American Singer Master Breeders

A breeder who has achieved 10 Best-in-Shows will be presented an award, declaring that breeder a "Master Breeder of American Singer Canaries". Many of these breeders continued to win 1st place in shows, but only their first 10 shows are listed. This award was started September 1990. Click on the names in blue to see the list of shows that made them eligible.

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Year AwardedMaster Breeder
1991Julius Nattermann
1991George Komensky
1991Judy Snider
1991John Schaefer
1991Carl & Barbara Montan
1991Cliff Williams
1992Jessie Durkin
1995Warren & Sally Kemerer
1995Alberta Riedel
1995Tad Rykojc
1997Marilyn & Marion Omiatek
1998Bob & Judie McGuire
2000Bill Summers
2000William & Donna Jacobs
2001Gary Tom
2002Mike Seiler
2002Frank Zuech
2003Sam Can
2004Saoud Rihan
2006Steve Baptiste
2007Roger Stroman
2007Alicia Baker
2008Bryan Chin
2013Stan Jones
2015John Haddad
2015Aji & Dodi Sunjaya
2015Tom & Celia Miller
2015Nopakun Ouitayakul
2017Ginger Wolnik
2018Thomas Yang
2021Laura & John Schwanof

Bob & Judie McGuire

1989DRAGONJoyce Yuhas
1990ClevelandKay Wells
1992National Cage BirdJohn Schaefer
1993BadgerLucille Pilsnik
1994Canary & FinchJohn Schaefer
1994BadgerEarlene Nickloff
1995BadgerJohn Schaefer
1997Canary & FinchJudy Snider
1997National Cage BirdJudy Snider
1998Missouri Cage BirdDoria Durkin

The McGuires started in the mid 1980's with birds from Mike Colorato, who started with a male from Clifford Williams and hens from Erv Panzer. Incidently, the Coloratos have become active in the ASC again. Ivan is well on the way to becoming an ASC judge. In addition to their 10 ASC Best in Show wins, the McGuires have had two Kellogg winners and one ASC Grand Champion.

Bill Summers

1986DRAGONJ. Bassett
1990Rocky Mtn.P. Miller
1993Rocky Mtn.Frank Zuech
1994TexasAllan Gibson
1995TexasFrank Zuech
1996TexasWilliam Meyer
1997Rocky Mtn.Tim Force
1998Rocky Mtn.M. Gilbert
1999Sun CoastAllan Gibson
2000TexasDoria Durkin

William & Donna Jacobs

1996Chapter 6Nickoloff
1999Canary & FinchMeyer
1999Greater ChicagoBeegle
2000Canary & FinchGrohman
2000Greater ChicagoSchwanof
2000Chapter 6Colorato

Gary Tom

1997Capitol City Bird SocietySally Kemerer
1998Capitol City Bird SocietyTad Rykojc
1998Santa Clara Valley Canary & Exotic Bird ClubJudy Snider
1999Capitol City Bird SocietyClay Beegle
1999Central California Cage Bird ClubElla Galik
1999Pacific American Singers show 1Freddy Arroyos
1999Santa Clara Valley Canary & Exotic Bird Club show 1Tad Rykojc
2000Capitol City Bird Society show 1Frank Zuech
2000Capitol City Bird Society show 2Allan Gibson
2001Pacific American Singers show 1Allan Gibson

Mike Seiler

1997Maryland All Canary ClubMike Bacon
1997MASCOT show 2Marilyn Simons
1998Maryland All Canary ClubJoyce Yuhas
1998Jersey ShoreDanny Iacovone
1998Chapter 17Danny Iacovone
2000Jersey ShoreSam Can
2001Maryland All Canary ClubAngelo Gervasi
2001MASCOT show 1Sam Can
2001Jersey ShoreAngelo Gervasi
2002Baltimore Bird FanciersLaura Schwanof

Frank Zuech

1984Rocky Mountain American SingersPatricia Demko
1989Rocky Mountain American SingersMarilyn Simons
1991Rocky Mountain American SingersPatrick Miller
1992Rocky Mountain American SingersLucille Pilsnik
1994Rocky Mountain American SingersJerry Hosten
1995Rocky Mountain American SingersJohn Schaefer
1995National Cage Bird ShowPatrick Miller
1996Rocky Mountain American SingersJudy Snider
1999Santa Clara Valley Canary & Exotic Bird Club, show 2Gary Tom
2002Pacific American Singers QUAD, show 4Gary Tom

Sam Can

1999Maryland All Canary ClubDanny Iacovone
2000Maryland All Canary ClubMarilyn Simons
2000Chapter 25Danny Iacovone
2000Chapter 17Tad Rykojc
2001ASAPBill Jacobs
2001Baltimore Bird FanciersLaura Schwanof
2001Chapter 17Danny Iacovone
2002Chapter 25Patrick Miller
2002Chapter 17Danny Iacovone
2003Chapter 32Bill Jacobs

Saoud Rihan

2002MASCOTAngelo Gervasi
2002Jersey ShoreMichael Seiler
2003Maryland All Canary ClubAngelo Gervasi
2003Chapter 17Michael Seiler
2003Jersey ShoreTad Rykojc
2004Maryland All Canary ClubMichael Seiler
2004International Canary and FinchSam Can
2004Chapter 25Michael Seiler
2004MASCOTMichael Seiler
2004Chapter 17Angelo Gervasi

Steve Baptiste

2000Chapter 35Tad Rykojc
2001Capitol City Bird SocietyDarrell Horst
2002Chapter 6Allan Gibson
2002Chapter 35Tad Rykojc
2003Chapter 30Allan Gibson
2004Chapter 25Gary Tom
2004DRAGONAllan Gibson
2004National Cage Bird ShowJudy Snider
20042nd Annual National Song ContestAllan Gibson
2006National Song Canary ContestAllan Gibson

Roger Stroman

2004Motor CityAlicia Baker
2004Chapter 6Doria Durkin
2005Chapter 37Patrick Miller
2005Society of Canary & Finch BreedersJohn Haddad
2006DRAGON IDon Taylor
2006DRAGON IIAlbert Montanaro
2006Chapter 6Jerry Hosten
2007Chapter 32 ClevelandJohn Haddad
2007Greater Chicago Cage Bird ClubJerry Hosten
2007DRAGONPatrick Miller

Alicia Baker

2001TexasPatrick Miller
2002TexasDarrell Horst
2003Pacific American SingersDorothea Ashbery
2003TexasAllan Gibson
2004Gulf Coast IDorothea Ashbery
2004Gulf Coast IIAllan Gibson
2005OklahomaGary Tom
2005Gulf CoastAlbert Montanaro
2006TexasAllan Gibson
2007TexasElla Galik

Bryan Chin

1997PAS Dual, show 1Ella Galik
1998PAS Dual, show 1Gary Tom
1998PAS Dual, show 2Freddy Arroyos
1999Capitol City Bird SocietyDoria Durkin
1999PAS Dual, show 2Earlene Nickoloff
2000PAS Quad, show 1Bill Meyer
2005PAS Quad, show 1Gary Tom
2006PAS Quad, show 4Ron Moy
2007Santa Clara Valley Canary & Exotic Bird ClubDarrell Horst
2008PAS Quad, show 4Don Taylor

Stan Jones

2007Chapter 25Jeanne Pieper
2008Chapter 17Danny Iacovone
2008Chapter 41Sam Can
2008Chapter 38Jeanne Pieper
2009Chapter 41Ron Moy
2011Chapter 41Jeanne Pieper
2012Chapter 41Liza Horst
2012Chapter 41Anand Persad
2012Chapter 38Laura Schwanof
2013Chapter 41Tricia Hartnett
2013Chapter 25Steve Baptiste
2013Chapter 25Tad Rykojc

John Haddad

2003Budgerigar & Foreign Bird Society of CanadaDorothea Ashbery
2007American Singer Canary Club Ontario Chapter 38Jerry Hosten
2013October 12, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Chapter 41Tad Rykojc
2013October 19, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 31Sam Can
2013November 2, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 38Anand Persad
2014October 25, Parsippany, NJ, Chapter 25Saoud Rihan
2014October 25, Parsippany, NJ, Chapter 25Ron Moy
2014November 1, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 38Sam Can
2015September 26, Depew, NY, Chapter 40, ASC of BuffaloJeanne Pieper
2015October 10, Quebec, Canada, Chapter 41 Quad Show Day 1Jeanne Pieper

Aji & Dodi Sunjaya

2010MASCOT Chapter 28 MarylandLaura Schwanof
2011Chapter 40 Buffalo, Show 2 New YorkSam Can
2011BBF Chapter 16, MarylandSteve Baptiste
2011Long Island Chapter 1 New YorkThomas Yang
2012BBF Chapter 16, MarylandMichael Seiler
2012Chapter 25 Double Show, New JerseyTad Rykojc
2012Chapter 1,3,44 Double Show, New JerseyThomas Yang
2013Chapter 40 Buffalo, New YorkLaura Schwanof
2013Chapter 3 New England, MASaoud Rihan
2015BBF Chapter 16, MarylandLaura Schwanof

Tom & Celia Miller

1995Chapter 17Sally Kemerer
1997Chapter 16Jerry Hosten
2000Chapter 16Michael Seiler
2000Chapter 28Sally Kemerer
2000National Cage Bird ShowAlbert Montanaro
2013Chapter 16Anand Persad
2013Chapter 3Laura Schwanof
2014Chapter 32Michael Grohman
2014Chapter 16Michael Grohman
2015Chapter 25Jeanne Pieper

Nopakun Ouitayakul

2010PAS Quad #1, Salinas, CaliforniaLaura Schwanof
2010PAS Quad #4, Salinas, CaliforniaGary Tom
2010Santa Clara Valley Canary & Exotic Bird Club # 2Liza Horst
2011PAS Quad #1, Salinas, CaliforniaAnand Persad
2011PAS Quad #2, Salinas, CaliforniaPatricia Hartnett
2011PAS Quad #4, Salinas, CaliforniaLiza Horst
2011Santa Clara Valley Canary & Exotic Bird ClubElla Galik
2012PAS Quad #2, Salinas, CaliforniaLaura Schwanof
2012PAS Quad #4, Salinas, CaliforniaRon Moy
2015San Francisco, CA, Chapter 29Gary Tom

Ginger Wolnik

1995Capitol City Bird SocietyJerry Hosten
1995Santa Clara Valley Canary & Exotic Bird ClubFrank Zuech
2001Santa Clara Valley Canary & Exotic Bird ClubGary Tom
2004Capitol City Bird SocietyDarrell Horst
2005Central California Cage Bird ClubDarrell Horst
2007Central California Cage Bird ClubElla Galik
2008Pacific American Singers Quad ShowLaura Schwanof
2014Pacific American Singers Quad ShowLaura Schwanof
2014Pacific American Singers Holiday ShowGary Tom
2017Pacific American Singers Holiday ShowRon Moy

Thomas Yang

2011Midwestern ASC-Chapter 7William Jacobs
2011NIROCSaoud Rihan
2013Chapter 6Judy Snider
2014Greater ChicagoPatrick Miller
2014DRAGON Chapter 22Judy Snider
2015Chapter 6Alicia Baker
2015NIROCMichael Grohman
2016NIROCJohn Haddad
2017NIROCPatrick Miller
2018NIROCRon Moy

Laura & John Schwanof

1999MASCOT EVENMichael Seiler
2002Maryland All Canary ClubSam Can
2004Chapter 1Sam Can
2005Chapter 25Saoud Rihan
2011Chapter 3Judy Snider
2014Chapter 3Jeanne Pieper
2015Chapter 3Dodi Sunjaya
2017Chapter 3Jeanne Pieper
2018Chapter 25Arben Bebeti
2021Chapter 3Jeanne Pieper

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