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ASC 2021 Sanctioned Show Results

Color codes are at the bottom of the Judge's Report Form.

Points are described in the Constitution, Bylaws, and Standards, Article IX.

The ASC secretary decided there will be no Cliff Williams award this year
because of the fewer number of shows due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
It would not be fair to the exhibitors whose local shows could not be held this year,
or those unable to take the risk of attending due to their own health issues.

2021 Individual Show Results

These results may be unofficial if they were sent directly to the webmaster.

October 9, Parsippany, NY, Chapter 3
Jeanne Pieper judged 128 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Laura SchwanofE356-20DV - Dark Variegated925
2Tad RykojcC61-20DV - Dark Variegated91.94
3Rich PankoD842-20MV - Medium Variegated91.83
4Laura SchwanofK158-21DV - Dark Variegated91.72
5Tad RykojcB714-19BV - Blue Variegated91.51
6Alex AmorimE16-19Y - Yellow Clear91.00
7Tad RykojcG131-21BV - Blue Variegated90.70
8Tom & Celia MillerC824-20LV - Light Variegated90.50
9Alex AmorimB096-16DV - Dark Variegated90.30
10Tad RykojcG058-21WT - White Ticked90.20
October 9, Parsippany, NY, Chapter 3
Sam Can judged 128 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Tad RykojcG056-21BS - Blue Self955
2Joe MullinsH188-21MV - Medium Variegated94.44
3Halit KiziltasB968-16BS - Blue Self94.33
4Laura SchwanofE299-18MV - Medium Variegated94.22
5Sue KretchkoE264-19Y - Yellow Clear94.11
6Halit KiziltasI012-21BS - Blue Self93.90
7Laura Schwanof??93.80
8Joe Mullins??93.70
9Alex AmorimB096-16MV - Medium Variegated93.50
10Laura Schwanof??93.40
October 16, Livonia, MI, Society of Canary and Finch Breeders
Thomas Yang judged 151 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Steve BaptisteA819-19GS - Green Self946
2Judy SniderC987-20DV - Dark Variegated93.55
3Tad RykojcB684-19DV - Dark Variegated93.34
4Judy SniderC961-20Y - Yellow Clear933
5Steve BaptisteB641-19GS - Green Self92.52
6Judy SniderJ435-15BV - Blue Variegated92.31
7Tad RykojcG058-21W - White Clear92.20
8Steve BaptisteI307-21BS - Blue Self92.10
9Judy SniderJ726-16MV - Medium Variegated920
10Steve BaptisteB644-19CV - Cinnamon Var91.50
October 23, Parsippany, NJ, Chapter 25
Joaquin Torres judged 140 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Laura & John SchwanofE299-18GF - Green Foul89.95
2Halit KiziltasE514-19BV - Blue Variegated89.84
3Steve BaptisteB641-19GS - Green Self89.63
4Rich PankoD834-20MV - Medium Variegated89.42
5Alex AmorimH081-21BV - Blue Variegated88.21
6Steve BaptisteI398-21GF - Green Foul88.10
7Halit KiziltasI016-21GF - Green Foul880
8Tad RykojcG059-21W - White Clear87.90
9Halit KiziltasI005-21BV - Blue Variegated87.80
10Laura & John SchwanofK134-21BV - Blue Variegated870
October 23, Parsippany, NJ, Chapter 25
Sam Can judged 140 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Beth BengelD671-18GS - Green Self965
2Laura SchwanofE350-20Y - Yellow Clear95.94
3Laura SchwanofE356-20DV - Dark Variegated95.83
4Joe MullinH188-21MV - Medium Variegated95.72
5Alex AmorimA501-17BV - Blue Variegated95.61
6Tom & Celia MillerI204-21MV - Medium Variegated95.50
7Halit KiziltasE514-19BS - Blue Self95.40
8Halit KiziltasB968-16BS - Blue Self95.30
9Laura SchwanofE299-18GS - Green Self95.20
10Rich PankoD834-20MV - Medium Variegated95.10
November 6, Towson, MD, Chapter 16 & Chapter 28 MASCOT
Jeanne Pieper judged 151 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Alex AmorimB096-16MV - Medium Variegated92.76
2Tom & Celia MillerI251-21MV - Medium Variegated92.65
3Laura & John SchwanofE299-18DV - Dark Variegated92.54
4Tom & Celia MillerC805-20LV - Light Variegated92.43
5Laura & John SchwanofK128-21MV - Medium Variegated92.22
6Sue KretchkoB453-17MV - Medium Variegated92.01
7Laura & John SchwanofE314-20YT - Yellow Ticked91.90
8Laura & John SchwanofE356-20MV - Medium Variegated91.80
9Tom & Celia MillerI284-21MV - Medium Variegated91.70
10Halit KiziltasE514-19BS - Blue Self91.50
November 6, Towson, MD, Chapter 16 & Chapter 28 MASCOT
Laura Schwanof judged 151 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Alex AmorimA511-17LV - Light Variegated95.06
2Susan KretchkoE264-19Y - Yellow Clear94.05
3Alex AmorimE16-19Y - Yellow Clear93.54
4Steve BaptisteG100-19CF - Cinnamon Foul93.03
5Alex AmorimH045-21Y - Yellow Clear92.62
6Halit KiziltasI016-21GS - Green Self92.51
7Alex AmorimH047-21CV - Cinnamon Var92.30
8Beth BengelD532-20OT - Orange Ticked92.20
9Steve BaptisteG338-20W - White Clear92.10
10Alex AmorimE99-19BF - Blue Foul92.00
November 11-14, Tulsa, OK, National Cage Bird Show
Steve Baptiste judged 100* singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Tad RykojcB714-19BV - Blue Variegated936
2Tom YangB614-20GS - Green Self925
3Carolyn FenterF266-19YT - Yellow Ticked91.24
4Ninez GilesK372-21GS - Green Self913
5Tad RykojcG056-21BF - Blue Foul90.72
6Carolyn FenterF303-19GS - Green Self90.31
7Tom YangF464-21MV - Medium Variegated90.20
8Tom YangG979-18MV - Medium Variegated89.70
9Tom YangB606-20MV - Medium Variegated89.60
10Laurie AdamsF383-19CF - Cinnamon Foul89.50
November 20, Livonia, MI, Chapter 22, DRAGON
Patrick Miller judged 74 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Tom YangG979-18DV - Dark Variegated944
2Tom YangB616-20GF - Green Foul93.13
3Kristine StewartB086-20MV - Medium Variegated932
4Judy SniderC972-20LV - Light Variegated92.61
5Kristine StewartB083-20MV - Medium Variegated92.50
6Judy SniderJ726-16MV - Medium Variegated920
7Tom YangD720-19YT - Yellow Ticked91.50
8Judy SniderC952-20DV - Dark Variegated910
9Kristine StewartB063-20YT - Yellow Ticked89.50
10Judy SniderC987-20DV - Dark Variegated890

* NCBS always gets maximum points.

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