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ASC 2000 Sanctioned Show Results

2000 Clifford Williams Award

This ASC award is awarded to the ASC exhibitor who has amassed the highest total number of show points during the past show season. The point system is explained in the Constitution. Clifford Williams was the winningest American Singer breeder/exhibitor ever, who won an unprecedented 300 plus first place wins and 16 Kellogg Trophies (Best of Breed at the annual National Cage Bird Show).

PlaceExhibitorTotal Points
1stWilliam & Donna Jacobs56
2ndSam & Marilyn Can50
3rdSally & Warren Kemerer34
4thT & C Miller30
5thJames Tirado27
6thAl Oudega25
Alberta Riedel25
7thLatif Ghousy20
8thBill Summers16
Gary Tom16
9thPhilip Zammit13
Mike Seiler13
Abe VanGilst13
10thElizabeth Juntunen12
Steve Baptiste12

ASAP, Pittsburgh, PA
September 23, Michael Grohman judged 155 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stW & S KemererK926-98medium variegated896
2ndJohn KellerF478-98green self88.85
3rdS & M CanD881-99yellow88.74
4thW & S KemererK009-00medium variegated88.53
5thC & K TwaddleM212-00green self88.32
6thC & B BeegleP411-00blue variegated88.11
Toledo Bird Association, Toledo, OH
September 30, Patrick Miller judged 193 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stJohn KellerF473-98*dark variegated946
2ndC & B BeegleA276-98dark variegated935
3rdElizabeth JuntunenA436-99dark variegated92.54
4thAlberta RiedelC851-97dark variegated923
5thElizabeth JuntunenA441-99dark variegated91.52
6thW & D JacobsB529-99dark variegated91.11
7thJessie DurkinD012-00medium variegated900
Maryland All Canary Club, Baltimore, MD
October 7, Marilyn Simons judged 187 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stS & M CanD879-99blue variegated876
2ndS & M CanF839-00light variegated855
3rdC & B BeegleP412-00blue variegated84.64
4thS & M CanD811-99white84.53
5thS & M CanF804-00buff clear83.82
6thS & M CanF830-00dark variegated83.51
Society of Canary & Finch Breeders, Livonia, MI
October 7, Michael Grohman judged 195 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stW & D JacobsU380-96*cinnamon self89.16
2ndR & J McGuireM277-99green self89.05
3rdJessie DurkinD016-00green self88.64
4thW & S KemererK009-00medium variegated88.33
5thW & S KemererK046-00yellow88.32
6thW & S KemererL015-99medium variegated88.11
7thElizabeth JuntunenF619-00dark variegated88.00
C.C.B.S., Cleveland, OH
October 14, Sam Can judged 240 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stW & D JacobsH161-00cinnamon self88.76
2ndW & S KemererL015-99medium variegated88.45
3rdW & D JacobsH150-00blue self88.34
4thW & D JacobsH152-00medium variegated88.23
5thCarol ShepardE342-00dark variegated88.02
6thW & D JacobsB529-99green self87.01
Canadian National, Windsor, Ontario
October 14, Doria Durkin judged 156 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stLatif GhousyS598-00medium variegated906
2ndLatif GhousyF333-00yellow875
3rdWahid GhousyF048-00green86.54
4thLatif GhousyS587-00green863
5thPhilip ZammitH860-00green85.82
6thJuanita KolaritschN582-00?85.71
Baltimore Bird Fanciers, Baltimore, MD
October 21, Michael Seiler judged 199 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stT & C MillerC714-99medium variegated866
2ndJulius NattermannE177-98dark variegated855
3rdW & S KemererL015-99*medium variegated84.94
4thS & M CanD881-99yellow84.83
5thAb VanGilstG915-99green84.72
6thTad RykojcR932-99medium variegated83.91
7thS & M CanD811-99?830
International Canary & Finch Society, Niagara Falls, NY
October 21, Albert Montanaro judged 27 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stRichard SchulF077-99medium variegated913
2ndRichard SchulF922-00yellow89.72
3rdRichard SchulF933-00light variegated88.81
4thRichard SchulF905-00yellow870
5thRichard SchulF924-00medium variegated860
Texas American Singer Canary Club, Chapter 30, Dallas, TX
October 21, Doria Durkin judged 39 birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stBill SummersS956-99variegated893
2ndBill SummersS001-00variegated86.52
3rdBill SummersS916-99variegated83.51
4thBill SummersS033-00variegated820
5thBill SummersS032-00variegated81.50
6thBill SummersS042-00variegated810
Capitol City Bird Society, Roseville, California
October 21, Frank Zuech judged 114 singers, 11 exhibitors
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stGary TomD451-99dark variegated88.55
2ndAl OudegaJ728-99yellow88.14
3rdRod LoweF806-99medium variegated87.93
4thLarry & Doreen WaughG804-99dark variegated872
5thJames TiradoN730-00dark variegated83.91
6thGary TomG803-98medium variegated83.10
7thAl Oudega   0
8thGary Tom   0
9thJames Tirado   0
10thRod Lowe   0
Judge's SpecialJames Tirado    
1st OldGary Tom    
2nd OldAl Oudega    
3rd OldRod Lowe    
4th OldLarry & Doreen Waugh    
5th OldGary Tom    
6th OldRod Lowe    
1st YoungJames Tirado    
2nd YoungAl Oudega    
3rd YoungGary Tom    
4th YoungJames Tirado    
5th YoungGary Tom    
6th YoungAl Oudega    
Capitol City Bird Society, Roseville, California
October 22, Allen Gibson judged 122 singers, 12 exhibitors
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stGary TomD436-99green foul975
2ndGary TomG803-98medium variegated96.54
3rdJames TiradoN760-00green foul96.253
4thGary TomC516-97green foul962
5thFrank ZuechK531-99dark variegated95.51
6thJames TiradoN730-00green foul950
7thRod Lowe   0
8thRod Lowe   0
9thRod Lowe   0
10thGary Tom   0
Judge's SpecialFrank Zuech    
1st OldGary Tom    
2nd OldGary Tom    
3rd OldGary Tom    
4th OldFrank Zuech    
5th OldRod Lowe    
6th OldRod Lowe    
1st YoungJames Tirado    
2nd YoungJames Tirado    
3rd YoungRod Lowe    
4th YoungGary Tom    
5th YoungBryan Chin    
6th YoungGary Tom    
Motor City Bird Breeders, Warren, MI
October 28, Allan Gibson judged 197 birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stAlberta RiedelH891-99dark variegated956
2ndW & D JacobsH188-00cinnamon variegated945
3rdJudy SniderT116-98light variegated93.54
4thAlberta RiedelH887-99blue ticked93.253
5thBeth JuntunenA436-99dark variegated932
6thAlberta RiedelG402-98medium variegated92.751
7thAlberta RiedelJ352-00dark variegated92.50
Chapter 25, Parsippany, NJ
October 28, Daniel Iacovone judged 195 birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stS & M CanF816-00orange variegated876
2ndS & M CanB867-98white86.55
3rdL & J SchwanofG142-98buff clear864
4thS & M CanF871-00dark variegated853
5thS & M CanF888-00dark variegated84.72
6thL & J SchwanofE540-00?84.61
7thS & M CanF830-00?84.50
MASCOT-Odd, Essex, MD
November 4, Sally Kemerer judged 102 birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stT & C MillerC714-99medium variegated905
2ndS & M CanD881-99buff clear894
3rdMichael SeilerC623-00dark variegated88.73
4thT & C MillerD681-00light variegated88.52
5thMichael SeilerS173-00medium variegated88.41
6thK & C TwaddleM201-00green foul88.30
7thBen JenkinsB161-98dark variegated88.20
MASCOT-Even, Essex, MD
November 4, Chris Twaddle judged 102 birds
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stW & S KemererK980-99dark variegated925
2ndAbe Van GilstA348-00dark variegated91.74
3rdW & S KemererK009-00dark variegated91.33
4thBen JenkinsD517-99dark variegated90.52
5thAbe Van GilstA332-00dark variegated90.31
6thS & M CanB867-98white900
Greater Chicago Cage Bird Show, Harvey, IL
November 4, Laura Schwanof judged 69 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stW & D JacobsH194-00cinnamon variegated884
2ndW & D JacobsH169-00cinnamon variegated87.83
3rdW & D JacobsH152-00dark variegated872
4thW & D JacobsH164-00green foul86.51
5thMichael ColoratoH284-00yellow ticked86.20
6thW & D JacobsH161-00?860
DRAGON I Show, Livonia, MI
November 4, Doria Durkin judged 188 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stBill SummersS934-99medium variegated916
2ndCarol ShepardD497-98medium variegated90.55
3rdM & M OmiatekE268-00medium variegated904
4thAlberta RiedelG402-98medium variegated89.63
5thAlberta RiedelH891-99medium variegated89.52
6thAlberta RiedelJ378-00medium variegated89.31
7thW & D JacobsB529-99green89.20
DRAGON II Show, Livonia, MI
November 4, William Meyer judged 189 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stAlberta RiedelC851-97dark variegated916
2ndW & D JacobsB528-99medium variegated90.55
3rdMichael HibenH223-99green self90.44
4thMichael GrohmanR301-99light variegated893
5thMichael HibenM333-00dark variegated88.82
6thMichael HibenM302-00dark variegated88.61
7thEarlene NickoloffV001-00medium variegated88.50
Missouri Cage Bird Show, Eureka, MO
November 4, Steve Baptiste judged 77 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stCharles ReedM808-99dark variegated82.54
2ndAlicia BakerF509-00dark variegated823
3rdKen StubbartB736-99green foul812
4thAlicia BakerF393-99green foul801
5thAlicia BakerL102-98medium variegated790
Central California Cage Bird Club, Modesto, CA
November 4, Ella Galik judged 85 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stJames TiradoN713-00green self96+4
2ndJames TiradoN760-00green self963
3rdJames TiradoN747-00dark variegated94.52
4thDarrell HorstG824-00green self93++1
5thMarge SaarniB752-98light variegated93+0
6thGary TomA608-00dark variegated88.50
7thGary TomG803-98medium variegated880
Judge's SpecialLarry & Doreen Waugh    
1st OldMarge Saarni    
2nd OldGinger Wolnik    
3rd OldBryan Chin    
1st YoungJames Tirado    
2nd YoungJames Tirado    
3rd YoungJames Tirado    
A.S.C.C.C., Canada
November 5, Albert Montanaro judged 188 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stLatif GhousyS594-00light variegated89.26
2ndPhil ZammitH862-00light variegated895
3rdPhil ZammitH892-00green self894
4thWahid GhousyF051-00green self88.73
5thPhil ZammitH860-00green self88.52
6thWahid GhousyF094-00green self881
Jersey Shore Bird Club Show, Tom's River, NJ
November 11, Sam Can judged 168 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stMichael SeilerC580-00yellow896
2ndT & C MillerC714-99medium variegated85.35
3rdBen JenkinsE955-00dark variegated85.24
4thRichard TharpC104-00blue self853
5thAbe Van GilstA332-00dark variegated84.82
6thT & C MillerD681-00light variegated84.71
7thMichael SeilerE892-99yellow84.50
National Cage Bird Show, San Juan, Puerto Rico
November 18, Albert Montanaro judged 44 singers
Note: full points are awarded at the NCBS, regardless of the number of entries
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stT & C MillerC714-99medium variegated906
2ndSteve BaptisteT850-00light variegated89.55
3rdFrank ZuechK537-99dark variegated89.44
4thJudy SniderK326-00light variegated89.13
5thJudy SniderK350-00light variegated892
6thFrank ZuechK554-99green self881
7thSteve BaptisteG337-99dark variegated87.50
Chapter 17, Edison, New Jersey
November 25, Tad Rykojc judged 198 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stS & M CanB867-98*white876
2ndT & C MillerC715-99medium variegated86.75
3rdAdrian Van GilstA348-00medium variegated86.64
4thMichael SeilerC633-00yellow86.53
5thW & S KemererK080-00medium variegated86.42
6thJulius NattermannH033-99?86.31
7thT & C MillerD765-00?85.90
NIROC, Elk Grove, IL
November 25, Jerry Hosten judged 154 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stM & M OmiateckE268-00green self946
2ndW & D JacobsH152-00cinnamon self93.55
3rdElizabeth JuntunenF616-00medium variegated934
4thEdward MedranoL334-99green self92.53
5thBill SummersS823-98medium variegated922
6thW & D JacobsH177-99??1
7thBill SummersS956-99dark variegated91.50
Santa Clara Valley Canary & Exotic Bird Club, Santa Clara, CA
November 25, Judy Snider judged 89 singers
1stJames TiradoN756-00dark variegated934
2ndGinger WolnikC893-99dark variegated913
3rdJames TiradoN719-00dark variegated89.52
4thGinger WolnikC859-99blue self89.51
5thRandie BoardmanJ483-99light variegated890
6thGary TomA608-00dark variegated88.50
7thGary TomG803-99medium variegated880
8thLarry Waugh?? 0
9thRod Lowe?? 0
10thGinger Wolnik?? 0
Best OldGinger WolnikC893-99dark variegated91 
2nd OldGinger WolnikC859-99blue self89.5 
3rd OldRandie BoardmanJ483-99light variegated89 
4th OldGary TomG803-98medium variegated88 
5th OldCaesar Ching??? 
Best YoungJames TiradoN756-00dark variegated93 
2nd YoungJames TiradoN719-00dark variegated89.5 
3rd YoungGary TomA608-00dark variegated88 
4th YoungRod Lowe??? 
5th YoungJames Tirado??? 
Chapter 6, Chicago, IL
December 2, Ivan Colorato judged 101 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stW & D JacobsH154-00dark variegated83.55
2ndW & D JacobsH152-00dark variegated834
3rdR & J McGuireM230-99medium variegated813
4thBill SummersS934-99dark variegated80.92
5thM & M OmiatekE266-00dark variegated80.51
6thW & D JacobsB529-00dark variegated80.30
PAS Quad #1, Salinas, CA
December 2, Bill Meyer judged 102 singers, 13 exhibitors
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stBryan ChinD142-00green foul90.55
2ndAl OudegaJ625-00yellow894
3rdJames TiradoN719-00dark variegated883
4thRod LoweD534-00green foul87.72
5thJames TiradoN760-00green foul87.61
6thGary TomA607-00green foul870
7thFrank ZuechK554-99dark variegated?0
8thRandie BoardmanF775-00light variegated?0
9thGary TomD451-99green foul?0
10thRandie BoardmanF796-00green foul?0
Judge's SpecialRandie Boardman    
PAS Quad #2, Salinas, CA
December 2, Laura Schwanof judged 102 singers, 13 exhibitors
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stAl OudegaJ728-99buff clear90.55
2ndAl OudegaJ627-00buff clear894
3rdBryan ChinD139-00medium variegated893
4thMarge SaarniR715-99light variegated87.52
5thFrank ZuechK531-99dark variegated871
6thAl OudegaJ650-00dark variegated86.50
7thFrank Zuech??860
8thGary TomA605-00green foul860
9thAl Oudega??85.90
10thFrank Zuech??85.80
Judge's SpecialAl Oudega    
PAS Quad #3, Salinas, CA
December 3, Gary Tom judged 86 singers, 12 exhibitors
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stJames TiradoN756-00dark variegated894
2ndAl OudegaJ639-00yellow88.83
3rdFrank ZuechK531-99dark variegated87.92
4thAl OudegaJ625-00yellow86.91
5thJames TiradoN735-00yellow86.20
6thJames Tirado??86.10
7thAl Oudega??860
8thAl Oudega??85.90
9thAl Oudega??85.70
10thBryan Chin??85.20
Judge's SpecialJames Tirado    
PAS Quad #4, Salinas, CA
December 3, Darrell Horst judged 96 singers, 12 exhibitors
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stAl OudegaJ764-99dark variegated884
2ndMarge SaarniR715-99light variegated87.53
3rdFrank ZuechT009-00dark variegated87.42
4thJoe HongA708-00blue variegated86.91
5thRandie BoardmanF796-00dark variegated86.80
6thBryan ChinD139-00medium variegated86.70
7thRod Lowe???0
8thRandie Boardman???0
9thGary Tom???0
10thAl Oudega???0
Judge's SpecialAl Oudega    
Chapter 35, Florida
December 9, Tad Rykojc judged 69 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stSteve BaptisteJ850-00dark variegated86.64
2ndCharles ReedM803-99green self86.23
3rdSteve BaptisteT743-99dark variegated85.52
4thSteve BaptisteG274-99dark variegated84.41
5thSteve BaptisteJ852-00dark variegated84.30
6thMichael ColoratoJ781-00yellow84.30
7thSteve BaptisteJ887-00dark variegated84.10

* Attained Grand Champion status (accumulated at least 20 points)

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