1997 Show Season Overview
by Gary Tom

First published in the PAS newslettervolume 5, number 1, January 1998.

Our season opener was in Sacramento, California. It was much warmerthis year than last year. It started out with a bang for me. As Ihad hoped for, my first Best-in-Show! The first everything means themost: The first class ribbon, the first piece of crystal, the firstrosette, the first top six placement, and The First Best-in-Show!C508-97 will forever be remembered as the first bird to bring a tearto my eyes! The competition at this first show was quite good. I waspleasantly surprised to hear few "no song."

Judge Sally Kemerer was great as a judge and great fun to visit with,sharing with us her American Singer expertise and adventures. Shethought the entry of over 60 birds was going to be a cinch to judgebut found herself embattled in the quest for her top birds of the dayremarking: "It was very difficult." If you missed this show, youmissed out! Sally was our shining star.

At our own double-header on November 15, 1997 in Salinas, California,we found ourselves fretting a bit (okay, a lot!) before hand. Wecalled members to make sure we would have a showing and by the eve ofthe show we were blown away to discover that we had over 100 birds!!We must have really paid our dues worrying all week beforehand.

The El Dorado Motel was an ideal location for us and I hope they'llallow us to hold our show there again in 1998. Thanks to Joe Borg whomade the arrangements. This show was a success on many fronts butwhere it meant the absolute most was in terms of camaraderie andfellowship. The club members were all working together to keep thingsmoving along. Many of us actually got to interact and get to know oneanother more intimately. Yes it was a show but it also was anexercise in working together and making a success of something new anduntried. We really should give it up for ourselves over this one!Congratulations one and all!

This show was also my first judging assignment and aside from sittingon the threshold of the "powder room" to properly distance myself, Ireally enjoyed it. I tended to softer song more slowly delivered andwas left breathless by the rendition of Rod Lowe's B626-97. Trulylovely, low tone, easily and deliberately delivered. This bird alsohad in its repertoire two wild bird notes and his tone was soremarkable that his rolls and bells were clear and resonant. Needlessto say he easily distinguished himself and was clearly my firstBest-in-Show. (continued on next page) Thanksgiving came and went andSaturday November 29, 1997 was our last show of the season in SantaClara, California judged by Jerry Hosten. Once again we had over 100birds. It was an especially difficult show because this was my club's(SCVCEBC) annual show. We were under pressure to help, help, help.Bake, donate, sell, set-up, break down, clean, attend, on and on. Ofcourse, it had to rain after the banquet while I was trying to drivehome. I can safely say now that I had never driven in thoseconditions before.

The day's winners included some strong contenders from previous showsas well as some surprises. Marge Saarni was the lucky winner of thetrio of birds donated generously to PAS by Sally Kemerer. Allproceeds from this raffle helped greatly to replenish and nourish ourtreasury.

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