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ASC 2017 Sanctioned Show Results

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2017 Individual Show Results

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September 16, Woodridge, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 9
Sam Can judged 166 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Roland LazriC766-17GS - Green Self966
2William HuangC509-16BV - Blue Variegated955
3Marcel FerrazziB876-17BV - Blue Variegated94.54
4Arben BebetiC538-17GS - Green Self94.43
5Hakim AziziH801-16DV - Dark Variegated93.92
6Hakim AziziF208-17BV - Blue Variegated93.71
7Marcel FerrazziC836-16LV - Light Variegated93.60
8John HaddadC373-17W - White Clear93.50
9John HaddadJ026-17YT - Yellow Ticked93.40
10Eddie BaigC349-17LV - Light Variegated93.30
September 16, Woodridge, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 9
Saoud Rihan judged 166 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Hakim AziziF208-17BV - Blue Variegated966
2John HaddadJ739-14BS - Blue Self95.75
3Armand DhamoH079-16MV - Medium Variegated95.54
4Arben BebetiC538-17GS - Green Self953
5William HuangC929-17BV - Blue Variegated94.52
6John HaddadF025-17WT - White Ticked941
7Roland LazriB462-16GF - Green Foul93.50
10Sadiq YardamA662-17MV - Medium Variegated?0
October 1, Maple, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 12
Eddie Baig judged 214 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1William HuangC929-17BV - Blue Variegated946
2Wahid GhousyJ302-15BV - Blue Variegated93.55
3Mohsen MotmediB110-15LV - Light Variegated93.34
4Marcel ferrazziB876-17BV - Blue Variegated93.13
5Mohsen MotamediE036-16BV - Blue Variegated932
6John HaddadJ743-14BV - Blue Variegated92.91
7John HaddadH050-15GS - Green Self92.50
8John HaddadF020-17DV - Dark Variegated92.40
9Wahid GhousyJ319-15BV - Blue Variegated92.30
10Roland LazriC766-17DV - Dark Variegated92.20
October 1, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 21
Joaquin Torres judged 133 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Hakim AziziB291-15FS - Fawn Self875
2Wahid GhousyJ319-15BV - Blue Variegated86.84
3Hakim AziziF218-17DV - Dark Variegated86.53
4Zabid GhousyE061-11DV - Dark Variegated86.22
5William HuangC507-16BV - Blue Variegated861
6Sadiq YarmamA684-17MV - Medium Variegated85.80
7Hakim AziziH822-16BV - Blue Variegated85.50
8Arben BebetiC536-17DV - Dark Variegated850
9Hakim AziziH839-16BV - Blue Variegated84.30
10Wahid GhousyD373-16DV - Dark Variegated84.20
October 14, Parsippany, NJ, Chapter 25 double show
Saoud Rihan judged 187 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Sam CanD669-17BS - Blue Self956
2Kim HigginsH360-15DV - Dark Variegated94.75
3Alex AmorimB096-16MV - Medium Variegated94.54
4Kim HigginsB807-17BS - Blue Self94.23
5Laura & John SchwanofD621-16OT - Orange Ticked94.2
6Laura & John SchwanofB658-17OT - Orange Ticked93.71
7Akbar KarbasiC488-15BS - Blue Self930
8Kim HigginsB811-17GS - Green Self92.70
9Tom & Celia MillerE447-16DV - Dark Variegated92.50
10Alex AmorimA505-17MV - Medium Variegated920
October 14, Parsippany, NJ, Chapter 25 double show
Steve Baptiste judged 187 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Alex AmorimA501-17BV - Blue Variegated916
2Kim HigginsC719-16DV - Dark Variegated90.55
3Akbar KarbasiB514-17DV - Dark Variegated90.34
4Joe MullinsD402-16DV - Dark Variegated903
5Laura SchwanofB704-17BV - Blue Variegated89.92
6Kim HigginsH360-15DV - Dark Variegated89.81
7Tad RykojcC916-17DV - Dark Variegated89.50
8Tom & Celia MillerE445-16Y - Yellow Clear89.40
9Sam CanE698-17BV - Blue Variegated89.30
10Tad RykojcB015-17LV - Light Variegated89.20
October 14, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 31 double show
Ron Moy judged 154 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1John HaddadH050-15DV - Dark Variegated92.46
2Arben BebetiC538-17DV - Dark Variegated92.35
3Sadiq YarmanB446-16MV - Medium Variegated92.24
4Eddie BaigE926-16DV - Dark Variegated92.13
5Ilir GuxholiB372-15WT - White Ticked922
6Wahid GhousyD336-16WT - White Ticked91.91
7John HaddadF020-17DV - Dark Variegated91.80
8Hakim AziziF210-17BV - Blue Variegated91.70
9Arben BebetiC496-17BV - Blue Variegated91.60
10William HuangC971-17BS - Blue Self?0
October 14, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 31 double show
Anand Persad judged 154 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1William HuangC929-17BV - Blue Variegated94.86
2Roland LazriB462-16GS - Green Self94.755
3John HaddadJ743-14BV - Blue Variegated94.744
4George LeclercF478-17W - White Clear94.733
5William HuangC994-17BV - Blue Variegated94.702
6Roland LazriB469-16BV - Blue Variegated94.601
7Marcel FerrazziB876-17DV - Dark Variegated94.30
8Lolita VerdeD079-17WT - White Ticked94.20
9Roland LazriC751-17GS - Green Self93.80
10Arman DhamoC869-17YT - Yellow Ticked93.90
October 14, Houston, TX, Chapter 33, Gulf Coast
Alicia Baker judged 54 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Patricia HartnettG691-15YT - Yellow Ticked964
2Patricia HartnettE786-16DV - Dark Variegated95.753
3Allan GibsonA864-15DV - Dark Variegated95.52
4Patricia HartnettG187-17MV - Medium Variegated951
5Allan GibsonA453-16DV - Dark Variegated940
6Patricia HartnettG177-17DV - Dark Variegated920
7Patricia HartnettE955-16MV - Medium Variegated91.50
8Patricia HartnettG191-17DV - Dark Variegated910
9Patricia HartnettG196-17DV - Dark Variegated890
10Patricia HartnettG688-15GS - Green Self840
October 14, Houston, TX, Chapter 33, Gulf Coast
Allan Gibson judged 43 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Patricia HartnettG191-17?933
2Patricia HartnettG187-17?922
3Patricia HartnettE955-16?911
4Patricia HartnettE986-16?900
5Patricia HartnettG196-17?890
7Patricia HartnettG177-17?870
8Patricia hartnetG691-15?860
9Patricia HartnettG193-17?850
10Patricia HartnettG688-15?840
October 14, Houston, TX, Chapter 33, Gulf Coast
Patricia Hartnett judged 47 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Allan GibsonA864-15GF - Green Foul?3
2Allan GibsonA453-16GF - Green Foul?2
3Allan GibsonA836-15GF - Green Foul?1
4Carolyn FenterF653-17BV - Blue Variegated?0
5Alicia BakerA702-17BV - Blue Variegated?0
6Alicia BakerA798-17LV - Light Variegated?0
7Allan GibsonD775-17MV - Medium Variegated?0
October 21, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 31
Arben Bebeti judged 118 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Eddie BaigH056-16DV - Dark Variegated93.55
2William HuangC929-17BV - Blue Variegated934
3John HaddadJ739-14BV - Blue Variegated92.93
4Eddie BaigH067-16BV - Blue Variegated92.82
5John HaddadJ743-14BV - Blue Variegated92.751
6Mohsen MotamediE036-16BV - Blue Variegated92.60
7John HaddadF509-12DV - Dark Variegated92.50
8Marcel FerrazziB876-17BV - Blue Variegated92.30
9William HuangC994-17BV - Blue Variegated92.20
10Eddie BaigE926-16DV - Dark Variegated92.050
October 21, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 31
John Haddad judged 91 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Mohsen MotamediE005-16DV - Dark Variegated93.84
2Lolita VerdeB079-17BV - Blue Variegated93.53
3William HuangC993-17DV - Dark Variegated93.412
4Mohsen MotamediE065-16BV - Blue Variegated93.41
5Marcel FerrazziC822-16BV - Blue Variegated93.30
6William HuangC997-17BV - Blue Variegated93.20
7Marcel FerrazziB858-17LV - Light Variegated93.10
8Eddie BaigE926-16DV - Dark Variegated930
9Arben BebetiC538-17DV - Dark Variegated92.80
10William HuangE928-17DV - Dark Variegated92.70
October 21, Livonia, MI, Society of Canary and Finch Breeders
Judy Snider judged 124 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Bill JacobsG715-16LV - Light Variegated95/575
2Thomas YangY333-06BV - Blue Variegated91/534
3Richard KnoppK057-14DV - Dark Variegated90/523
4Mary and Joe TarsitanoH108-16BV - Blue Variegated89.8/51.82
5Bill JacobsJ225-13Y - Yellow Clear89.6/51.61
6Zarco AndrekD588-17MV - Medium Variegated89.4/51.40
7Preston YangG397-17MV - Medium Variegated89.3/51.30
8Preston YangE455-15BV - Blue Variegated89/560
9Kristine StewartC414-17DV - Dark Variegated89/510
10Zarko AndrecC515-15BV - Blue Variegated88.5/88.50
October 26-29, St. Charles, Illinois, National Cage Bird Show *
Jeanne Pieper judged 215 singers
Congratulations to Preston Yang, Winner of American Singers Division 16 Best Youth!
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Marilyn OmiatekH627-16DV - Dark Variegated94.06
2Tom & Celia MillerE447-16MV - Medium Variegated93.75
3Tad RykojcC916-16DV - Dark Variegated93.24
4Steve BaptisteG474-16DV - Dark Variegated92.03
5Steve BaptisteG849-17CV - Cinnamon Var91.52
6Gino SalviA959-17FS - Fawn Self91.11
7Linda MarshallJ406-15LV - Light Variegated91.00
8Tom YangG326-17MV - Medium Variegated90.90
9Tom & Celia MillerE003-17LV - Light Variegated90.80
10Tom & Celia MillerE017-17MV - Medium Variegated90.70
October 28, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 11, Peel Region ASCC **
Laura Schwanof judged 124 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Marcel FerrazziB876-17BV - Blue Variegated946
2Eddie BaigC311-17Y - Yellow Clear935
3Arben BebetiC536-17DV - Dark Variegated92.74
4Eddie BaigE926-16GF - Green Foul92.53
5Mohsen MotamediH211-17BV - Blue Variegated92.12
6Mohsen MotamediE005-16DV - Dark Variegated92.051
7William HuangC980-17DV - Dark Variegated920
8Eddie BaigC341-15Y - Yellow Clear91.90
9Mohsen MotamediE011-16WT - White Ticked91.70
10Roland LazriC766-17GS - Green Self91.50
November 4, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 21
Dorothea Ashbery judged 137 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Wahid GhousyF285-13GS - Green Self94.55
2Wahid GhousyJ310-15MV - Medium Variegated94.34
3Zabih GhousyC277-17MV - Medium Variegated943
4Hakim AziziB291-15CS - Cinnamon Self93.72
5Zabih GhousyE061-11DV - Dark Variegated93.41
6Hakim AziziH827-16MV - Medium Variegated93.20
7Wahid GhousyD336-16WT - White Ticked930
8Wahid GhousyG997-14LV - Light Variegated92.80
9Wahid GhousyD373-16GS - Green Self92.70
10Hakim AziziF218-17DV - Dark Variegated92.40
November 5, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 21
Mario Valladares judged 138 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Wahid GhousyD373-16GS - Green Self91.55
2Aziz AbdaliE142-17GF - Green Foul90.94
3Aziz A.AbdaliB161-15MV - Medium Variegated90.83
4Tom NgoE197-17BS - Blue Self90.72
5Hakim AziziD112-15CF - Cinnamon Foul90.61
6Hakim AziziE217-17BV - Blue Variegated90.50
7Wahid GhousyJ319-15BV - Blue Variegated90.40
8Hakim AziziF140-17BS - Blue Self90.30
9Zabih GhousyA953-15?90.20
10Wahid GhousyE223-15?90.150
November 11, Livonia, MI, Chapter 22, DRAGON
Patrick Miller judged 152 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Judy SniderJ706-16MV - Medium Variegated88.86
2Judy SniderK227-14DV - Dark Variegated88.755
3Tom YangG273-16MV - Medium Variegated88.74
4Judy SniderB191-14DV - Dark Variegated88.63
5Mary ReynoldK802-13DV - Dark Variegated88.52
6Mary ReynoldG661-17GS - Green Self88.31
7Kristine StewartC414-17MV - Medium Variegated88.250
8Judy SniderJ779-17MV - Medium Variegated88.20
9B & J VarholaE907-17BC - Buff Clear88.10
10Marilyn OmiatekK937-14YT - Yellow Ticked880
November 11, Parsippany, NJ, Chapter 3 double show
Jeanne Pieper judged 175 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Laura & John SchwanofD644-16MV - Medium Variegated93.56
2Susan KretchkoE550-15MV - Medium Variegated93.05
3Tad RykojcJ503-16GS - Green Self92.74
4Tad RykojcC916-16DV - Dark Variegated92.53
5Joe MullinsD402-16GS - Green Self92.32
6Marcus OlegarioA161-17WT - White Ticked92.21
7Joe MullinsD409-16OV - Orange Variegated92.00
8Kathleen StecklerB931-15Y - Yellow Clear91.70
9Marcus OlegarioA164-17WT - White Ticked90.70
10Alex AmorimB096-16GS - Green Self90.50
November 11, Parsippany, NJ, Chapter 3 double show
Sam Can judged 172 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Saoud RihanA175-16BV - Blue Variegated95.56
2Alex AmorinA501-17BV - Blue Variegated955
3Saoud RihanG767-17GS - Green Self94.74
4Kim HigginsB807-17BS - Blue Self94.53
5Kim HigginsB819-17GS - Green Self94.42
6Alex AmorinA456-17DV - Dark Variegated94.31
7Saoud RihanC198-17GS - Green Self94.20
8Kim HigginsC732-16DV - Dark Variegated94.10
9Alex AmorinA459-17DV - Dark Variegated940
10aura SchwanofB706-17BV - Blue Variegated93.90
November 18, Westchester, IL, NIROC
Patrick Miller judged 110 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Tom YangG273-16DV - Dark Variegated905
2Judy SniderJ706-16MV - Medium Variegated89.64
3Tom YangJ151-14Y - Yellow Clear89.43
4Kristine StewartC412-17DV - Dark Variegated89.152
5Mario ValladaresA092-16DV - Dark Variegated891
6Mari ReynoldsH538-16MV - Medium Variegated88.650
7Preston YangE455-15BV - Blue Variegated88.30
8Tom YangG264-16DV - Dark Variegated88,250
9Mari ReynoldsK802-13GS - Green Self88.120
10Tom YangG314-17MV - Medium Variegated87.80
December 2, San Francisco, CA, Chapter 29 Pacific American Singers
Ron Moy judged 32 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Ginger WolnikF953-14OV - Orange Variegated933
2Mark & Robin VioletJ377-16DV - Dark Variegated922
3Ginger WolnikF811-17OV - Orange Variegated911
4Ginger WolnikB780-15OV - Orange Variegated900
5Gary TomG501-17LV - Light Variegated890
6Mark & Robin VioletM204-14DV - Dark Variegated88.650
7Mark & Robin VioletJ228-17BV - Blue Variegated88.60
8Gary TomG504-17LV - Light Variegated88.50
9Gary TomG505-17BV - Blue Variegated880
10Ginger WolnikF823-17OV - Orange Variegated87.50
December 2, Oakbrook Terrace, IL, Chapter 6
Jeanne Pieper judged 97 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Kristine StewartC414-17MV - Medium Variegated934
2Marilyn OmiatekL246-13DV - Dark Variegated92.93
3Mari ReynoldsG657-17OV - Orange Variegated92.82
4Judy SniderJ707-16DV - Dark Variegated92.71
5Judy SniderJ434-15MV - Medium Variegated920
6Judy SniderK227-14DV - Dark Variegated910
7Joaquin TorresA258-16BV - Blue Variegated90.80
8Judy SniderJ778-17BV - Blue Variegated90.50
9Preston YangF455-15BV - Blue Variegated90.20
10Judy SniderK326-15DV - Dark Variegated90.10
December 9, Kissimmee, FL, Florida Canary Fanciers and Chapter 43
Laura Schwanof judged 52 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Ninez GilesG002-16BV - Blue Variegated91.54
2Ninez GilesG172-17DV - Dark Variegated90.53
3Ninez GilesG169-17Y - Yellow Clear90.02
4Raul BetancourtB201-17BV - Blue Variegated89.51
5Brenda Varhola & Julio ValellaE703-16LV - Light Variegated89.10
6Raul BetancourtB205-17MV - Medium Variegated89.020
7Brenda Varhola & Julio ValellaE905-17LV - Light Variegated89.00
8Ninez GilesG003-16O - Orange Clear89.00
9Ninez GilesG009-16DV - Dark Variegated88.70
10Brenda Varhola & Julio ValellaF254-15FV - Fawn Variegated88.00

* NCBS always gets maximum points.

** New show gets maximum points.

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