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ASC 2020 Show Results

Color codes are at the bottom of the Judge's Report Form.

Points are described in the Constitution, Bylaws, and Standards, Article IX.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most shows for 2020 were cancelled, so there are no Cliff Williams award rankings this year.

2020 Individual Show Results

These results may be unofficial if they were sent directly to the webmaster.

October 10, Houston, TX, Houston Canary & Finch Society
Allan Gibson judged 33 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Carolyn FenterF653-17BV - Blue Variegated953
2Carolynn FenterF293-19WT - White Ticked942
3Alicia BakerG670-?CV - Cinnamon Var931
4Carolyn FenterF853-18CV - Cinnamon Var910
5Carolyn FenterE856-20BV - Blue Variegated900
6Jim & Stacy BroussardF287-?CV - Cinnamon Var890
7Carolyn FenterF306-19?CV - Cinnamon Var880
8Carolyn FenterE870-20MV - Medium Variegated870
9Carolyn FenterF258-19BV - Blue Variegated860
10Carolyn FenterE871-18MV - Medium Variegated850
November 14, Livonia, MI, Chapter 22, DRAGON
Patrick Miller judged 140 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Judy SniderD794-18DV - Dark Variegated91.55
2Judy SniderD770-18GS - Green Self91.44
3Tom YangD737-19DV - Dark Variegated91.33
4Judy SniderC953-20GF - Green Foul91.02
5Judy SniderC955-20GF - Green Foul90.01
6Judy SniderD752-18DV - Dark Variegated89.60
7Halit KiziltasB968-16BS - Blue Self89.50
8Marlo ValladaresC400-18BS - Blue Self89.10
9Halit KiziltasB136-17GS - Green Self89.00
10Tom YangD741-19WT - White Ticked88.550

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