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ASC 2022 Sanctioned Show Results

Color codes are at the bottom of the Judge's Report Form.

Points are described in the Constitution, Bylaws, and Standards, Article IX.

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2022 Individual Show Results

These results may be unofficial if they were sent directly to the webmaster.

October 16, Livonia, MI, Society of Canary and Finch Breeders
Tad Rykojc judged 104 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Ninez GilesK372-21GS - Green Self89.85
2Tom YangF425-21GF - Green Foul89.74
3Kristine StewartM462-21BV - Blue Variegated89.53
4Tom YangF438-21DV - Dark Variegated89.42
5Tom YangG979-18DV - Dark Variegated89.31
6Judy SniderC987-19MV - Medium Variegated89.20
7Judy SniderE813-22DV - Dark Variegated89.10
8Tom YangF410-21DV - Dark Variegated89.00
9Tom YangD490-22BF - Blue Foul88.90
10Judy SniderE805-22DV - Dark Variegated88.80
October 23, Clifton, NJ, Chapter 25
Kristine Stewart judged 128 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Laura SchwanofK102-21MV - Medium Variegated90.45
2Laura SchwanofE144-19O - Orange Clear90.14
3Alex AmorimM321-21GF - Green Foul903
4Alex AmorimH081-21BV - Blue Variegated89.922
5Halit KiziltasB936-22DV - Dark Variegated89.91
6Laura SchwanofK134-21BV - Blue Variegated89.80
7Tad RykojcB899-22MV - Medium Variegated89.70
8Tad RykojcB760-22MV - Medium Variegated89.650
9Sue KretchkoH214-21GF - Green Foul89.60
10Halit KiziltasB928-22DV - Dark Variegated89.50
October 29, Manchester, NH, Chapter 3
Sam Can judged 95 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Alex AmorimE03-22LV - Light Variegated93.74
2Tad RykojcB755-22BV - Blue Variegated93.23
3Laura SchwanofE356-20DV - Dark Variegated92.32
4Jeanne PieperD119-20GS - Green Self92.31
5Alex AmorimE35-22BV - Blue Variegated92.20
6Laura SchwanofK164-21OT - Orange Ticked92.10
7Laura SchwanofC407-22BV - Blue Variegated920
8Laura SchwanofC450-22Y - Yellow Clear91.40
9Tom & Celia MillerI286-21DV - Dark Variegated91.30
10Steve BaptisteA918-20GS - Green Self91.20
October 29, Manchester, NH, Chapter 3
Laura Schwanof judged 95 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Alex AmorimE09-22MV - Medium Variegated924
2Alex AmorimD240-20BS - Blue Self91.73
3Tad RykojcB862-22MV - Medium Variegated91.62
4Alex AmorimM321-21GF - Green Foul91.21
5Tom & Celia MillerC838-22W - White Clear91.10
6Alex AmorimE35-22BV - Blue Variegated91.00
7Alex AmorimE16-19Y - Yellow Clear90.90
8Alex AmorimE16-22DV - Dark Variegated90.70
9Tad RykojcB887-22MV - Medium Variegated90.50
10Tad RykojcB752-22GS - Green Self90.20
November 5, Towson, MD, Chapter 16 & Chapter 28 MASCOT
Mario Valladares judged 154 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Halit KiziltasB968-16BV - Blue Variegated91.56
2Tad RykojcB755-22BF - Blue Foul90.55
3Tad RykojcB844-22FV - Fawn Variegated90.44
4Halit KiziltasI016-21GF - Green Foul90.23
5Alex AmorinM321-21GF - Green Foul90.12
6Alex AmorimH047-21CV - Cinnamon Var90.051
7Jeanne PieperD119-20GS - Green Self900
8Luis SortoA661-18MV - Medium Variegated89.950
9Susan KretchoC523-22GF - Green Foul89.910
10Laura SchwarofC468-22WT - White Ticked89.90
November 5, Towson, MD, Chapter 16 & Chapter 28 MASCOT
Tad Rykojc judged 154 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Tom YangF425-21GS - Green Self91.56
2Halit KiziltasB968-16BV - Blue Variegated91.35
3Halit KiziltasI016-21GS - Green Self91.14
4Tom YangF499-21MV - Medium Variegated913
5Alex AmorinH072-21DV - Dark Variegated90.72
6Jeanne PieperD119-20GS - Green Self90.51
7Laura & John SchwanofE356-20DV - Dark Variegated90.30
8Laura & John SchwanofK134-21BV - Blue Variegated900
9Halit KiziltasB927-22LV - Light Variegated89.50
10Kristine StewartM462-21BV - Blue Variegated89.40
November 11-14, Tulsa, OK, National Cage Bird Show
Joaquin Torres judged 111* singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Steve BaptisteA819-20GS - Green Self92.56
2Steve BaptisteP419-21GF - Green Foul92.25
3Steve BaptisteA860-20CS - Cinnamon Self92.14
4Steve BaptisteA921-20GS - Green Self91.93
5Halit KiziltasI016-21GF - Green Foul91.82
6Steve BaptisteA825-20BV - Blue Variegated91.61
7Carolyn FenterF293-19WT - White Ticked90.60
8Tom YangF410-21DV - Dark Variegated89.80
9Steve BaptisteI396-21MV - Medium Variegated89.50
10Tom YangF499-21MV - Medium Variegated89.30
November 20, Livonia, MI, Chapter 22, DRAGON
Steve Baptiste judged 131 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Tad RykojcB715-22DV - Dark Variegated945
2Halit KiziltasI016-21DV - Dark Variegated93.54
3Halit KiziltasB968-16BV - Blue Variegated923
4Tad RykojcB844-22FF - Fawn Foul90.52
5Judy SniderE803-22BV - Blue Variegated90.41
6Tom YangD487-22MV - Medium Variegated90.20
7Tom YangF438-21DV - Dark Variegated900
8Tom YangD427-22GS - Green Self89.90
9Tom YangD490-22BF - Blue Foul89.80
10Kristine StewartB80-20GF - Green Foul890
December 3, Oakbrook Terrace, IL, Chapter 6, Chicago
Patrick Miller judged 131 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Tom YangF410-21GS - Green Self915
2Marilyn & John OmiatekP376-21GF - Green Foul90.54
3Ninez GilesK372-21GF - Green Foul90.13
4Marlo ValladaresG163-21GF - Green Foul902
5Tom YangD490-22BS - Blue Self891
6Tom YangD455-22YT - Yellow Ticked88.20
7Tom YangF425-21GS - Green Self88.10
8Mario ValladaresE096-21MV - Medium Variegated88.050
9Tom YangD409-22GS - Green Self880
10Tom YangF486-21GF - Green Foul87.60

* NCBS always gets maximum points.

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