American Singer Canary Photos

[ Flight Cage ]
Flight Cage of Mixed Colors
bred by Laura Schwanof, photo ©2005 by Laura Schwanof

Here are some examples of American Singer canaries to give an idea of the colors and patterns they come in. If you have a photo to submit, contact the ASC webmaster for information on how to send it. Click here to contact the webmaster.

[ Blue Variegated]
Blue Medium Variegated hen, AS96G04
bred by Ginger Wolnik, photo ©1998 by James Tirado

[ Orange Variegated ]
Orange Dark Variegated male, AS02F040
bred by Laura Schwanof, photo ©2003 by Rosemary Curry

[ Green Self ]
Green Self male, ASC04C408
bred by Cathie Rehberg, photo ©2005 by Cathie Rehberg

[ Buff Ticked ]
Buff Ticked (grizzled mark on head) hen, AS02D569
bred by Ginger Wolnik, photo ©2003 by Ginger Wolnik

From the American Singers Club bylaws and constitution:
A bird that has one mark only that can be covered with a dime. This mark consists of dark feathers on a clear bird. Applies to yellow, buff and orange. If more dark markings show any place, the bird is variegated.

[ Light Variegated right face] [ Light Variegated left face]
Buff Light Variegated hen, AS02K685 (showing right and left face markings)
This bird has just a little too much dark area to be considered ticked.
bred by Nancy Bizzarro, photos ©2003 by Mami Itasaka

[ Fawn ] [ Fawn ]
Fawn Medium Variegated hen, AS02R206
bred by Tad Rykojc, photos ©2003 by Sarah Elhoffer

[ White Variegated ]
Dominant White Light Variegated hen, AS02D559
bred by Ginger Wolnik, photo ©2003 by Ginger Wolnik

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