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ASC 2013 Sanctioned Show Results

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2013 Individual Show Results

September 28, Lancaster, NY, Chapter 40, ACS of Buffalo
Jeanne Pieper judged 167 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Mark BangeM135-10Medium Variegated - MV966
2Mark BangeB309-13Yellow Clear - Y95.95
3Sauod RihanE937-10Dark Variegated - DV95.84
4Aji & Dodi SunjayaJ502-10Green Foul - GF95.53
5Aji & Dodi SunjayaH997-12White Clear - W922
6Mark BangeB343-13Yellow Ticked - YT91.31
7Aji & Dodi SunjayaH886-12Green Foul - GF90.30
September 28, Lancaster, NY, Chapter 40, ACS of Buffalo
Laura Schwanof judged 167 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Aji & Dodi SunjayaH997-12White Clear - W966
2Sauod RihanB052-11White Clear - W955
3Aji & Dodi SunjayaJ508-10Medium Variegated - MV954
4Sauod RihanE867-10Yellow Clear - Y94.23
5Tad RykojcG563-12Blue Variegated - BV942
6Saoud RihanM880-13Blue Variegated - BV93.91
7Sauod RihanG347-12Blue Variegated - BV93.70
October 5, Baltimore, MD, Maryland All Canary Club
Laura Schwanof judged 174 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Saoud RihanE211-13Yellow Ticked - YT956
2Jeanne & Larry PieperE719-11Yellow Clear - Y945
3Aji & Dodi SunjayaJ502-10Green Foul - GF93.94
4Aji & Dodi SunjayaH886-12Green Foul - GF93.83
5Aji & Dodi SinjayaD013-13Blue Variegated - BV93.72
6Alex Halit KiziltasC109-12Blue Variegated - BV93.71
7Saoud RihanD283-09White Clear - W93.50
October 12, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Chapter 41 Triple Show
Patricia Hartnett judged 156 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Stan JonesA513-11White Ticked - WT946
2Hakim AziziN728-13Green Foul - GF93.95
3Zabih GhousyG870-13Green Foul - GF93.54
4Hakim AziziE600-13Dark Variegated - DV93.33
5Zabih GhousyE061-11Dark Variegated - DV93.22
6Wahid GhousyE600-12Light Variegated - LV93.11
7Zabih GhousyD183-12Dark Variegated - DV930
October 12, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Chapter 41 Triple Show
Johan Radius judged 156 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Marcel FerrazziE506-13Dark Variegated - DV946
2Wahid GhousyE644-12Medium Variegated - MV93.25
3George LeclercE406-13Yellow Clear - Y934
4Wahid GhousyE662-12Dark Variegated - DV92.93
5George LeclercC130-12White Ticked - WT92.82
6Hakim AziziE601-13Green Self - GS92.71
7Stan JonesA452-10White Ticked - WT92.60
October 12, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Chapter 41 Triple Show
Tad Rykojc judged 156 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1John HaddadF509-12Green Self - GS956
2Stan JonesA513-11White Ticked - WT945
3Gerry VoriasB777-12Medium Variegated - MV92.44
4Zabih GhousyG861-13Green Self - GS913
5Aziz AbdaliH152-13Green Self - GS90.52
6Wahid GhousyL855-12Blue Variegated - BV90.11
7Wahid GhousyH511-11Light Variegated - LV900
October 12, Houston, TX, Chapter 33, Gulf Coast
Patrick Miller judged 66 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Allan GibsonG331-10Blue Foul - BF93.04
2Alicia BakerA603-11White Ticked - WT92.03
3Allan GibsonG381-10Green Foul - GF91.62
4Allan GibsonA198-12White Clear - W91.01
5Allan GibsonH804-11Light Variegated - LV88.00
6Alicia BakerD291-12Dark Variegated - DV87.70
7Alicia BakerD277-12Dark Variegated - DV87.60
October 12, Cleveland, OH, Chapter 32, Northern Ohio
Anand Persad judged 203 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Linda MarshallM639-12Dark Variegated - DV94.76
2Bill JacobsJ219-13Dark Variegated - DV94.55
3Steve BaptisteF572-10Dark Variegated - DV93.44
4Roger StromanR078-06Medium Variegated - MV93.13
5Tom MillerE443-12White Clear - W93.02
6Bill JacobsK069-12Dark Variegated - DV92.81
7Alberta RiedelL296-11Medium Variegated - MV92.00
October 19, Livonia, MI, Society of Canary and Finch Breeders
Michael Grohman judged 185 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Roger StromanE193-12Light Variegated - LV916
2Roger StromanF113-13Blue Self - BS90.55
3Judy SniderG869-12Blue Variegated - BV90.14
4Roger StromanF012-13Blue Self - BS90+3
5Roger StromanF010-13Yellow Clear - Y902
6Katelyn ZajacE878-13White Ticked - WT89.11
7David GaminoD048-12Yellow Clear - Y890
October 19, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 31
Sam Can judged 186 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1John HaddadE823-11White Ticked - WT93.26
2Georges LeclercC130-12White Clear - W92.1+5
3Aziz AbdaliC816-10Green Foul - GF92.14
4Arben BebetiC285-13Medium Variegated - MV923
5Wahid GhousyH511-11Medium Variegated - MV91.72
6Hakim AziziE600-13Medium Variegated - MV91.61
7Zabih GhousyE061-11Dark Variegated - DV91.40
October 19, Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Bird Fanciers and Chaper 16
Anand Persad judged 179 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Tom&Celia MillerE477-12White Clear - W94.96
2Steve BaptisteF573-10Dark Variegated - DV94.855
3Tad RykojcG553-12Dark Variegated - DV94.824
4Aji&Dodi SunjayaH997-12White Clear - W94.83
5Mark BangeL193-12Blue Self - BS93.72
6Mark BangeB349-13Green Self - GS93.651
7Mark BangeB346-13Yellow Ticked - YT93.60
October 20, Modesto, CA, Central California Cage Bird Club
Nopakun Ouitayakul judged 86 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Gia TrinhJ394-13WT93.04
2Armando & Luis RamirezM093-13YT91.03
3Darrell & Liza HorstF954-13BV89.52
4Darrell & Liza HorstE715-12LV89.01
5Gary TomJ957-12BV88.90
6Gary TomJ972-12MV88.60
7Armando & Luis RamirezM020-13DV88.50
October 26, Dallas, TX, Lone Star State and Chapter 43
Vanessa Johnson judged 67 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Allan GibsonA070-12Medium Variegated - MV894
2Brenda Varhola & Julio ValellaG558-13Medium Variegated - MV893
3Patricia HartnettK564-13Medium Variegated - MV88.22
4Brenda Vahola & Julio ValellaC307-12Fawn Self - FS881
5Brenda Vahola & Julio ValellaB690-11Blue Self - BS880
6Patricia HatnettN025-13Dark Variegated - DV880
7Allan GibsonA017-13Medium Variegated - MV87.30
October 26, Parsippany, NJ, Chapter 25 Double Show
Tad Rykojc judged 214 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Stan JonesB612-13White Ticked - WT916
2Aji &Dodi SunjayaJ502-10Green Self - GS90.55
3Mark BangeM135-10Medium Variegated - MV90.34
4Aji & Dodi SunjayaH886-12Dark Variegated - DV90.03
5Tom MillerE477-12White Clear - W89.82
6Kathleen StecklerF616-13Dark Variegated - DV89.61
7Tom MillerG253-13?89.50
October 26, Parsippany, NJ, Chapter 25 Double Show
Steve Baptiste judged 214 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Stan JonesA452-10Blue Variegated - BV936
2Saoud RihanE211-13Yellow Clear - Y925
3Saoud RihanE937-10Dark Variegated - DV91.904
4Saoud RihanE283-13White Clear - W91.803
5Saoud RihanE349-13Blue Self - BS91.402
6Katelyn ZajacE876-13Dark Variegated - DV91.201
7Tad RykojcB482-13Dark Variegated - DV91.00
November 2, Joliet, IL, Greater Chicago Cage Bird Club
Thomas Yang judged 201 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Judy SniderG869-12Blue Variegated - BV966
2Judy SniderG862-12Blue Variegated - BV945
3Richard KnoppC101-11Medium Variegated - MV934
4Judy SniderG895-12Green Self - GS923
5Ninez GilesG144-13Dark Variegated - DV91.82
6Bill JacobK069-12Green Foul - GF91.71
November 2, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 38
Anand Persad judged 210 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1John HaddadE823-11White Ticked - WT94.76
2Aziz AbdaliC816-10Green Self - GS94.05
3George LeClercE400-13White Clear - W93.34
4Arben BebetiC285-13Medium Variegated - MV93.23
5Marcel FerrazziE519-13Medium Variegated - MV92.82
6John HaddadJ640-13Light Variegated - LV92.71
7George LeClercC130-12White Clear - W92.40
November 2, Temple, TX, Texas Bird Breeders and Chapter 30
Alicia Baker judged 56 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Allan GibsonG381-10Dark Variegated - DV954
2Allan GibsonG331-10Blue Variegated - BV933
3Patricia HartnettJ702-12Medium Variegated - MV92.22
4Patricia HartnettN027-13Blue Variegated - BV911
5Brenda Varhola & Julio VallellaC307-12Fawn Self - FS90.50
6Patricia HartnettK572-13Medium Variegated - MV90.30
7Allan GibsonA027-13Dark Variegated - DV90.290
November 2, Baltimore, MD, Chapter 28, MASCOT
Sam Can judged 214 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Saoud RihanE211-13Yellow Clear - Y97.06
2Saoud RihanD283-09White Clear - W94.45
3Aji and Dodi SunjayaJ508-10Medium Variegated - MV94.04
4Tom and Celia MillerE443-12Medium Variegated - MV93.83
5Saoud RihanE937-10Medium Variegated - MV93.62
6Jeanne and Larry PieperC866-12Yellow Ticked - YT93.51
7Tom and Celia MillerG229-13Yellow Ticked - YT93.20
November 9, Livonia, MI, Chapter 22, DRAGON
Thomas Yang judged 291 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Judy SniderG895-12Dark Variegated - DV946
2Judy SniderK170-13Blue Variegated - BV935
3Aji & Dodi SunjayaH886-12Green Foul - GF92.54
4Alberta RiedelL288-11Green Foul - GF923
5Stan JonesB620-13Blue Variegated - BV91.32
6Michael HibenH108-13Medium Variegated - MV91.21
7Stan JonesB612-13White Ticked - WT910
November 9, Salinas, CA, Pacific American Singers, Chapter 29
Jeanne Pieper judged 102 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Gia TrinhK911-12BV935
2Armando & Luis RamirezM019-13Y92.74
3Quang NguyenA520-13YT92.53
4Gary TomG271-11MV922
5Armando & Luis RamirezM093-13BT91.71
6Gia TrinhJ377-13BV91.50
7Quang NguyenA518-13BT910
November 9, Salinas, CA, Pacific American Singers, Chapter 29
Johan Radius judged 102 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Saoud RihanE363-13BF945
2Darrell & Liza HorstE715-12BT934
3Armando & Luis RamirezM055-13LV92.53
4Gia TrinhJ395-13BF922
5Saoud RihanE280-13BV921
6Armando & Luis RamirezM027-13BT90.80
7Armando & Luis RamirezM100-13GF90.50
November 10, Salinas, CA, Pacific American Singers, Chapter 29
Gary Tom judged 90 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Saoud RihanM880-13BF894
2Darrell & Liza HorstF954-13BV883
3Armando & Luis RamirezM019-13Y87.52
4Armando & Luis RamirezM008-13DV871
5Ginger WolnikF131-13DV86.50
6Quang NguyenA944-12W86.40
7Gia TrinhK911-12BV86.10
November 10, Salinas, CA, Pacific American Singers, Chapter 29
Liza Horst judged 92 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Gia TrinhJ395-13BV934
2Armando & Luis RamirezM092-13MV92.83
3Gia TrinhK911-12BV92.62
4Nopakun OuitayakulD890-10LV92.41
5Saoud RihanD283-09W92.20
6Saoud RihanE250-13LV920
7Saoud RihanM880-13BF91.70
November 16, Tinley Park, IL, Chapter 7, Midwestern ASC
Michael Seiler judged 168 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Rick KnoppC100-11Blue Foul - BF956
2Ed MedranoJ055-12Yellow Clear - Y945
3Mario ValladaresA763-12Medium Variegated - MV93.64
4Ed MedranoJ049-12Yellow Clear - Y93.53
5Joe WojtowiczA723-13Yellow Ticked - YT932
6Kelsee ZajacF663-13Cinnamon Self - CS92.51
7Rick KnoppC122-11Blue Foul - BF920
November 14-16, Tulsa, OK, National Cage Bird Show*
Patrick Miller judged 106 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Judy SniderK184-13Dark Variegated - DV916
2Alberta RiedelL288-11Dark Variegated - DV90.55
3Jose SanabriaJ302-12Dark Variegated - DV90.454
4Allen GibsonA006-13Blue Variegated - BV90.43
5Judy SniderK612-10Dark Variegated - DV90.32
6Alberta RiedelN429-11Dark Variegated - DV90.251
7Steve BaptisteC707-11Dark Variegated - DV90.20
November 23, Haverhill, MA, Chapter 3, New England ASC
Saoud Rihan judged 129 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Aji & Dodi SunjayaD012-13Blue Self - BS955
2Kathleen StecklerF628-13Yellow Ticked - YT94.54
3Sam CanJ951-13Yellow Clear - Y943
4Laura & John SchwanofH452-13Orange Ticked - OT93.72
5Stan JonesB606-13Yellow Clear - Y93.51
6Aji & Dodi SunjayaD013-13Blue Foul - BF93.30
7Laura & John SchwanofH453-13Yellow Ticked - YT930
November 23, Haverhill, MA, Chapter 3, New England ASC
Laura Schwanof judged 141 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Tom & Celia MillerG232-13Blue Foul - BF93.55
2Aji & Dodi SunjayaD136-13White Clear - W93.34
3Aji & Dodi SunjayaD144-13Yellow Clear - Y93.03
4Saoud RihanE348-13Dark Variegated - DV92.62
5Sauod RihanM880-13Blue Foul - BF92.51
6Sauod RihanE363-13Blue Variegated - BV92.20
7Aji & Dodi SunjayaH840-12Dark Variegated - DV92.10
November 30, Chicago, IL, NIROC
Steve Baptiste judged 119 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Joaquin TorresH795-12Blue Variegated - BV915
2Kelsee ZajacF670-13Dark Variegated - DV90.804
3Marilyn OmiatekL244-13Dark Variegated - DV90.753
4Judy SniderG869-12Blue Variegated - BV90.702
5Judy SniderG862-12Blue Variegated - BV90.501
6Joaquin TorresH791-12Dark Variegated - DV900
7Kelsee Zajac???0
December 7, Oakbrook Terrace, IL, Chapter 6
Judy Snider judged 126 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Tom YangZ025-09Dark Variegated - DV94/565
2Tom YangG111-12Dark Variegated - DV93/554
3Joaquin TorresJ002-13Green Self - GS92/563
4Tom YangY333-06Blue Variegated - BV92/542
5Tom YangA024-11Dark Variegated - DV91.5/53.51
6Mari ReynoldsH262-12Dark Variegated - DV91/530
7Kelsee ZajacF670-13Green Self - GS90.75/53.750
December 8, South San Francisco, CA, PAS Holiday Show
Ron Moy judged 90 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Armando & Luis RamirezM019-13Y93.54
2Gary TomA686-13Y93.13
3Gia TrinhK920-12DV93.052
4Gia TrinhJ396-13W93.01
5Van TrieuG401-13DV92.630
6Armando & Luis RamirezM026-13DV92.620
7Quang NguyenA944-12W92.60
December 14, Kissimmee, FL, Florida Canary Fanciers and Chapter 43
Judy Snider judged 61 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Ninez GilesG232-12Light Variegated - LV93/554
2Ninez GilesN370-09Dark Variegated - DV92/54.53
3Linda MarshallM369-12Dark Variegated - DV92/542
4Steve BaptisteB011-13Dark Variegated - DV91.5/53.51
5Linda MarshallM360-12Blue Foul - BF91/530
6Steve BaptisteS562-8Dark Variegated - DV90.7/52.70
7Brenda VarholaC307-12Fawn Self - FS90.5/52.50

* NCBS gets maximum points.

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