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ASC 2002 Sanctioned Show Results

2002 Clifford Williams Award

This ASC award is awarded to the ASC exhibitor who has amassed the highest total number of show points during the past show season. The point system is explained in the Constitution. Clifford Williams was the winningest American Singer breeder/exhibitor ever, who won an unprecedented 300 plus first place wins and 16 Kellogg Trophies (Best of Breed at the annual National Cage Bird Show).

PlaceExhibitorResidenceTotal Points
1stWilliam & Donna JacobsIllinois61
2ndMike SeilerNew Jersey52
3rdSam CanNew Jersey36
4thSteve BaptisteFlorida35
5thMarion & Marilyn OmiatekIllinois33
6thGary TomCalifornia27
7thJulius NattermannNew Jersey17
Saoud RihanNew York17
8thAlberta RiedelMichigan14
9thLinda FerzocoCalifornia12
10thMarcel FerrazziCanada11
Al OudegaCalifornia11
Laura SchwanofNew York11
11thTad RykojcMaryland10
Ginger WolnikCalifornia10
Philip ZammitCanada10
12thGino SalviMaryland9
Joaquin TorresIllinois9
13thLattif GousyCanada8
Ed MedranoIllinois8
14thDorothea AshberryNew York7
Ella GalikCalifornia7
Jim KellyNew York7
Jim TiradoCalifornia7
15thAlicia BakerTexas6
Carol ShepardOhio6
Ray WillisFlorida6
16thJoseph HongCalifornia5
Tom & Celia MillerNew Jersey5
John SztikoCanada5
Abe Van GilstNew Jersey5
Frank ZuechColorado5
Ties are shown in alphabetical order by breeder last name.

2002 Individual Show Results

Chapter 37, South Bend, Indiana
September 28, Sally Kemerer judged 151 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Bill JacobsH152-00MV926
2Bill JacobsJ777-98LV915
3Alberta RiedelG043-02LV90.54
4Bill JacobsB529-99GS903
5Marilyn & Marion OmiatekN079-01GF892
6Bill JacobsH313-01CS88.51
7Jesse DurkinD280-02DV88.20
Maryland All Canary Club, Baltimore, MD
October 5, Sam Can judged 262 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Laura SchwanofC905-01DV926
2Julius NattermanH200-02Y915
3W & S KemererK211-02MV90.94
4Mike SeilerD814-01MV90.13
5Mike SeilerD928-01Y90.052
6Julius NattermanH211-02Y901
7Laura Schwanof Y 0
Chapter 32 Cleveland, OH
October 12, Judy Snider judged 247 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Marilyn & Marion OmiatekN80-01GS946
2Sam CanF889-00MV935
3Alberta RiedelJ359-00MV914
4Sam CanE21-01DV90.53
5Joaquin TorresF609-01MV902
6Sam CanP978-01DV89.51
7Marilyn & Marion OmiatekJ611-99DV89.50
St. Louis Canaries Limited, St. Louis, MO
October 12, Allen Gibson judged 153 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Bill JacobsH169-00CV976
2Steve BaptisteA903-98DV965
3Steve BaptisteH412-02GF95.54
4Steve BaptisteH426-02DV953
5Joaquin TorresF626-01DV942
6Alicia BakerB919-02GS93.41
7Steve BaptisteE448-01GF93.250
Baltimore Bird Fanciers, Towson, MD
October 19, Laura Schwanof judged 210 Birds
substituted for Danny Iacovone
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Mike SeilerB470-02YT90.56
2Gino SalviA486-02MV90.35
3Sam & Marilyn CanF295-02DV90.04
4Sam & Marilyn CanP978-01BV90.03
5Kathy StecklerH772-02YT89.52
6Mike SeilerB439-02LV89.01
7Saoud RihanG843-02YT89.00
Society of Canary & Finch Breeders, Livonia, MI
October 19, Doria Durkin judged 193 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Bill JacobsB529-99G93.56
2Alberta RiedelJ359-V925
3Ed MedranoF252-01V91.84
4Bill JacobsH169-00CV91.73
5Mike SeilerB485-02Y912
6Marilyn & Marion OmiatekJ611-99G90.81
7Alberta RiedelD571-01G90.60
Chapter 30, Dallas, Texas
October 19, Darrell Horst judged 73 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Alicia BakerF544-00DV894
2Bill SummersA661-02GF83.83
3Vanessa JohnsonL881-02MV83.52
4Alicia BakerB814-02GS82.61
5Alicia BakerB820-02GF82.50
6Bill SummersA662-02GF820
Budgerigar & Foreign Bird Society of Canada, Ontario, Canada
October 19, Albert Montanaro judged 176 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Marcel FerrazziD632-02YV946
2Marcel FerrazziD633-02GV935
3Lattif GousyC858-02WV924
4Minnie MansfieldD767-02YV903
5Hank DeZeeuwH176-02WV892
6Mary BoerC202-02 891
Central California Cage Bird Club, Modesto, California
October 26, Ella Galik judged 69 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stGary TomE565-02BS93+4
2ndGinger WolnikB954-01MV933
3rdGary TomE586-02GS92+2
4thGary TomE571-02LV921
5thGary TomE570-02MV91.20
6thGary TomE552-02LV90+0
7thGary TomE501-02GF900
8thLinda FerzocoB134-02DV89.50
Chapter 25 #1, Parsippany, NJ
October 26, Angelo Gervasi judged 205 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stMike SeilerD814-01MV846
2ndTad RykojcR280-02?83.55
3rdJulius NattermannF538-01GV83.44
4thTom & Celia MillerH814-02?83.23
5thSam CanF295-02DV832
6thMike SeilerB458-02?82.91
7thMike SeilerB465-02?82.80
Chapter 25 #2, Parsippany, NJ
October 26, Patrick Miller judged 213 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stSam CanP978-01BW89.66
2ndTad RykojcR178-01G89.45
3rdGino SalviB516-01G89.24
4thMike SeilerD928-01YT89.13
5thJim KellyC373-02YV88.92
6thMike SeilerB439-02YV88.81
Motor City, Warren, Michigan
October 26, Steve Baptiste judged 172 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Bill JacobsH169-00CV926
2Joaquin TorresS202-01MV91.75
3Bill JacobsH312-01MV91.64
4Bill JacobsH319-01DV91.53
5Bill JacobsF529-99DV91.12
6Mike NysowyG688-00MV 1
ICFS, Lockport, New York
October 26, Mike Bacon judged 72 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Dorothea AshberryA951-02G874
2Dorothea AshberryA902-02YT863
3Frank SalorniE937-02YV852
4R. SchulE288-01YV84.51
5Dorothea AshberryA923-02G84.20
6Dorothea AshberryA935-02YT840
American Singers Club of Canada, Chapter 31, Ontario, Canada
November 2, Allan Gibson judged 194 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Philip ZammitH896GV97.56
2John SztikoD404GF96.55
3Lattif GousyE439DV964
4Philip ZammitD292G953
5Zabitt GousyE221G942
6Philip ZammitD238 92.51
Greater Chicago Cage Bird Club, Chicago, IL
November 2, Albert Montanaro judged 108 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Bill JacobsJ777-98GV905
2Mike SeilerB461-02Y89.24
3Bill JacobsH169-00CV89.13
4Bill JacobsP579-02C88.12
5Mike GrohmanJ253-01C881
6Cathie RehbergC621-02B87.10
MASCOT Show, Baltimore, MD
November 2, Angelo Gervasi judged 151 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Saoud RihanG920-02Y916
2Mike SeilerB431-02Y905
3Saoud RihanG891-02YT89.84
4Mike SeilerB462-02WT89.53
5Tom & Celia MillerH828-02V892
6Sam CanE001-02?881
7Abe Van GilstC836-02?870
Missouri Cage Bird Association Show, St. Louis, MO
November 2, Tad Rykojc judged 41 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Floyd GrohmanB585-02Y873
2Ken StubbartN376-02Y862
3Floyd GrohmanE320-01YT851
4Floyd GrohmanB572-02WT840
5Floyd GrohmanB564-02V83.50
6Floyd GrohmanB558-02?83.30
PAS Quad #1, Salinas, California
November 2, Sam Can judged 131 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Jim TiradoB007-02GF915
2Gary TomE565-02BS894
3Ella GalikN625-02BC883
4Linda FerzocoB127-02MV87.62
5Gary TomE532-02DV87.51
6Ella GalikN610-02BV87.40
7Ginger WolnikB985-01MV87.30
PAS Quad #2, Salinas, California
November 2, Danny Iacovone judged 132 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Al OudegaK002-02LV905
2Gary TomE552-02LV89.54
3Gary TomE565-02BS893
4Ginger WolnikB985-01MV88.52
5Al OudegaK016-02YT881
6Jim TiradoB032-02DV87.50
7Al OudegaK026-02Y870
PAS Quad #3, Salinas, California
November 3, Darrell Horst judged 134 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Gary TomE565-02BS895
2Ella GalikN606-02BC87.14
3Gary TomE571-02LV86.73
4Ginger WolnikJ278-00LV86.52
5Al OudegaK013-02DV85.41
6Ella GalikN621-02WV85.30
7Jim TiradoB007-02GF85.2+0
PAS Quad #4, Salinas, California
November 3, Gary Tom judged 115 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Frank ZuechH647-02DV895
2Al OudegaK013-02GF86.84
3Bryan ChinA336-02LV85.33
4Sam CanF206-00W852
5Ginger WolnikB985-01MV84.51
6Frank ZuechH624-02LV84.30
7Frank ZuechH623-02DV84+0
Jersey Shore, Tom's River, New Jersey
November 9, Michael Seiler judged 158 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Saoud RihanG891-02WT916
2Abe VanGilstC869-01DV905
3Laura SchwanofC905-01DV88.54
4Julius NattermannH207-02DV88/503
5Julius NattermannG017-00MV88/482
6Saoud RihanG849-02W87.91
7Sam CanE021-01G87.70
D.R.A.G.O.N., Chapter 22, Livonia, Michigan
November 9, Bill Jacobs judged 150+ Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Carol ShepardK624-01DV94.56
2Marion OmiatekH381-01DV93.75
3Beth JuntunenF803-02LV914
4Marion OmiatekJ705-02GS903
5Ed MedranoF308-01DV89.92
6Marion OmiatekH384-01DV89.91
7Mike NysowyG688-01MV89.80
National Cage Bird Show, Santa Clara, CA
November 15, Sally Kemerer judged 176 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Ray WillisG510-02DV936
2Joseph HongB257-02MV925
3Steve BaptisteA903-98DV90.54
4Steve BaptisteH426-02DV903
5Ginger WolnikB954-01MV89.92
6Terrilin PistoriusM181-02MV89.81
7Jim TiradoB032-02MV89.70
NIROC Show, Arlington Heights, IL
November 30, Michael Grohman judged 151 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Mike SeilerD892-01Y91.86
2Mike SeilerD812-01V915
3Bill JacobsH313-01C90.?4
4Marion OmiatekJ711-02G90.63
5Bill JacobsH336-01C90.52
6Jesse DurkinD287-02DV89.51
7Bill JacobsH164-00GF89.10
Chapter 17, Edison, NJ
November 30, Danny Iacovone judged 189 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Sam CanF889-00LV926
2Jim KellyC373-02?915
3Mike SeilerD896-01TB?90.74
4Sam CanF209-02TB?90.53
5Julius NattermanH250-02B902
6Laura SchwanofC905-01MV89.11
7Jim KellyC355-02?890
Chapter 6 Show, Oakbrook Terrace, IL
December 7, Allan Gibson judged 159 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Steve BaptisteH490-02DV956
2Marion OmiatekE268-00DV94.55
3Marion OmiatekJ714-02GF944
4Marion OmiatekE271-00GF93.53
5Edward MedranoJ091-98DV932
6Alberta RiedelJ359-00MV92.51
7Bill JacobsB529-99GS920
PAS Holiday Show, Union City, CA
December 8, Steve Baptiste judged 101 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Linda FerzocoB127-02MV905
2Linda FerzocoA156-01MV89.24
3Marian CochranJ453-02MV893
4Jim TiradoB007-02GF88.32
5Linda FerzocoJ503-01MV88.21
6Terrilin PistoriusN179-02MV88.20
7Don TaylorB502-02MV88.10
Chapter 35 Show, Port Charlotte, FL
December 14, Tad Rykojc judged 52 Birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1Steve BaptisteH455-02G88.64
2Steve BaptisteH426-02G873
3Steve BaptisteH466-02G86.52
4Steve BaptisteH490-02G861
5Steve BaptisteH410-02G85.50
6Audrey PauhE972-02G850

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