiledtail feathers so I back to white paper.

This year I've also set a make shift table up that holds all myshow cages. I clean and feed the first row of cages then place thembehind the other and pull the next row forward. Having all the cagesin one spot can make cleaning and feeding a little less timeconsuming.

Copyright 1999 Darrell Horst. All rights reserved.

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