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ASC 2003 Sanctioned Show Results

Color codes are at the bottom of the Judge's Report Form.

2003 Clifford Williams Award

This ASC award is awarded to the ASC exhibitor who has amassed the highest total number of show points during the past show season. The point system is explained in the Constitution. Clifford Williams was the winningest American Singer breeder/exhibitor ever, who won an unprecedented 300 plus first place wins and 16 Kellogg Trophies (Best of Breed at the annual National Cage Bird Show).

PlaceExhibitorTotal Points
1stMike Seiler50
2ndJim & Joan Kelly45
3rdSaoud Rihan36
4thSam Can33
5thCarol Shepard19
6thBill Jacobs16
Dorothea Ashberry16
7thAlicia Baker15
Steve Baptiste15
Alberta Riedel15
Gary Tom15
8thMarion & Marilyn Omiatek14
9thJim Tirado12
10thMarian Cochran11
Laura Schwanof11
11thWahid Ghousy10
Zabih Ghousy10
Floyd Grohman10
Joaquin Torres10
12thLatif Ghousy9
Tad Rykojc9
13thKimberly Schwanof8
14thMinnie Mansfield7
Linda McQueen7
Ed Medrano7
Bill Summers7
Frank Zuech7
15thJeanne Pieper6
Keith & Chris Twaddle6
Ties are shown in alphabetical order by breeder name.

2003 Individual Show Results

Chapter 17 (show 1), Edison, NJ
September 27, Mike Bacon judged 233 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Jim KellyD757-03Y876
2Jim KellyD753-03W865
3K/C TwaddleK164BV844
4Sam CanF209-02LV833
5Sam CanF206-02W822
6Sam CanP978-01BV811
7Jim KellyD764-03W800
Chapter 17 (show 2), Edison, NJ
September 27, Sam Can judged 211 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Jim KellyD752-03Y926
2Jim KellyD759-03Y915
3Laura SchwanofF022-02V90.34
4Abe Van GilstB804-03V903
5K/C TwaddleK170-03V89.62
6Gino SalviB516-01G88.81
7Jim KellyC793-02?BV88.70
Greater Chicago Cage Bird Club, Chicago, IL
October 4, Jerry Hosten judged 75 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Joaquin TorresJ003-02GS904
2Alberta RiedelG000-02LV89.53
3WojtowiczO 64-03DV2
4Cathleen RehbergE216-03BV1
5WojtowiczO 25-03Y0
6WojtowiczO 33-03Y0
7Alberta RiedelF580-03BV0
Maryland All Canary Club, Baltimore, MD
October 4, Angelo Gervasi judged 156 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Saoud RihanG849-02W906
2Jim KellyC393-03BV875
3Sam CanD005-03MV854
4Mike SeilerM072-03YT84.13
5Mike SeilerB439-02YT842
6Tad RykojcR360-2GS83.51
International Canary/Finch Society, Lockport, NY
October 11, Doria Durkin judged 67 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Frank SalviniE902-02MY904
2Mike SeilerB483-02Y893
3Mike SeilerB458-02V88.92
4Mike SeilerD929-01Y881
5D. AshberryA957-02V87.50
6D. AshberryA902-02Y87.30
7Mike SeilerM075-03DV870
Chapter 17, Edison, NJ
October 11, Michael Seiler judged 151 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Saoud RihanG849-02W936
2Kim SchwanofD675-02O92.75
3Kathy StecklerB668-01OT92.64
4Angelo GervasiG470-03MV92.53
5Tad RykojcR344-03DV92.42
6Saoud RihanG252-03MV92.31
7Kathy StecklerH760-02OT920
Chapter 32, Cleveland, OH
October 11, Bill Jacobs judged 151+ Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Sam CanP978-01BF94.16
2Linda McQeenF775-02MV945
3Steve BaptisteE825-03GF89.54
4Steve BaptisteE828-03MV89.43
5M/S SearlesF779-03MV89.32
6Steve BaptisteH455-02MV89.21
7Tad RykojcR348-03GF89.20
St. Louis Canaries Limited, St. Louis, MO
October 11, Gary Tom judged 50 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Mike SeilerM003-03MV89.93
2Mike SeilerD892-01Y882
3Alicia BakerM202-03DV881
4Mike SeilerM104-03DV87.30
5Joaquin TorresJ013-03YT85.80
6Floyd GrahmanC815-03LV85.30
Budgerigar & Foreign Bird Society of Canada, Ontario, Canada
October 18, Dorothea Ashbery judged 105 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1John HaddadA570-02G845
3Lattif GhousyA201-03W83.83
4Lattif GhousyA237-03DV83.72
5Minnie MansfieldD767-02MV83.61
6Alberto MontanaroA655-99WT83.50
7Lattif GhousyE244-02G83.40
Budgerigar & Foreign Bird Society of Canada, Ontario, Canada
October 18, Alberto Montanaro judged 104 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Zahih GhousyA296-03BS915
2Latif GhousyA208-03DV904
3Zabih GhousyE290-02LV893
4Zabih GhousyA297-03LV892
5John HaddadA509-03LV881
6Wahid GhousyN175-01LV860
7Zabih GhousyE276-02LV830
BBF Chapter 16, Baltimore, MD
October 18, Chris Twaddle judged 171 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Jeanne PieperD791-03YT92.56
2Laura SchwanofD899-03MV92.35
3Jim KellyD743-03DV924
4Sam CanP978-01BV91.73
5Laura SchwanofF000-02YT91.42
6Jim KellyD728-03WT91.21
7Laura SchwanofD844-03YT90.00
Chapter 30 (show 1), Fort Worth, TX
October 18, Alicia Baker judged 97 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Allan GibsonC506-01MV744
2Frank ZuechH647-02GF733
3Frank ZuechH611-02BC72.52
4Steve BaptisteE821-03GF721
5Bill SummersA662-02DV71.50
6Vanessa JohnsonL884-02BC710
7Frank ZuechK858-03MV700
Chapter 30 (show 2), Fort Worth, TX
October 18, Allan Gibson judged 131 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Steve BaptisteE846-03MV945
2Bill SummersA662-02DV93.54
3Alicia BakerM304-03DV933
4Franh ZuechH623-02DV922
5Alicia BakerM227-03GF91.51
6Steve BaptisteE821-03GF91.10
7Alicia BAkerM341-03DV910
Society of Canary/Finch, Livonia, MI
October 18, Michael Grohman judged 105 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Michael SeilerD892-01Y92.25
2Alberta RiedelJ352-00DV90.34
3Carol ShepardE347-00DV90.13
4Frank SalviniE902-02MV90.02
5Alberta RiedelG000-02DV89.81
6Michael SeilerB462-02MV89.60
Central California Cage Bird Club, Modesto, California
October 25, Don Taylor judged 86 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stJim TiradoM726-03LV914
2ndJim TiradoB007-02GF89.253
3rdLinda FerzocoB907-03GF88.52
4thJim TiradoM707-03LV88.251
5thLinda FerzocoB920-03BF880
6thGinger WolnikJ258-00LV87.50
7thGinger WolnikD594-02BV87.250
8thGinger WolnikC893-99DV870
9thGinger WolnikD547-02MV86.50
10thBryan Chin??860
Chapter 25 (show 1), Parsipany, New Jersey
October 25, Steve Baptiste judged 197 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Tad RykjocR394-03DV916
2Sam CanD080-03MV905
3Sam CanP978-01BV89.74
4Dorothea AshberryM573-03DV89.43
5Saoud RihanG370-03BV89.32
6Julius NattermanE760-03GF88.61
Chapter 25 (show 2), Parsipany, New Jersey
October 25, Tad Rykojc judged 188 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Dorothea AshberryM573-03DV89.36
2Mike SeilerD812-01DV87.65
3Saoud RihanG849-02W87.44
4Dorothea AshberryA871-03MV87.23
5T/C MillerH814-02DV85.62
6Steve BaptisteH426-02DV85.51
7Saoud RihanG348-03DV85.20
Motor City Bird Breeders, Warren, MI
October 25, Patrick Miller judged 90 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Alberta ReidelD556-01GS92.54
2Carol SheppardK624-01GS92.43
3Linda McQuenF775-02GS92.32
4 Joaquin TorresT003-02GS92.21
5Carol ShepardE347-00GS92.10
Mascot Chapter 28, Baltimore, MD
November 1, Laura Schwanof judged 132 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Jim KelleyD757-03BC925
2Saoud RihanG849-02W91.54
3Bill SummersA662-02DV913
4Jim KellyD725-03LV90.72
5Jim KellyD759-03YT90.61
6Jim KellyD736-03LV90.50
7Tad RykojcR344-03DV90.20
Chapter 31, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada
November 1, Sam Can judged 211 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Minnie MansfieldA534-03MV936
2Wahid GhousyP011-03Mv91.95
3Dorothea AshberryM573-03Mv91.34
4Wahid GhousyP042-03MV913
5Wahid GhousyP014-03G90.52
6Mohsen MotamediA145-03MV90.41
7Minnie MansfieldR714-03MV90.30
DRAGON, Livonia, MI
November 8, Steve Baptiste judged 155 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Carol ShepardK649-01MV90.26
2Bill JacobsH319-01DV905
3Carol ShepardE464-02MV894
4Bill JacobsK926-03MV88.53
5Mike HibenM530-03DV882
6Alberta RiedelF550-03DV87.41
7Sally KemererK261-02MV87.10
Jersey Shore, Toms River, NJ
November 8, Tad Rykojc judged 110 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Saoud RihanG284-03MV90.55
2Sam CanD067-03BW904
3Mike SeilerD812-01DV893
4Mike SeilerM038-03MV882
5Sam CanE021-01DV871
6Mike SeilerB454-02MV86.50
7Saoud RihanG849-02W860
Missouri Cage Bird, St. Louis, MO
November 8, Allan Gibson judged 67 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Floyd GrohmanC815-03MV964
2Floyd GrohmanC844-03BC953
3Floyd GrohmanC854-03BC942
4Floyd GrohmanC845-03HV931
5Floyd GrohmanC835-03BC92.50
6Floyd GrohmanC825-03MV920
7Floyd GrohmanC830-03BC91.50
PAS Quad #1, Salinas, California
November 8, Laura Schwanof judged 114 Birds, 14 exhibitors
26 old singers, 88 young singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stMike SeilerM073-03YT905
2ndMike SeilerM029-03Y89.54
3rdMike SeilerM039-03LV89.43
4thMarian CochranJ454-02DV89.22
5thMike SeilerM032-03Y891
6thDarrell HorstE760-03GF890
7thAlicia BakerM202-03DV88.70
8thMarian Cochran  88.50
9thMarian Cochran  88.20
10thGinger Wolnik  88.10
PAS Quad #2, Salinas, California
November 8, Danny Iacovone judged 114 Birds, 14 exhibitors
26 old singers, 88 young singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stDarrell HorstE760-03GF915
2ndJim TiradoM727-03LV904
3rdAlicia BakerM379-03GF89.83
4thGary TomG034-03DV89.72
5thMike SeilerM032-03Y89.51
6thMike SeilerM073-03YT89.30
7thAlicia BakerM272-03G890
8thMike Seiler  88.70
9thMarian Cochran  88.50
10thLinda Ferzoco  88.30
PAS Quad #3, Salinas, California
November 9, Alicia Baker judged 106 Birds, 13 exhibitors
26 old singers, 80 young singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stMike SeilerM039-03LV915
2ndMarian CochranH377-03Y904
3rdMarian CochranJ454-02DV89.53
4thMarian CochranJ453-02MV89.32
5thGary TomG067-03MV89.21
6thDarrell HorstE760-03GF890
7thGary TomG055-03GF88.90
8thGary Tom  88.80
9thGinger Wolnik  88.70
10thGary Tom  88.60
PAS Quad #4, Salinas, California
November 9, Dorothea Ashbery judged 114 Birds, 14 exhibitors
26 old singers, 88 young singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stAlicia BakerM391-03MV915
2ndGary TomG080-03DV90.54
3rdGinger WolnikB985-01DV893
4thAlicia BakerM227-03G88.9+2
5thGary TomG034-03DV88.91
6thMarian CochranH376-03YT88.70
7thAlicia BakerM202-03DV88.50
8thMike Seiler  88.40
9thMarian Cochran  88.30
10thAl Oudega  88.20
Chapter 17, Woodbridge, New Jersey
November 15, Angelo Gervasi judged 160 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Mike SeilerB454-02MV946
2Mike SeilerB470-03Y915
3Mike SeilerM072-01Y904
4Saoud RihanG391-03MV89.83
5Saoud RihanG254-01MV89.52
6Saoud RihanG336-02MV891
7Sam CanD121-02?880
National Songbird Contest (new show), Arlington Hts., IL
November 21-22, Judy Snider judged 155 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1M & M OmiatekJ710-02DV976
2M & M OmiatekJ728-02DV965
3J & J LanequeT550-03GF954
4Carol ShepardK649-01MV92.753
5Alberta RiedelG000-02DV92.52
6Joaquin TorresJ003-03YT92.251
7Steve BaptisteH455-02DV920
Long Island Song Canary Club - Chapter 1, Hauppauge, NY
November 22, Daniel Iacovone judged 114 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stMike SeilerB454-02MV915
2ndJim & Joanne KellyD734-03MV90.54
3rdKim SchwanofD680-02YT903
4thNadege RihanG901-02Y89.52
5thJim & Joanne KellyC393-02BV89.31
6thSaoud RihanG248-03MV89.20
7thSam & Marilyn CanE259-02MV890
8thSaoud RihanG290-03MV88.80
9thLaura & John SchwanofD829-03OV88.70
10thLaura & John SchwanofF113-02OT88.50
NIROC Show, Arlington Heights, IL
November 29, Jerry Hosten judged 93 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Bill JacobsH336-01C934
2M & M OmiatekN080-01DV92.53
3Bill JacobsP585-02?922
4Bill JacobsP576-02?91.51
5Bill JacobsK926-03MV9150
6Bill JacobsP555-02?910
7Bill JacobsH153-00DV90.50
Santa Clara Valley Canary & Exotic Bird Club, Mtn. View, CA
December 6, Allen Gibson judged 107 Birds
18 old singers, 89 young singers, 12 exhibitiors
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Gary TomG034-03  5
2Bob & Judy McGuireD508-03  4
3Linda FerzocoB127-02  3
4Gary TomG000-03  2
5Ella GalikT622-03  1
6Marian CochranH356-03  0
7Gary TomG022-03  0
8Joe Hong   0
9Jim Tirado   0
10Linda Ferzoco   0
Chapter 6, Chicago, IL
December 6, Michael Seiler judged 128 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Edward MedranoM485-03CS945
2Joaquin TorresT003-02G934
3John LaRocqueT550-03DV913
4Edward MedranoM431-03G90.12
5W/D JacobsB529-99G901
6Edward MedranoM486-03MV89.50
7Dorothea AshberryA894-03G890

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