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ASC 1999 Sanctioned Show Results

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1999 Clifford Williams Award

This ASC award is awarded to the ASC exhibitor who has amassed the highest total number of show points during the past show season. The point system is explained in the Constitution. Clifford Williams was the winningest American Singer breeder/exhibitor ever, who won an unprecedented 300 plus first place wins and 16 Kellogg Trophies (Best of Breed at the annual National Cage Bird Show).

PlaceExhibitorTotal Points
1stWilliam & Donna Jacobs91
2ndSally & Warren Kemerer48
3rdSam & Marilyn Can34
Gary Tom34
4thLatif Ghousy23
5thBryan Chin18
Bill Summers18
6thAlberta Riedel17
7thMichael Seiler15
8thElizabeth Juntunen14
9thClayton Beegle13
Ed Medrano13
John & Laura Schwanof13
Frank Zuech13
10thAl Oudega12
Tad Rykojc12

Toledo Bird Assoc., Toledo, Ohio
September 25, Michael Grohman judged 175 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stClayton Beegle97-A910medium variegated91.96
2ndWilliam & Donna Jacobs97-K027green self90.9+5
3rdWilliam & Donna Jacobs98-J777dark variegated90.94
4thLewis Johnson99-E116light variegated90.2+3
5thBob & Judie McGuire97-A000yellow90.22
6thSally & Warren Kemerer99-K975yellow ticked90.11
7thBarbara Fout99-T478green foul90.00
ASAP, Pittsburgh, PA
October 2, Michael Seiler judged 151 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stJulius Natterman98-E177dark variegated82.16
2ndTad Rykojc99-R932medium variegated825
3rdJohn Keller98-F478dark variegated81.554
4thJulius Natterman99-H033medium variegated81.53
5thClayton Beegle99-A019green foul81.42
6thTad Rykojc98-R862dark variegated81.11
7thClayton Beegle99-A076dark variegated810
Maryland All Canary Club, Baltimore, MD
October 2, Danny Iacovone judged 151 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stSam & Marilyn Can98-B900yellow ticked926
2ndSam & Marilyn Can98-B856dark variegated915
3rdSam & Marilyn Can96-A460blue variegated904
4thMichael Seiler97-D440orange893
5thBen Jenkins99-D537dark variegated882
6thJohn & Laura Schwanof99-B594dark variegated871
Society of Canary & Finch, Livonia, MI
October 2, William Meyer judged 151 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stWilliam & Donna Jacobs97-K027dark variegated93.56
2ndWilliam & Donna Jacobs96-U380medium variegated92.55
3rdWilliam & Donna Jacobs99-B510cinnamon self924
4thBob & Judie McGuire99-M227green foul913
5thAlberta Riedel97-C851dark variegated90.52
6thJudy Snider98-T116light variegated90.41
7thWilliam & Donna Jacobs  90 
8thAlberta Riedel  89.8 
9thJessie Durkin  89.7 
10thAlberta Riedel  89.6 
Cleveland Cage Bird Society, Middleburg Heights, OH
October 9, Laura Schwanof judged 195 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stSally & Warren Kemerer99-K980medium variegated936
2ndChris & Keith Twaddle99-H746light variegated915
3rdJudy Snider98-T116light variegated90.54
4thSally & Warren Kemerer98-K940yellow903
5thBen Jenkins98-B162dark variegated89.92
6thLewis Johnson99-E100yellow ticked89.71
7thSally & Warren Kemerer99-K994medium variegated89.50
Texas American Singer Canary Club, Dallas TX
October 16, Frank Zuech judged 61 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stVanessa Johnson98-K644light variegated884
2ndBill Summers99-S917dark variegated86.53
3rdBill Summers98-U386dark variegated86.22
4thBill Summers98-B938dark variegated861
5thBill Summers98-S823medium variegated850
6thVanessa Johnson98-K632yellow84.50
Baltimore Bird Fanciers, Baltimore, MD
October 16, Michael Grohman judged 217 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stSally & Warren Kemerer99-L015medium variegated916
2ndSally & Warren Kemerer98-K926medium variegated90.75
3rdSally & Warren Kemerer99-L010medium variegated90.74
4thTom & Celia Miller99-C660medium variegated90.53
5thAdrian VanGilst99-G915dark variegated90.52
6thSam & Marilyn Can98-B867white90.41
7thJohn & Laura Schwanof98-G107medium variegated90.30
Central Ohio Cage Bird Club, Columbus, Ohio
October 16, William Meyer judged 140 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stWilliam & Donna Jacobs97-K007green925
2ndWilliam & Donna Jacobs96-U380cinnamon variegated91.54
3rdJohn Keller98-F478dark variegated90.53
4thJohn Keller98-F477heavy variegated90.42
5thWilliam & Donna Jacobs99-B526light variegated901
6thTim Mace99-G712?89.50
Capitol City Bird Society, Sacramento, California
October 16, Doria Durkin judged 94 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stBryan Chin97-A214medium variegated94.54
2ndGary Tom98-G824dark variegated933
3rdGary Tom98-G820dark variegated92.52
4thCaesar Ching98-H077dark variegated921
5thGary Tom98-G803medium variegated90.50
6thRod Lowe98-E970dark variegated900
7thRod Lowe    
8thGinger Wolnik    
9thBryan Chin    
10thGary Tom    
Capitol City Bird Society, Sacramento, California
October 17, Clay Beegle judged 101 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stGary Tom98-G808blue variegated84.15
2ndRod Lowe99-F806dark variegated844
3rdGary Tom99-D464green foul813
4thGary Tom99-D417dark variegated802
5thGary Tom98-G820green foul78.21
6thRod Lowe98-E978green foul78.10
7thRod Lowe    
8thGary Tom    
9thGary Tom    
10thGary Tom    
Chapter 34, Columbus, OH
October 23, Chris Twaddle judged 126 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stClayton Beegle98-A276dark variegated92.85
2ndSally & Warren Kemerer98-K940yellow92.54
3rdBob & Judie McGuire99-M230medium variegated92.43
4thJudy Snider97-U717green foul92.32
5thJudy Snider98-T115dark variegated92.11
6thBob & Judie McGuire98-D124green foul91.50
7thSally & Warren Kemerer  91.7 
8thBarbara Fout  91.6 
9thClayton Beegle  91.5 
10thSally & Warren Kemerer  91.4 
Chapter 25, Parsippany, NJ
October 23, Sally Kemerer judged 248 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stTad Rykojc98-R862green foul926
2ndBen Jenkins98-B161dark variegated915
3rdTom & Celia Miller99-C743dark variegated904
4thMike Seiler99-E857white89.93
5thJulius Natterman98-E189medium variegated89.72
6thTom & Celia Miller99-C722dark variegated891
7thTom & Celia Miller98-F171dark variegated890
Motor City Bird Breeders Show, Warren, Michigan
October 30, Freddy Arroyos judged 139 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stUmberto (Paul) Zabaroni98-B933white955
2ndElizabeth Juntunen99-A436dark variegated934
3rdUmberto (Paul) Zabaroni98-B928green foul933
4thMichael Grohman98-H327yellow902
5thElizabeth Juntunen99-A434green foul881
6thMichael Nysowy98-L013green foul86.50
7thUmberto (Paul) Zabaroni  84.5 
8thNatasha Zabaroni  84 
9thSteven Zabaroni  83 
10thAlberta Riedel  82 
Greater Chicago Cage Bird Club, Arlington Heights, IL
October 30, Clayton Beegle judged 130 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stWilliam & Donna Jacobs99-B522dark variegated845
2ndWilliam & Donna Jacobs98-J777medium variegated824
3rdWilliam & Donna Jacobs99-B528medium variegated823
4thWilliam & Donna Jacobs99-B524dark variegated81.12
5thWilliam & Donna Jacobs97-K044medium variegated811
6thJessie Durkin97-D704green foul810
American Singer Canary Club of Canada, Ontario, Canada
October 30, Sally Kemerer judged 161 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stLatif Ghousy98-E449green foul916
2ndLatif Ghousy99-B048dark variegated895
3rdLatif Ghousy99-B038medium variegated88.94
4thHank DeZeeaw99-A627green foul88.83
5thLatif Ghousy99-B069light variegated88.12
6thJuanita Kolaritsch99-T426dark variegated881
7thZabih Ghousy99-B126green880
Central California Cage Bird Club, Modesto, California
November 6, Ella Galik judged 102 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stGary Tom99-D451dark variegated90.55
2ndRandie Boardman99-J483light variegated904
3rdDarrell Horst99-D101green self893
4thGary Tom98-G808blue variegated872
5thJames Tirado99-R476dark variegated861
6thGary Tom99-D428?830
MASCOT EVEN, Essex, Maryland
November 6, Michael Seiler judged 155 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stJohn & Laura Schwanof99-B594dark variegated856
2ndSam & Marilyn Can99-D881yellow845
3rdSally & Warren Kemerer99-K969medium variegated83.94
4thJohn & Laura Schwanof98-G142orange83.53
5thV & C Sanchez99-A154blue self832
6thRichard Panko99-J250orange ticked831
7thJulius Natterman98-E177dark variegated?0
MASCOT ODD, Essex, Maryland
November 6, Tad Rykojc judged 176 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stSally & Warren Kemerer99-L015medium variegated896
2ndSally & Warren Kemerer99-K994medium variegated88.55
3rdSam & Marilyn Can98-B867white874
4thJohn & Laura Schwanof99-B607medium variegated85.53
5thSally & Warren Kemerer98-K803medium variegated84.12
6thSally & Warren Kemerer99-K980medium variegated841
7thSally & Warren Kemerer99-K926medium variegated83.60
Chapter 31 American Singer Canary Club of Canada, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
November 6, Judy Snider judged 164 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stLatif Ghousy98-E439dark variegated906
2ndAlbert Montanaro98-C409light variegated89.55
3rdZabih Ghousy99-B079dark variegated88.24
4thJoe Barbosa98-C627green self883
5thLawrence Borda98-M768dark variegated87.52
6thJoe Barbosa98-C634?871
7thLatif Ghousy99-B069light variegated86.750
Missouri Cage Bird Association, Eureka, Missouri
November 6, Patrick Miller judged 151 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stEd Medrano98-J050dark variegated926
2ndWilliam & Donna Jacobs97-K027dark variegated915
3rdWilliam & Donna Jacobs99-B524dark variegated904
4thWilliam & Donna Jacobs99-B528medium variegated89.2253
5thWilliam & Donna Jacobs96-F657dark variegated89.12
6thWilliam & Donna Jacobs98-J756dark variegated891
DRAGON, Livonia, Michigan
November 13, Mike Bacon judged 180 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stMike Grohman99-R301yellow ticked866
2ndElizabeth Juntunen99-A441medium variegated85.55
3rdElizabeth Juntunen99-A436medium variegated85.34
4thM & M Omiatek99-J601dark variegated85.23
5thMike Hiben99-H211green self85.12
6thWilliam & Donna Jacobs98-J777medium variegated85.051
7thCharlie Reed, Jr.99-M803?850
Jersey Shore, Toms River, New Jersey
November 13, Laura Schwanof judged 183 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stLouie DiMaria98-A376yellow91.56
2ndMichael Seiler98-B274yellow915
3rdLouie DiMaria99-J720white89.74
4thSam & Marilyn Can98-B867white89.53
5thJulius Natterman99-H092blue variegated89.42
6thSam & Marilyn Can97-G360yellow ticked891
7thSam & Marilyn Can99-D811white88.80
Pacific American Singers (1), Salinas, California
November 14, Freddy Arroyos judged 118 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stGary Tom98-G820green foul90.55
2ndRandie Boardman99-J476dark variegated884
3rdLarry & Doreen Waugh99-G804light variegated86.53
4thBryan Chin99-C802light variegated85.52
5thBryan Chin99-C832blue variegated84.51
6thGary Tom99-D422dark variegated83.50
7thGary Tom??? 
8thDarrell Horst??? 
9thElla Galik??? 
10thJames Tirado??? 
Pacific American Singers (2), Salinas, California
November 14, Earlene Nickoloff judged 120 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stBryan Chin99-C803light variegated985
2ndBryan Chin97-A214light variegated97.84
3rdElla Galik99-G645dark variegatged97.63
4thBryan Chin99-C802light variegated97.52
5thBill Summers99-S967green foul97.21
6thGary Tom99-D455white variegated97.10
7thRod Lowe??97 
8thGinger Wolnik??96.5+ 
9thGary Tom??96.5 
10thBill Summers??96.4 
National Cage Bird Show, Buffalo, New York
November 20, Allan Gibson judged 375 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stAlberta Riedel97-C856dark variegatged98.86
2ndAlberta Riedel98-G424medium variegated98.35
3rdAlberta Riedel99-H853green foul98.24
4thEarlene Nickoloff99-L809medium variegated98.13
5thWilliam & Donna Jacobs99-B510cinnamon foul982
6thSally & Warren Kemerer97-C140medium variegated97.91
7thBob & Judie McGuire99-M226medium variegated97.40
Santa Clara Valley Canary & Exotic Bird Club (1), Santa Clara, California
November 27, Tad Rykojc judged 136 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stGary Tom98-G803medium variegated88.25
2ndAl Oudega97-L004yellow ticked88.14
3rdFrank Zuech98-E800green self87.23
4thFrank Zuech99-K554dark variegated86.22
5thAl Oudega99-J728yellow86.01
6thGary Tom99-D430green self85.50
7thFrank Zuech99-K544dark variegated85.40
Santa Clara Valley Canary & Exotic Bird Club (2), Santa Clara, California
November 27, Gary Tom judged 115 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stFrank Zuech99-K531dark variegated91.95
2ndAl Oudega97-L004yellow ticked89.54
3rdFrank Zuech97-L461green self89.43
4thAl Oudega99-J728yellow89.32
5thAl Oudega99-J764green foul88.61
6thRod Lowe98-E970green foul88.50
7thElla Galik99-G612medium variegated88.30
NIROC Show, Elk Grove Village, Illinois
November 27, Earlene Nickoloff judged 151 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stWilliam & Donna Jacobs98-J777medium variegated926
2ndWilliam & Donna Jacobs97-K027*dark variegated91.95
3rdWilliam & Donna Jacobs98-J755dark variegated91.74
4thWilliam & Donna Jacobs96-U380cinnamon variegated91.63
5thEdward Medrano98-J055dark variegated91.52
6thJessie Durkin98-D816medium variegated91.41
Chapter 17, New Jersey
November 27, Mike Bacon judged 210 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stRichard Panko99-J250orange ticked916
2ndSam & Marilyn Can98-B856light variegated90.55
3rdMike Seiler98-B274yellow904
4thAbe Van Gilst99-G915green self89.53
5thLouie DeMaria99-J712yellow892
6thLouie DeMaria99-J720white88.61
7thSam & Marilyn Can97-G360yellow ticked88.50
Chapter 35 Suncoast American Singers of Florida Show, Port Charlotte, FL
December 4, Allan Gibson judged 154 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stBill Summers98-S823medium variegated98.56
2ndRay Willis98-P211green foul97.55
3rdSteve Baptiste99-G316green foul974
4thBill Summers99-S917green foul96.83
5thBill Summers98-U386dark variegated96.52
6thMichael Colorato99-J793medium variegated95.71
7thRay Willis96-L041medium variegated950
Chapter 6, Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois
December 4, Jerry Hosten judged 134 singers
PlaceBreederBand #ColorScorePoints
1stEdward Medrano98-J091variegated92.95
2ndJessie Durkin97-D704variegated92.74
3rdWilliam & Donna Jacobs96-F662variegated92.63
4thWilliam & Donna Jacobs97-K044variegated922
5thWilliam & Donna Jacobs99-B528variegated921
6thEdward Medrano99-L336??0

* Attained Grand Champion status (accumulated at least 20 points)

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