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ASC 2018 Sanctioned Show Results

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2018 Individual Show Results

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September 22-23, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 21
Aziz. A. Abdali judged 136 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Tom NgoD082-17BV - Blue Variegated89.75
2Wahid GhousyF309-17W - White Clear89.54
3Wahid GhousyF308-17W - White Clear89.43
4Wahid GhousyD808-18W - White Clear89.32
5Hakim AziziD611-18CV - Cinnamon Var89.21
6Eddi BaigE458-18BS - Blue Self89.10
7William HuangC971-17BV - Blue Variegated890
8Hakim AziziD608-18DV - Dark Variegated88.90
9Wahid GhousyJ319-15BV - Blue Variegated88.80
10Eddi BaigH067-16BS - Blue Self88.70
September 22-23, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 21
Joaquin Torres judged 162 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Aziz AbdaliB161-15DV - Dark Variegated87.56
2Hakim AziziD665-18MV - Medium Variegated86.95
3Wahid GhousyD360-16W - White Clear86.84
4Hakim AziziD605-18BV - Blue Variegated86.73
5Wahid GhousyF396-17GS - Green Self86.52
6Arben BebetiC538-17FF - Fawn Foul86.41
7Wahid GhousyF309-17W - White Clear86.30
8Wahid GhousyD336-16BV - Blue Variegated86.10
9Arben BebetiC536-17GF - Green Foul860
10Aziz AbdaliA924-18WT - White Ticked85.90
September 29, Maple, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 12
Arben Bebeti judged 103 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1William HuangC928-17GS - Green Self925
2William HuangC998-17BS - Blue Self90.74
3William HuangC993-17DV - Dark Variegated90.53
4Durani HomayounF246-17BV - Blue Variegated90.42
5Ilir GuxholliB372-15WT - White Ticked90.11
6Durani HomayounF232-17DV - Dark Variegated900
7Hakim AziziH801-16DV - Dark Variegated89.950
8Hakim AziziE217-17BV - Blue Variegated89.90
9Eddie BaigE510-18MV - Medium Variegated88.90
10Eddie BaigE458-18BS - Blue Self86.50
October 6, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 31
Eddie Baig judged 103 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Arben BebetiC538-17GF - Green Foul915
2Wahid GhousyCJ319-15BV - Blue Variegated90.74
3Marcel FerrazziD911-18MV - Medium Variegated90.53
4Hakim AziziD709-18GS - Green Self90.12
5John HaddadF028-17WT - White Ticked901
6Wahid GhousyJ302-15BS - Blue Self89.50
7Hakim AziziD690-18DV - Dark Variegated890
8William HuangC928-17DV - Dark Variegated88.90
9Marcel FerrazziE413-18MV - Medium Variegated88.80
10William HuangC971-17BS - Blue Self88.20
October 6, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 31
Ron Moy judged 117 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1John HaddadF509-12DV - Dark Variegated93.95
2Wahid GhousyJ302-15BV - Blue Variegated93.54
3William HuangC993-17DV - Dark Variegated93.13
4John HaddadF039-17GS - Green Self932
5John HaddadH050-15DV - Dark Variegated92.91
6William HuangC928-17DV - Dark Variegated92.70
7Hakim AziziB688-18BV - Blue Variegated92.60
8William HuangC998-17BV - Blue Variegated92.550
9Hakim AziziD709-18DV - Dark Variegated92.40
10Roland LazriA453-18BV - Blue Variegated920
October 6, Towson, MD, Maryland All Canary Club
Laura Schwanof judged 128 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Alex AmorinA511-17LV - Light Variegated94.55
2Alex KiziltasB845-15LV - Light Variegated94.04
3Alex KiziltasB960-16BF - Blue Foul93.53
4Alex KiziltasB968-16BF - Blue Foul93.42
5Alex AmorinA505-17DV - Dark Variegated93.21
6Joe MulllinsC926-18GS - Green Self93.00
7Alex AmorinB096-16DV - Dark Variegated91.80
8Marcus OlegarioE918-18BV - Blue Variegated91.50
9Joe MulllinsC901-18GF - Green Foul91.20
10Tad RykojcJ503-16GF - Green Foul91.10
October 13, Richmond Hill, Canada, Chapter 31
Sam Can judged 103 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1John HaddadC029-18GS - Green Self95.35
2John HaddadJ743-14BV - Blue Variegated95.14
3William HuangC994-17BV - Blue Variegated953
4Arben BebetiC538-17GF - Green Foul94.42
5John HaddadF509-12DV - Dark Variegated94.21
6John HaddadH050-15DV - Dark Variegated940
7Eddie BaigE445-18O - Orange Clear93.70
8William HuangC157-18MV - Medium Variegated93.30
9Eddie BaigC341-15Y - Yellow Clear93.20
10William HuangC928-17GF - Green Foul93.10
October 13, Richmond Hill, Canada, Chapter 31
Laura Schwanof judged 103 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Eddie BaigE926-16DV - Dark Variegated93.95
2John HaddadH050-15GF - Green Foul93.54
3Marcel FerrazziD903-18LV - Light Variegated93.13
4Eddie BaigE458-18BF - Blue Foul932
5John HaddadJ026-17YT - Yellow Ticked92.91
6William HuangC928-17GF - Green Foul92.70
7Marcel FerrazziB858-17LV - Light Variegated92.60
8William HuangC157-18MV - Medium Variegated92.550
9William HuangC993-17DV - Dark Variegated92.40
10Arben BebetiC538-17GF - Green Foul920
October 13, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 21
Tad Rykojc judged 128 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Hakim AziziF210-17BV - Blue Variegated92.05
2Wahid GhousyD373-16DV - Dark Variegated91.44
3Aziz AbdaliA918-18DV - Dark Variegated91.03
4Wahid GhousyF401-17BV - Blue Variegated90.82
5Tommy NgoB920-18MV - Medium Variegated90.61
6Hakim AziziH839-16BF - Blue Foul90.40
7Hakim AziziF119-17BV - Blue Variegated90.30
8Hakim AziziD709-18GS - Green Self90.00
9Hakim AziziD702-18BV - Blue Variegated89.90
10Hakim AziziD641-18BV - Blue Variegated89.70
October 13, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 21
Mario Valladares judged 136 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Hakim AziziF210-17BV - Blue Variegated915
2Tom NgoB920-18LV - Light Variegated90.94
3Hakim AziziB291-15CS - Cinnamon Self90.73
4Homayoun DuraniC306-18BS - Blue Self90.62
5Aziz AbdaliD171-16CV - Cinnamon Variegated90.51
6Tom NgoB907-18YT - Yellow Ticked90.40
7Hakim AziziH801-16DV - Dark Variegated90.30
8Hakim AziziH839-16BF - Blue Foul90.20
9Hakim AziziD611-18CV - Cinnamon Var90.10
10Tom NgoB909-18BS - Blue Self90.050
October 13, Houston, TX, Chapter 33, Gulf Coast
Patricia Hartnett judged 40 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Carolyn FenterF653-18BV - Blue Variegated953
2Allan GibsonA567-16BV - Blue Variegated94.82
3Allan GibsonA864-15DV - Dark Variegated94.51
4Allan GibsonA565-16DV - Dark Variegated94.30
5Allan GibsonA453-16DV - Dark Variegated94.00
6Carolyn FenterF853-18CV - Cinnamon Var93.80
7Carolyn FenterF875-18GF - Green Foul93.10
8Carolyn FenterF855-18CV - Cinnamon Var93.00
9Carolyn FenterF885-18CV - Cinnamon Var92.30
10Allan GibsonA778-17DV - Dark Variegated920
October 20, Livonia, MI, Society of Canary and Finch Breeders
Joaquin Torres judged 126 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Zarko AndricD580-18DV - Dark Variegated83.95
2Tom YangG326-17MV - Medium Variegated83.84
3Judy SniderB227-14DV - Dark Variegated83.73
4Judy SniderJ435-15DV - Dark Variegated83.32
5Dave & Gale WardF624-17MV - Medium Variegated83.21
6Marc & Susan BudricJ535-16MV - Medium Variegated83. 10
7Judy SniderB191-14DV - Dark Variegated82.90
8Kristine StewartC414-17MV - Medium Variegated82.80
9Mario ValladaresC208-17GF - Green Foul82. 70
10Ninez GilesG172-17GF - Green Foul82.30

* NCBS always gets maximum points.

** New show gets maximum points.

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