How to Buy an American Singer Canary

Many pet shops in the U.S. have birds they claim to be "American Singers" because the birds sing and we live in America, right? American Singer is a copyrighted name and only birds bred to the standards and banded with closed, registered American Singer bands can legally be called American Singers. So whether you buy from a pet shop, bird mart, or directly from a breeder, be sure to check the band.

American Singer bands always have the AS code. They also have a two digit year code, eg. 98 for 1998. Then they have a letter followed by two or three digits, eg. A001. The bands are metal and seamless, they can only be put on when the bird is a small chick and cannot be transfered. The band color changes each year and rotates through this order: blue, silver, orange, purple, green, red. The color for 1998 was blue. If in doubt, you can verify that a band number is legitimate by contacting the ASC secretary, who has all the band records. Club Contacts

So, where do you find these birds? Many people contact the national American Singers Club, but our membership information is private. For this reason, we have started a Breeder Referral List of members who want to be contacted. If you join the ASC, you will eventually receive the annual membership roster and you can search it for additional members in your area. Be aware that not all ASC members are breeders (they might have joined just to get the roster!) Membership Application

The best place to meet breeders is at a sanctioned American Singer show. Fall is show season, so watch the ASC website for the show schedule.

Another source is your local AS chapter. Not all chapters have authorized contact information, but those which do may be able to give referals. Chapters may have the same privacy policy as the national club, so don't be surprised if they do not give you names and addresses either. Chapter List

The American Singers Club assumes no responsibilities for claims of its members regarding either quality or health of their birds.

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