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ASC 2016 Sanctioned Show Results

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2016 Individual Show Results

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October 1, Baltimore, MD, Maryland All Canary Club
Thomas Yang judged 157 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Dodi & Aji SunjayaD190-13GF - Green Foul966
2Akbar KarbasiC437-13YT - Yellow Ticked955
3Dodi & Aji SunjayaD212-13Y - Yellow Clear924
4Akbar KarbasiC438-15GS - Green Self91.73
5Akbar KarbasiA981-16BV - Blue Variegated91.52
6Akbar KarbasiC418-15BS - Blue Self91.31
7Halit KiziltasB845-15BV - Blue Variegated910
8Laura & John SchwanofD649-16O - Orange Clear90.50
9Dodi & Aji SunjayaB069-14GF - Green Foul90.30
10Dodi & Aji SunjayaD012-13BV - Blue Variegated900
October 1, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 21
Judy Snider judged 175 singers
The stewards were very good, but the show hall had to be closed down at 4:30, no exceptions!
There was much confusion at the end, and some of this had to be taken down in the parking lot.
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Zabi GousyA914-14DV - Dark Variegated91/536
2Wahid GousyD336-16WT - White Ticked90.8/52.85
3Zabih GousyE061-11DV - Dark Variegated90/524
4Tom NgoB852-16BS - Blue Self89.7/51.73
5Mohsen MotamediE004-16?889.5/51.52
6Eddie BaigC300-15BV - Blue Variegated89.4/51.41
7Mohsen Motamedi?-16?89/510
8Wahid Ghousy?-16?88.6/50.60
9Hakim Azizi?-16?88.5//50.50
10Eddie Baig?-16?88/50.50
October 8, Houston, TX, Chapter 33, Gulf Coast Double Show #1
Patricia Hartnett judged 56 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Alicia BakerG656-14FS - Fawn Self95.54
2Andre DightC070-16LV - Light Variegated94.43
3Allan GibsonA854-15DV - Dark Variegated942
4Alicia BakerG697-16DV - Dark Variegated931
5Allan GibsonA159-13DV - Dark Variegated910
6Andre DightC081-16W - White Clear900
7Andre DightC068-16Y - Yellow Clear89.30
8Alicia BakerA603-11BV - Blue Variegated890
9Alicia BakerG666-16CV - Cinnamon Var88.80
10Allan GibsonH905-11GS - Green Self88.50
October 8, Houston, TX, Chapter 33, Gulf Coast Double Show #2
Johan Radius judged 62 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Alan GibsonA831-15LV - Light Variegated944
2Alan GibsonA854-15GS - Green Self933
3Andre DightC068-16Y - Yellow Clear92.52
4Alicia BakerF408-15Y - Yellow Clear921
5Patricia HartnettN027-13BS - Blue Self91.50
6Alicia bakerG687-16CS - Cinnamon Self91.40
7Alan GibsonA817-15GS - Green Self910
8Patricia HartnettG691-15MV - Medium Variegated90.60
9Andre DightC085-16Y - Yellow Clear90.40
10Alicia BakerG669-16GS - Green Self90.20
October 8, Montreal, Canada, Chapter 41 Double Show #1
Arben Bebeti judged 129 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1John HaddadJ743-14BV - Blue Variegated955
2Eddie BaigH051-16BV - Blue Variegated93.04
3Eddie BaigC341-15Y - Yellow Clear92.983
4Roland LazriJ068-15MV - Medium Variegated92.952
5Roland LazriB469-16DV - Dark Variegated92.901
6Dodi SunjayaB007-14MV - Medium Variegated92.880
7Marcel FerrazziA444-15YT - Yellow Ticked92.850
8Eddie BaigC323-15DV - Dark Variegated92.800
9Roland LazriB463-16MV - Medium Variegated92.650
10William HuangA240-15MV - Medium Variegated92.60
October 8, Montreal, Canada, Chapter 41 Double Show #2
Dodi Sunjaya judged 134 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1John HaddadJ605-13MV - Medium Variegated95.05
2Hakim AziziH821-16MV - Medium Variegated94.54
3John HaddadJ743-14BV - Blue Variegated94.03
4Armand DhamoC644-16YT - Yellow Ticked932
5Armand DhamoH079-16MV - Medium Variegated92.51
6Roland LazriB463-16MV - Medium Variegated92.00
7John HaddadJ034-16BV - Blue Variegated91.50
8Eddie BaigH051-16BV - Blue Variegated91.40
9John HaddadJ739-14BS - Blue Self91.30
10Eddie BaigH077-14MV - Medium Variegated91.20
October 8, Sandusky, OH, Chapter 32, Northern Ohio
Steve Baptiste judged 111 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Zarko AndricD529-16BS - Blue Self965
2Bill JacobsG701-16CV - Cinnamon Var954
3Anand PersadH197-16DV - Dark Variegated92.53
4Bill JacobsJ225-15Y - Yellow Clear92.42
5Bill JacobsG781-15DV - Dark Variegated92.21
6Zarko Andric??920
October 15, Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Bird Fanciers and Chaper 16
Dodi Sunjaya judged 151 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Akbar KarbasiC437-15YT - Yellow Ticked956
2Kim HigginsH360-15DV - Dark Variegated935
3Alex AmorimC359-15YT - Yellow Ticked924
4Tad RykojcE366-14DV - Dark Variegated91.73
5Kim HigginsC714-16LV - Light Variegated91.52
6Akbar KarbasiM408-14DV - Dark Variegated91.41
7Tad RykojcE189-15DV - Dark Variegated91.30
8Akbar KarbasiA981-16BV - Blue Variegated91.20
9Joe MullinsD403-16MV - Medium Variegated910
10Alex KiziltasB807-15W - White Clear90.70
October 15, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 31 Double Show #1
Laura Schwanof judged 155 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Marcel FerrazziC836-16MV - Medium Variegated976
2Eddie BaigE926-16GF - Green Foul965
3Roland LazriB462-16GF - Green Foul95.84
4Mohsen MotamediE037-16MV - Medium Variegated95.23
5Armand DhamoH079-16MV - Medium Variegated95.22
6Arben BebetiH456-15O - Orange Clear951
7Eddie BaigH052-16Y - Yellow Clear94.70
8Eddie BaigC300-15BV - Blue Variegated94.50
9Mohsen MotamediE083-16BV - Blue Variegated94.20
10Hakim AziziH801-16DV - Dark Variegated940
October 15, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 31 Double Show #2
John Haddad judged 134 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Eddie BaigE949-16DV - Dark Variegated955
2William HuangC507-16BV - Blue Variegated94.94
3Armand DhamoH079-16MV - Medium Variegated943
4Marcel FerrazziC422-14DV - Dark Variegated93.12
5Eddie BaigH052-16Y - Yellow Clear931
6Armand DhamoH446-15Y - Yellow Clear92.910
7Ilir GuxholliD507-16DV - Dark Variegated92.90
8Eddie BaigE906-16DV - Dark Variegated92.80
9Marcel FerrazziC822-16BV - Blue Variegated92.50
10Eddie BaigE926-16DV - Dark Variegated920
October 15, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 21
Patrick Miller judged 153 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Zabih GhousyD270-16CV - Cinnamon Var93+6
2Zabih GhousyA940-15MV - Medium Variegated935
3Arben BebetiA319-15YT - Yellow Ticked924
4Wahid GhousyJ310-15MV - Medium Variegated91.53
5Eddie BaigC329-15MV - Medium Variegated912
6Tom NgoD880-16OV - Orange Variegated90.81
7Tom NgoD884-16DV - Dark Variegated90.70
8Zabih GhousyE061-11DV - Dark Variegated900
9Tom NgoD932-16BS - Blue Self?89.60
10Sadig YardamB435-16DV - Dark Variegated89.50
October 22, Parsippany, NJ, Chapter 25 double show
Jeanne Pieper judged 173 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Akbar KarbasiM408-14MV - Medium Variegated92.46
2Laura & John SchwanofD644-16MV - Medium Variegated92.35
3Susan KretchkoE550-15LV - Light Variegated92.24
4Akbar KarbasiA995-16MV - Medium Variegated92.13
5Akbar KarbasiH607-16BV - Blue Variegated92.02
6Laura & John SchwanofD649-16Y - Yellow Clear91.51
7Kim HigginsC732-16MV - Medium Variegated91.30
8Tom & Celia MillerE407-16YT - Yellow Ticked91.20
9Kathleen StecklerD987-14DV - Dark Variegated91.10
10Stan JonesB733-14BV - Blue Variegated91.00
October 22, Parsippany, NJ, Chapter 25 double show
Sam Can judged 185 singers
Note: Cage #571 - 13D343 was eliminated from the show moving other birds up in ranks
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Saoud RihanA115-16BV - Blue Variegated95.66
2Akbar KarbasiA996-16?95.35
3Tom & Celia MillerE439-16MV - Medium Variegated95.24
4Stan JonesB612-13WT - White Ticked95.13
5Susan KretchkoE770-16BS - Blue Self93.82
6Tom & Celia MillerE409-16MV - Medium Variegated93.71
7Paul & Cheryl FurgesonF001-15MV - Medium Variegated93.60
8Aji & Dodi SunjayaB069-14GF - Green Foul93.30
9Akbar KarbasiC418-15BS - Blue Self93.20
10Aji & Dodi SunjayaD212-13Y - Yellow Clear930
October 22, Livonia, MI, Society of Canary and Finch Breeders
Dodi Sunjaya judged 141 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Judy SniderJ435-15BV - Blue Variegated955
2Mike GrohmanG030-15YT - Yellow Ticked94.54
3Tom YangG292-16BS - Blue Self94.43
4Tom YangG141-15BS - Blue Self94.32
5Tom YangG286-16YT - Yellow Ticked94.21
6Mario ValladaresG681-15GF - Green Foul940
7Judy SniderR191-13DV - Dark Variegated93.80
8Zarko AndricC503-15LV - Light Variegated93.50
9Judy SniderJ434-15DV - Dark Variegated93.30
10Jim SillerF485-14LV - Light Variegated930
October 23, Maple, Ontario, Chapter 40, ASC of Buffalo
Dorothea Ashbery judged 88 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Zabih GhousyE061-11DV - Dark Variegated954
2Hakim AziziH839-16BV - Blue Variegated943
3Mohsen MotamediH124-15MV - Medium Variegated93.92
4Arben BebetiA319-15YT - Yellow Ticked93.81
5Hakim AziziH834-16CS - Cinnamon Self930
6Mohsen MotamediB050-15W - White Clear92.90
7Roland ZazriB463-16MV - Medium Variegated92.80
8Hakim AziziB302-15MV - Medium Variegated92.70
9Zabih GhousyA939-15LV - Light Variegated92.60
10William HuangA240-15LV - Light Variegated92.50
October 29, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 31
Jeanne Pieper judged 109 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1William HuangC468-16DV - Dark Variegated93.55
2Eddie BaigE931-16MV - Medium Variegated93.04
3Roland LazriB469-16DV - Dark Variegated92.83
4Hakim AziziH822-16BV - Blue Variegated92.22
5Wahid GhousyD368-16Y - Yellow Clear92.11
6Minnie MansfieldE001-14BV - Blue Variegated91.80
7Arben BebetiC552-16MV - Medium Variegated91.70
8Ilir GuxholliB350-15Y - Yellow Clear91.60
9Marcel FerrazziC430-14YT - Yellow Ticked91.50
10Eddie BaigH052-16Y - Yellow Clear90.60
October 29, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 21
Tad Rykojc judged 155 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Zabih GhousyA953-15DV - Dark Variegated936
2Mohsen MotamediB110-15LV - Light Variegated92.55
3Hakim AziziH839-16BV - Blue Variegated924
4Mohsen MotamediB013-15DV - Dark Variegated913
5William HuangC478-16MV - Medium Variegated90.82
6Tom NgoD880-16MV - Medium Variegated90.61
7Hakim AziziH827-16MV - Medium Variegated90,30
8Mohsen MotamediJ026-15WT - White Ticked90.10
9Tom NgoF920-16BF - Blue Foul89.90
10Tom NgoF905-16OCV - Orange Cinn. Var89.70
October 29, Haverhill, MA, Chapter 3, New England ASC double show
Laura Schwanof judged 125 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Saoud RihanC066-14LV - Light Variegated935
2Alex AmorimC393-15GS - Green Self92.84
3Kim HigginsC732-16DV - Dark Variegated92.53
4Joe MullinsD409-16MV - Medium Variegated91.52
5Kim HigginsC714-16LV - Light Variegated91.21
6Kathy StecklerB909-15LV - Light Variegated91.00
7Alex AmorimJ080-15W - White Clear91.00
8Kathy StecklerC652-16YT - Yellow Ticked90.70
9Tom & Celia MillerE409-16LV - Light Variegated90.50
10Kathy StecklerB920-15WT - White Ticked90.50
October 29, Haverhill, MA, Chapter 3, New England ASC double show
Saoud Rihan judged 127 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Kim HigginsH360-15DV - Dark Variegated945
2Susan KretchkoE587-15BV - Blue Variegated93.84
3Laura SchwanofG491-15MV - Medium Variegated93.73
4Kim HigginsC732-16MV - Medium Variegated93.62
5Alex AmorimC393-15GF - Green Foul93.51
6Tom & Celia MillerE410-16MV - Medium Variegated93.30
7Susan KretchkoE773-16Y - Yellow Clear93.20
8Kathy StecklerC651-16Y - Yellow Clear93.00
9Paul FergusonF888-16DV - Dark Variegated92.70
10Tom & Celia MillerE445-16Y - Yellow Clear92.50
November 5, Oakbrook Terrace, IL, Chapter 6
Patrick Miller judged 131 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Preston YangF455-15BV - Blue Variegated915
2Mari ReynoldsK802-13GS - Green Self90.54
3Judy SniderK227-14DV - Dark Variegated90.33
4Tom YangG292-16BC - Buff Clear90.252
5Marilyn OmiatekH627-16DV - Dark Variegated90.11
6Mario ValladaresA092-16DV - Dark Variegated900
7Judy SniderJ435-15BV - Blue Variegated89.90
8Joaquin TorresA254-16MV - Medium Variegated89.80
9Jim SillersF727-15MV - Medium Variegated89.20
10Tom YangY333-06BV - Blue Variegated89.10
November 5, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 38
Sam Can judged 159 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1William HuangC509-16BV - Blue Variegated95.46
2Hakim AziziD052-16DV - Dark Variegated95.35
3William HuangC517-16DV - Dark Variegated94.44
4Eddie BaigH052-16Y - Yellow Clear94.33
5John HaddadH050-15DV - Dark Variegated94.22
6Eddie BaigE920-16DV - Dark Variegated941
7William HuangA240-15MV - Medium Variegated93.90
8Eddie BaigE931-16MV - Medium Variegated93.80
9John HaddadH049-15DV - Dark Variegated93.70
10John HaddadJ739-14BS - Blue Self93.50
November 5, Baltimore, MD, Chapter 28, MASCOT
Joaquin Torres judged 152 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Gino SalviC905-15FS - Fawn Self846
2Laura & John SchwanofG226-14MV - Medium Variegated83.25
3Mark BangeC900-14DV - Dark Variegated834
4Gino SalviC928-15DV - Dark Variegated82.83
5Tom & Celia MillerE439-16MV - Medium Variegated82.72
6Alex KiziltasB952-16MV - Medium Variegated82.61
7Akbar KarbasiC438-15DV - Dark Variegated82.40
8Raul BetancourtE501-16BV - Blue Variegated82.10
9Laura & John SchwanofD644-16MV - Medium Variegated820
10Tad RykojcE366-14DV - Dark Variegated81.70
November 12, Temple, TX, Texas Bird Breeders and Chapter 30
Allan Gibson judged 41 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Alicia BakerG687-16CS - Cinnamon Self953
2Alicia BakerG686-16W - White Clear942
3Patricia HartnettE986-16DV - Dark Variegated931
4Daniel HillB676-15GF - Green Foul92.50
5Patricia HartnettE984-16GF - Green Foul920
6Alicia BakerG656-14FS - Fawn Self910
7Patricia HartnettN027-13BV - Blue Variegated90.50
8Alicia BakerG685-16GF - Green Foul900
9Patricia HartnettG691-15YT - Yellow Ticked89.50
10Patricia HartnettG690-16YT - Yellow Ticked890
November 12, Temple, TX, Texas Bird Breeders and Chapter 30
Alicia Baker judged 58 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Daniel HillA864-15GS - Green Self984
2Patricia HartnettE986-16GS - Green Self973
3Allan GibsonA831-15Y - Yellow Clear962
4Patricia HartnettG691-15Y - Yellow Clear951
5Allan GibsonA854-15GS - Green Self940
6Patricia HartnettN027-13BS - Blue Self92.50
7Patricia HartnettE997-16CS - Cinnamon Self92.00
8Allan GibsonG666-14GS - Green Self91.00
9Allan GibsonH905-11GS - Green Self90.00
10Allan GibsonB676-15GS - Green Self90.00
November 12, Livonia, MI, Chapter 22, DRAGON
Mario Valladares judged 120 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Rick KnoppK057-14GF - Green Foul91.25
2Tom YangG255-16GF - Green Foul90.74
3Preston YangF455-15BV - Blue Variegated90.63
4Mike GrohmanF487-16W - White Clear90.52
5Tom YangY333-06BV - Blue Variegated90.41
6Zarko AndricC515-16BS - Blue Self90.30
7Judy SniderB191-13DV - Dark Variegated90.20
8Judy SniderK227-14DV - Dark Variegated90.10
9Zarko AndricD530-16GF - Green Foul900
10James SillersC014-16W - White Clear89.950
November 19, Westchester, IL, NIROC
John Haddad judged 131 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Tom YangG141-15BS - Blue Self94.55
2Zarko AndricD528-16BV - Blue Variegated94.34
3Tom YangG258-16YT - Yellow Ticked943
4Joaquin TorresA264-16MV - Medium Variegated93.92
5Zarko AndricD529-16BF - Blue Foul93.71
6Zarko AndricC503-15LV - Light Variegated93.60
7Tom YangG122-15GF - Green Foul93.50
8Tom YangG308-16Y - Yellow Clear93.10
9Mari ReynoldsK808-13MV - Medium Variegated92.90
10Jim SillersC041-16DV - Dark Variegated92.80
December 1-3, St. Charles, Illinois, National Cage Bird Show*
Mario Valladares judged 162 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Mari ReynoldsJ101-15BV - Blue Variegated91.36
2Steve BaptisteG387-15GS - Green Self91.05
3Tad RykojcG553-12GF - Green Foul90.84
4Preston YangG402-16BS - Blue Self90.73
5James SillerF703-15BV - Blue Variegated90.652
6Tad RykojcJ503-16GF - Green Foul90.61
7Joaquin TorresE631-15BV - Blue Variegated90.550
8Judy SniderK434-15DV - Dark Variegated90.50
9Steve BaptisteG515-15GS - Green Self90.40
10Steve BaptisteG339-15W - White Clear90.350
December 4, San Francisco, CA, Chapter 29 Pacific American Singers
Ron Moy judged 31 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Gia TrinhL716-14WT - White Ticked943
2Nopakun OuitayakulM542-14MV - Medium Variegated922
3Van TrieuG358-16BT - Buff Ticked911
4Gia TrinhJ474-16BV - Blue Variegated900
5Mark VioletJ376-16DV - Dark Variegated890
6Van TrieuG370-16WT - White Ticked870
December 10, Kissimmee, FL, Florida Canary Fanciers and Chapter 43
Patricia Hartnett judged 57 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Steve BaptisteG387-15BV - Blue Variegated954
2Steve BaptisteG339-15W - White Clear94.73
3Raul BetancourtE508-16MV - Medium Variegated94.62
4Raul BetancourtE518-16BV - Blue Variegated94.51
5Margaret BlackmonJ670-16CV - Cinnamon Var94.30
6Steve BaptisteG475-16MV - Medium Variegated94.00
7Linda MarshallJ414-15BV - Blue Variegated93.90
8Ninez GilesG002-16BV - Blue Variegated93.80
9Steve BaptisteG491-16BV - Blue Variegated93.70
10Raul BetancourtE515-16YT - Yellow Ticked93.50

* NCBS always gets maximum points.

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