How to Condition for Breeding
by Freddy Arroyos

First published in the PAS newslettervolume 5, number 1, January 1998.

Many beginners ask me why do we have to condition our birds. If youdo not condition the birds, then you will have lots of problems likeclear eggs, or chicks that are dead in shell, or hens that getegg-bound and die. That is why you need to condition your birdsright.

The best time to condition your birds is in January, February, orMarch. When you decide when you want to start breeding, go back fourto six weeks, then start setting your lights. Begin with 9 ½ hoursand increase by ½ hour every week until you reach 14 or 15 hours oflight.

You will see the hens ripping paper and trying to make a nest on theflight cage floor. Now you will want to condition the birds. Firstgive them a good roller mix that has 16% protein and put one tsp. ofwheat germ oil in the seed. Increase to two tsp. the following weekand so on. Give them some egg food like CeDe. Mix some NektonE and S vitamins in their food and water. Also give them some mineralsupplement like Petamine or Proteen 25. You can give them some greenswith crushed. Another food you can try is A/P poultry mix. It islike turkey pellets but get the type without any medication in it.

All these things can get your birds in breeding condition. If anyoneneeds any more information, please call or write me and I will helpyou.

To get some of these items, contact Wings & Fins, 1404 W. WhittierBlvd., Montebello, CA 90640 or call (213) 722-7143 or FAX (213)722-9490. Ask for Carlos Valdes. This is where I get my bird's eggfood. Good luck to all of you with your breeding season. Thank you.

Freddy Arroyos
16754 Rd. 28 ½
Madera, CA 93638

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