Show Cage Care
by Ginger Wolnik

First published in the Pacific American Singer newsletter, volume 2, number 3, July 1995.

I know, you just got your new show cage and you can't wait to see abird in it! However, you should do some preparation before using itfor training and certainly before entering in the show.

Some of the new cages have a label tightly glued to the metalsaying "Another Quality Product from Prevue Hendrix." This label willnot wash off with water or alcohol! I called the factory and was toldto heat the label with a hair blow dryer. Then, it will peel off inone piece. If some glue remains on the cage, reheat and dab it upwith the back of the same label or a piece of paper.

Even if your show cage is brand new, you should paint at least thebottom tray. If black shows on the front of the tray bottom, pointsmay be taken off. You may want to paint the whole inside of thebottom tray so that no black shows anywhere. Use non-toxic paint, ofcoarse. Krylon silver or dull aluminium spray paint is recommended.If the solid side is too shiny, the bird may sing to his reflectionand be disqualified, so paint that too. After painting, air drythoroughly, then rub with a rag to remove excess paint powder beforeputting a bird in.

If you want to use the outside drinker cups instead of torpedotubes, you spread the bars between the 3rd and 4th wires from eachend. Take care to avoid breaking the bars, heat with a hair dryer tosoften the metal! Note that PAS will include these cups with new cageorders. You do not have to use them, though. It will be acceptableto show using the torpedo tubes that Prevue Hendrix provides with thecages.

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