American Singer Grand Champions

A Grand Champion is a bird that has accumulated at least 21 points (starting in 2023) or 20 points (from 1990-2022) and has won at least one Best in Show. The number of points depends on the number of entries in a show according to the following tables. One exception is the first show ever for a club, where the 1st place bird gets 5 points even if there are less than 101 entries, the 2nd bird gets 4 points, etc. This is to encourage new shows where the entries may be small. However if a first show had over 150 entries, first place would get 7 points, etc. Another exception is the National Cage Bird Show, where the maximum points are awarded regardless of the number of entries.

2023 Point Award System
Entries =30 - 5051 - 100101 - 150151 ->
1st place4 points5 points6 points7 points
2nd place3 points4 points5 points6 points
3rd place2 points3 points4 points5 points
4th place1 point2 points3 points4 points
5th place1 point1 point2 points3 points
6th place1 point1 point1 point2 points
7th place1 point1 point1 point1 point
8th place1 point1 point1 point1 point
9th place1 point1 point1 point1 point
10th place1 point1 point1 point1 point

1990-2022 Point Award System
Entries1st place2nd place3rd place4th place5th place6th place
30 - 503 points2 points1 point000
51 - 1004 points3 points2 points1 point00
101 - 1505 points4 points3 points2 points1 point0
151 ->6 points5 points4 points3 points2 point1 point

Report a new Grand Champion Bird (PDF version, download and print, then fill in by hand)

Report a new Grand Champion Bird (Word version, download and save, then edit)

Grand Champion Birds
(click on band numbers in blue to learn more about those birds)
Year EarnedBreederBandColor
2022Halit Kiziltas16-B968Blue Self - BS
2021Alex Amorim16-B096Dark Variegated - DV
2021Alex Amorim17-A511Light Variegated - LV
2019William Huang17-C993Medium Variegated - MV
2018Arben Bebeti17-C538Green Foul - GF
2018Hakim Azizi15-B291Cinnamon Self - CS
2018John Haddad15-H050DV - Dark Variegated
2018John Haddad12-F509DV - Dark Variegated
2011Wahid Ghousy08-H156Green Self - GS
2017Kim Higgins15-H360Dark Variegated - DV
2017Zabih Ghousy11-E061Dark Variegated - DV
2017John Haddad14-J743Blue Variegated - BV
2016John Haddad13-J605Medium Variegated - MV
2015Thomas Yang12-G111Dark Variegated - DV
2015Aji & Dodi Sunjaya13-D013Blue Foul - BF
2015Aji & Dodi Sunjaya11-E562Green Foul - GF
2015Saoud Rihan13-E348Green Self - GS
2014Thomas Yang09-Z025green self
2013Stan Jones10-A452white ticked
2013Stan Jones11-A513white ticked
2013Aji & Dodi Sunjaya10-J502green foul
2013Saoud Rihan10-E937dark variegated
2012Nopakun Ouitayakul10-M619orange variegated
2012Aji & Dodi Sunjaya10-J508medium variegated
2011Roger Stroman06-R078medium variegated
2011Aji & Dodi Sunjaya10-J523cinnamon variegated
2009Saoud Rihan06-F338dark variegated
2009Saoud Rihan08-R456blue variegated
2008Saoud Rihan06-F284dark variegated
2008Jeanne Pieper03-D791yellow ticked
2008Jeanne Pieper04-G228yellow
2008Stan Jones08-S116white
2008Vanessa Johnson06-J232light variegated
2008Bryan Chin04-A839green foul
2007Saoud Rihan06-F303dark variegated
2007Bob & Judie McGuire05-A659medium variegated
2007Alicia Baker03-M217green foul
2007Roger Stroman04-L450dark variegated
2006Dorothea Ashbery03-M573green self
2006Roger Stroman03-C281dark variegated
2006Saoud & Nadege Rihan06-F219green foul
2006Saoud & Nadege Rihan05-R068green self
2005Michael Seiler02-B454medium variegated
2005Michael Seiler01-D892yellow ticked
2005Bob & Judie McGuire03-D508white ticked
2005Joaquin Torres05-T049dark variegated
2005Saoud & Nadege Rihan04-E447blue variegated
2005Saoud & Nadege Rihan04-E433yellow
2005Saoud & Nadege Rihan02-G921medium variegated
2004Saoud & Nadege Rihan03-G284medium variegated
2004Saoud & Nadege Rihan03-G290medium variegated
2003Saoud & Nadege Rihan02-G849white
2003Sam Can01-P978blue variegated
2002William & Donna Jacobs00-H152medium variegated
2002William & Donna Jacobs00-H169cinnamon variegated
2002William & Donna Jacobs98-J777medium variegated
2002Mike Seiler01-D814medium variegated
2002Sam & Marilyn Can00-F889medium variegated
2001Sam & Marilyn Can00-F871dark variegated
2000Warren & Sally Kemerer99-L015medium variegated
2000William & Donna Jacobs96-U380cinnamon self
2000Tom & Celia Miller99-C714medium variegated
2000John Keller98-F478dark variegated
2000Sam & Marilyn Can98-B867white
1999William & Donna Jacobs97-K027green self
1998Tad Rykojc96-D008dark variegated
1998Warren & Sally Kemerer97-C140medium variegated
1997Marilyn & Marion Omiatek95-M239green foul
1997Doria Durkin95-A123 ?
1997Louie Dimaria94-G526 ?
1996Laura & John Schwanof94-F610 ?
1996Jessie Durkin94-D446 ?
1995Alberta Riedel94-H935 ?
1995Alberta Riedel94-H928 ?
1995Julius Nattermann92-C123 ?
1995Bob & Judie McGuire92-A284 ?
1994Julius Nattermann91-R62 ?
1994Warren & Sally Kemerer93-A390 ?
1993Marilyn & Marion Omiatek90-C378 ?
1993Eugene Malinowski89-E217 ?
1993Jessie Durkin90-D919 ?
1993Jessie Durkin89-D404 ?
1992Danny & Julie Iacovone89-C288 ?
1992Jessie Durkin90-D968 ?
1992Jessie Durkin89-D405 ?
1991Marcia & Dan Feduk88-A351 ?
1989Michael Colorato84-D772dark variegated
1989Michael Colorato83-D529medium variegated
1987Tad Rykojc86-K22dark variegated
1987John Schaefer83-M365dark variegated
1987Judy Snider86-G15self green
1987Jessie Durkin82-E188green self
1986Judy Snider84-F12medium variegated
1982John Schaefer81-D140dark variegated
1982Al Yates79-F321blue
1982Joe Yakominich77-F231 ?
1982Richard Hoey81-G627light variegated
198?Hank Mahnken78-D632 ?
1980Pat Demko76-C544 ?
1980Pat Demko75-E471 ?

Profiles of the Winning Birds

Owned by Halit Kiziltas

2018 Maryland All Canary ClubLaura Schwanof4th2
2018 Baltimore Bird Fanciers (Chapter 16)Mario Valladares3rd4
2018 MASCOT (Chapter 28)Ron Moy6th1
2019 Chapter 25Mario Valladares5th2
2021 Chapter 3Sam Can3rd3
2022 Baltimore Bird Fanciers (Chapter 16)Mario Valladares1st6
2022 MASCOT (Chapter 28)Tad Rykojc2nd5
2022 DRAGON (Chapter 22)Steve Baptiste3rd3
total points26

Owned by Alex Amorim

2017 New Jersey Chapter 25Saoud Rihan3rd4
2018 New England Chapter 3Tad Rykojc1st6
2018 New England Chapter 3Laura Schwanof2nd5
2021 Chapter 16 & 28 MascotJeanne Pieper1st6
total points21

Owned by Alex Amorim

2018 Maryland All Canary ClubLaura Schwanof1st5
2018 New Jersey Chapter 25Tad Rykojc1st6
2018 New England Chapter 3Tad Rykojc3rd4
2021 Chapter 16 & 28 MascotLaura Schwanof1st6
total points21

Owned by William Huang

2017 Chapter 31, Stoney Creek, OntarioJohn Haddad3rd2
2018 Chapter 12, Maple, OntarioArben Bebeti3rd3
2018 Chapter 31, Mississauga, OntarioRon Moy3rd3
2019 Chapter 31, Richmond Hill, OntarioJeanne Pieper4th2
2019 Chapter 31, Richmond Hill, OntarioTad Rykojc2nd4
2019 Chapter 31, Mississauga, OntarioMario Valladares1st5
2019 National Cage Bird Show, St. Charles, ILEddie Baig5th2
total points21

Owned by Arben Bebeti

2017 CH 9 Double Show, Sept 16, Woodridge, ON, CanadaSam Can4th3
2017 CH 9 Double Show, Sept 16 , Woodridge, ON, CanadaSaoud Rihan4th3
2017 CH 31 Double Show, Oct 14, Richmond Hill, ON, CanadaRon Moy2nd5
2018 CH 21 Double Show, Sept 22-23, Brampton, ON, CanadaJoaquin Torres6th1
2018 CH 31 Double Show, Oct 6, Mississauga, ON, CanadaEddie Baig1st5
2018 CH 31 Double Show, Oct 13, Richmond Hill, ON, CanadaSam Can4th2
2018 Florida Canary Fanciers & CH 43 , Dec 8, Kissimmee, FL, USAJeanne Pieper3rd2
total points21

Owned by Hakim Azizi

2015 September 26 Depew, NY Chapter 40 ASC of BuffaloMario Valladares2nd4
2015 October 31 Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada Chapter 21 of ASCMario Valladares1st6
2017 October 1st Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Chapter 21 of ASCJoaquin Torres1st5
2017 November 4 Brampton, Ontario, Canada Chapter 21 of ASCDorothea Ashbery4th2
2018 October 13 Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada Chapter 21 of ASCMario Valladares3rd3
total points20

Owned by John Haddad

2015 September 26, Depew, NY, Chapter 40, ASC of BuffaloJeanne Pieper3rd3
2016 November 5, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 38Sam Can5th2
2017 October 14, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 31Ron Moy1st6
2018 October 6, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 31Ron Moy5th1
2018 October 13, Richmond Hill, Canada, Chapter 31Laura Schwanof2nd4
2018 October 27, Parsippany, NJ, Chapter 25Arben Bebeti2nd5
total points21

Owned by John Haddad

2013 October 12, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Chapter 41Tad Rykojc1st6
2014 October 25, Parsippany , NJ, Chapter 25Ron Moy1st6
2014 November 1, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 38Sam Can5th2
2018 October 6, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 31Ron Moy1st5
2018 October 13, Richmond Hill, Canada, Chapter 31Sam Can5th1
total points20

Owned by Wahid Ghousy

2008 Chapter 31Dorothea Ashbery2nd4
2009 Chapter 38Don Taylor1st6
2009 DRAGON Chapter 22Steve Baptiste4th3
2010 Chapter 31Ella Galik5th1
2011 Chapter 31Dorothea Ashbery1st6
total points20

Owned by Kim Higgins

2015 November 28, Haverhill, MA, Chapter 3, New England ASCDodi Sunjaya2nd4
2016 October 15, Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Bird Fanciers and Chaper 16Dodi Sunjaya2nd5
2016 October 29, Haverhill, MA, Chapter 3, New England ASC double showSaoud Rihan1st5
2017 October 14, Parsippany, NJ, Chapter 25 double showSaoud Rihan2nd5
2017 October 14, Parsippany, NJ, Chapter 25 double showSteve Baptiste6th1
total points20

Owned by Zabih Ghousy

2012 Ch 41 Double Show, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaAnand Persad4th3
2013 Ch 41 Triple Show, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaPatricia Hartnett5th2
2014 Ch 31, Stoney Creek, Ontario, CanadaDorothea Ashbery3rd4
2016 Ch 21, Hamilton, Ontario, CanadaJudy Snider3rd4
2016 Ch 40, ASC of Buffalo, Maple, Ontario, CanadaDorothea Ashbery1st4
2017 Ch 21, Canadian National Cage Bird Show, Ontario, CanadaJoaquin Torres4th2
2017 Ch 21, Brampton, Ontario, Canada,Dorothea Ashbery5th1
total points20

Owned by John Haddad

2015 CH. 41 QUAD SHOWRon Moy1st5
2015 CH. 41 QUAD SHOWSam Can2nd4
2015 CH. 38 BRAMPTON SHOWDodi Sunjaya4th2
2016 CH.41 MONTREAL SHOWArben Bebeti1st5
2016 CH. 41 MONTREAL SHOWDodi Sunjaya3rd3
2017 CH. 12 MAPLE SHOWEddie Baig5th1
total points20

Owned by John Haddad

2014 October 4, Quebec, Canada, Chapter 41Steve Baptiste2nd5
2014 November 1, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Chapter 38Sam Can1st6
2015 October 10, Quebec, Canada, Chapter 41 Quad Show Day 1Laura Schwanof1st5
2016 October 8, Montreal, Canada, Chapter 41 Double Show #2Dodi Sunjaya1st5
total points21

Owned by Thomas Yang

2013 Chapter 6Judy Snider2nd4
2014 DRAGON, Chapter 22Judy Snider2nd5
2014 NIROC, ChicagoTad Rykojc4th3
2015 MACC, BaltimoreDodi Sunjaya2nd5
2015 Society of Canary & Finch Breeders, LivoniaMario Valladares3rd4
2015 Chapter 6Alicia Baker1st6
total points27

Owned by Aji & Dodi Sunjaya

2013 MACC Baltimore MDLaura Schwanof5th2
2014 Chapter 3 New England MALaura Schwanof3rd4
2015 BBF Chapter 16 Baltimore MDLaura Schwanof1st6
2015 Chapter 25 NJThomas Yang1st6
2015 Chapter 25 NjJeanne Pieper2nd5
2015 Chapter 29 Quad ShowSam Can1st3
2015 Chapter 29 Quad ShowSaoud Rihan2nd2
total points28

Owned by Aji & Dodi Sunjaya

2011 BBF & Chapter 16 Baltimore MDSteve Baptiste1st6
2011 Long Island Song Canary Club NYThomas Yang1st5
2012 Chapter 25 NJTad Rykojc5th2
2012 Chapter 1, 3, 44 NJThomas Yang5th2
2014 Chapter 25 NJRon Moy4th3
2015 MASCOT Chapter 28 Baltimore MDRon Moy1st6
2015 Chapter 29 Quad Show CATad Rykojc2nd2
2015 Chapter 29 Quad Show CAGary Tom3rd1
total points27

Owned by Saoud Rihan

2013 Chapter 3 New EnglandLaura Schwanof4th2
2014 Salinas Chapter 29 QuadLaura Schwanof3rd2
2014 Salinas Chapter 29 QuadJeanne Pieper2nd3
2014 Chapter 3 New EnglandLaura Schwanof1st6
2014 Chapter 6 Oakbrook TerraceWilliam Jacobs1st6
2015 MACCDodi Sunjaya1st6
total points25

Owned by Thomas Yang

2011 Chapter 7, MidwesternWilliam Jacobs1st6
2011 Chapter 28, MASCOTAnand Persad3rd4
2013 Chapter 6Judy Snider1st5
2014 Chapter 22, DRAGONJudy Snider1st6
2014 Chapter 6William Jacobs2nd5
total points26

Owned by Stan Jones

2011 Chapter 41, show 3Sam Can5th2
2012 Chapter 41, show 2Liza Horst2nd5
2012 Chapter 38Laura Schwanof1st6
2012 Chapters 1, 3, 44Sam Can6th1
2013 Chapter 25Steve Baptiste1st6
total points20

Owned by Stan Jones

2012 Chapter 40Tom Yang6th1
2012 Chapter 41, show 1Liza Horst1st6
2012 Chapter 41, show 2Anand Persad6th1
2012 Chapter 31Dorothea Ashbery2nd5
2012 Chapter 38,Laura Schwanof2nd5
2013 Chapter 41, show 2Tricia Hartnett1st6
2013 Chapter 41, show 3Tad Rykojc2nd5
total points29

Owned by Aji & Dodi Sunjaya

2010 Chapter 1Danny Iacovone3rd3
2011 Chapter 1Tom Yang4th2
2012 Chapter 40John Haddad5th2
2012 Chapter 1-3-44Tom Yang1st6
2013 Chapter 40Jeanne Pieper4th3
2013 MACCLaura Schwanof3rd4
2013 Chapter 25Tad Rykojc2nd5
2014 Society of Canary & Finch BreedersTom Yang3rd4
2014 Chapter 3Jeanne Pieper2nd5
total points34

Owned by Saoud Rihan

2010 MASCOT, Chapter 28Laura Schwanof2nd5
2011 Chapter 25, show 1Sam Can1st6
2012 Maryland All Canary ClubSam Can1st6
2012 Chapters 1, 3, 44Thomas Yang6th1
2013 Chapter 40Jeanne Pieper3rd4
2013 Chapter 25Steve Baptiste3rd4
total points26

Owned by Nopakun Ouitayakul

2010 PAS Chapter 29 Quad #2Jeanne Pieper2nd4
2010 PAS Chapter 29 Quad #4Gary Tom1st4
2010 Santa Clara Valley Canary & Exotic Bird ClubLiza Horst1st4
2011 PAS Chapter 29 Quad #4Liza Horst3rd2
2012 PAS Chapter 29 Quad #2Laura Schwanof1st4
2012 PAS Chapter 29 Quad #4Ron Moy1st4
total points22

Owned by Aji & Dodi Sunjaya

2010 Chapter 25 show 1Saoud Rihan3rd4
2010 MACCSam Can4th3
2011 Chapter 40 show 1Michael Seiler4th2
2011 MACCMichael Seiler2nd5
2011 BBF and Chapter 16Steve Baptiste4th3
2011 Chapter 44Danny Iacovone2nd5
2011 Chapter 6Michael J. Grohman5th1
2012 BBF and Chapter 16Michael Seiler1st6
2012 Chapter 25Tad Rykojc1st6
2012 NIROCMichael Seiler2nd5
2013 Chapter 40Laura Schwanof3rd4
2013 MASCOTSam Can3rd4
total points48

Owned by Roger Stroman

2006 Chapter 22 DRAGONAlbert Montanaro1st6
2006 Society of Canary Finch BreederSteve Baptiste5th2
2007 Chapter 37Judy Snider4th3
2007 Society of Canary Finch BreederMichael Grohman3rd3
2007 Chapter 32John Haddad5th2
2008 Greater ChicagoMichael Grohman5th1
2010 Chapter 32Allan Gibson5th2
2011 Chapter 32Anand Persad6th1
2011 Society of Canary Finch BreederMike Seiler1st5
2011 Chapter 7Bill Jacobs2nd5
total points30

Owned by Aji & Dodi Sunjaya

2010 Chapter 25Thomas Yang4th3
2010 Chapter 44Sam Can2nd5
2010 MACCSam Can2nd5
2011 Chapter 40Sam Can1st5
2011 MACCMichael Seiler4th3
total points21

Owned by Saoud Rihan

2006 MACCSam Can1st6
2006 Chapter 25Michael Seiler1st6
2009 BBFThomas Yang4th3
2009 MASCOTDorothea Ashbery1st6
total points21

Owned by Saoud Rihan

2008 Chapter 17Danny Iacavone6th1
2008 Chapter 25 Show 1John Haddad1st6
2008 Chapter 25 Show 2Sam Can1st6
2008 MASCOTSteve Baptiste1st6
2009 MACCLaura Schwanof4th3
2009 Chapter 32Jeanne Pieper2nd5
2009 MASCOTDorothea Ashbery3rd4
2009 DRAGONSteve Baptiste1st6
2009 National Cage Bird ShowJudy Snider6th1
total points38

Owned by Saoud Rihan

2006 BBFMichael Seiler4th3
2007 Chapter 42Danny Iacavone4th3
2007 BBFSam Can6th1
2007 Chapter 25Ron Moy1st6
2008 MACCMichael Seiler3rd4
2008 Chapter 17Danny Iacavone4th3
2008 Chapter 25Sam Can6th1
total points21

Owned by Jeanne Pieper

2003 BBF, Chapter 16Chris Twaddle1st6
2005 MACCDorothea Ashbery1st5
2005 Chapter 25Michael Grohman1st6
2008 MASCOTSteve Baptiste3rd4
total points21

Owned by Jeanne Pieper

2004 Jersey ShoreDaniel Iacovone1st6
2005 Jersey ShoreLaura Schwanof5th2
2007 MASCOTMichael Grohman2nd5
2008 Chapter 17Daniel Iacovone2nd5
2008 Chapter 25John Haddad5th2
total points20

Owned by Stan Jones
first Canadian grand champion!

2008 Chapter 41, Trois Rivieres, QuebecSam Can1st5
2008 Chapter 25, show 1John Haddad2nd5
2008 Chapter 25, show 2Sam Can5th2
2008 Chapter 38, Brampton, OntarioJeanne Pieper1st6
2008 Chapter 29, show 2Jeanne Pieper4th1
2008 Chapter 29, show 3Ron Moy3rd2
total points21

Owned by Vanessa Johnson

2006 Chapter 30Gary Tom1st5
2007 Chapter 30Ella Galik3rd3
2007 OklahomaDarrell Horst4th1
2007 OklahomaLiza Horst2nd3
2007 TrinityAllan Gibson2nd2
2007 TrinityAlicia Baker1st3
2008 OklahomaTom Yang4th3
2008 Chapter 30Allan Gibson3rd2
2008 Chapter 30Alicia Baker3rd2
total points24

Owned by Bryan Chin

2006 Chapter 29Allan Gibson3rd3
2006 Chapter 29Ron Moy1st5
2006 Santa ClaraGary Tom4th1
2007 Chapter 29Allan Gibson3rd3
2007 Santa ClaraDarrell Horst1st4
2008 Chapter 29Don Taylor1st4
total points20

Owned by Saoud Rihan

2006 Chapter 25, show 1Tad Rykojc5th2
2006 Chapter 25, show 2Michael Seiler3rd4
2006 Jersey ShoreDanny Iacavone4th2
2007 MACCJeanne Pieper1st6
2007 Chapter 42Laura Schwanof2nd5
2007 BBFSam Can1st6
2007 Chapter 1Tad Rykojc1st6
total points31

Owned by Bob & Judie McGuire

2006 Texas ASGary Tom3rd3
2006 Chapter 29Tad Rykojc5th1
2006 Santa ClaraLaura Schwanof1st4
2007 Chapter 29 (show 2)Liza Horst1st4
2007 Chapter 29 (show 3)John Haddard1st5
2007 Chapter 29 (show 4)Allan Gibson4th2
2007 Santa ClaraDarrell Horst4th1
total points20

Owned by Alicia Baker

2004 Gulf Coast (show 1)Dorothea Ashbery2nd4
2004 Gulf Coast (show 2)Allan Gibson3rd3
2004 National Song ContestAllan Gibson2nd2
2005 OklahomaGary Tom1st4
2005 Gulf Coast (show 1)John Haddad2nd3
2005 Gulf Coast (show 2)Albert Montanaro2nd3
2007 Texas ASElla Galik2nd4
total points23

Owned by Roger Stroman

2005 Chapter 37Patrick Miller2nd3
2006 National Cage Bird ShowPatrick Miller2nd5
2006 Chapter 6Jerry Hosten1st6
2007 Greater ChicagoJerry Hosten2nd3
2007 DRAGONPatrick Miller1st6
2008 Greater ChicagoMike Grohman2nd4
total points27

Owned by Dorothea Ashbery

2003 Chapter 25 (show 1)Steve Baptiste4th3
2003 Chapter 25 (show 2)Tad Rykojc1st6
2003 Chapter 31Sam Can3rd4
2004 Chapter 1Sam Can3rd4
2006 BBFMike Seiler2nd5
2006 Chapter 25Tad Rykojc3rd4
2007 MascotMike Grohman1st6
2007 Chapter 1Tad Rykojc2nd5
total points37

Owned by Roger Stroman

2004 Motor CityAlicia Baker1st6
2005 Benton HarborPatrick Miller1st4
2005 Chapter 6Allan Gibson5th2
2005 Society of Canary & FinchJohn Haddad1st4
2006 Society of Canary & FinchSteve Baptiste3rd4
2006 Chapter 6Jerry Hosten2nd5
total points25

Owned by Saoud & Nadege Rihan

2006 Chapter 1Alicia Baker1st6
2006 Chapter 25 New JerseyTad Rykojc1st6
2006 Chapter 28 MASCOTDanny Iacavone1st6
2006 Chapter 17 New JerseyAngelo Gervasi5th2
total points20

Owned by Saoud & Nadege Rihan

2005 MASCOTSam Can4th3
2005 Jersey ShoreLaura Schwanof2nd5
2006 BBFMichael Seiler1st6
2006 New JerseyMichael Seiler4th3
2006 MASCOTDanny Iacavone2nd5
total points22

Owned by Michael Seiler

2003 Chapter 1Danny Iacovone1st5
2003 Chapter 17Angelo Gervasi1st6
2004 Chapter 17Angelo Gervasi2nd5
2005 Chapter 25Saoud Rihan4th3
2005 MascotSan Can6th1
total points20

Owned by Michael Seiler

2002 NIROCMike Grohman1st6
2003 St. LouisGary Tom2nd2
2003 LivoniaMike Grohman1st5
2005 Chapter 25Saoud Rihan2nd5
2005 MascotSan Can3rd4
total points22

Owned by Bob & Judie McGuire

2003 Santa ClaraAllen Gibson2nd4
2004 Chapter 30Ella Galik1st4
2004 PAS Quad #1Laura Schwanof2nd4
2004 PAS Quad #2Alicia Baker4th2
2004 Santa ClaraMike Grohman1st5
2005 PAS QuadAllen Gibson1st5
total points24

Owned by Joaquin Torres

2005 GCCBCJudy Snider1st5
2005 NCBSSteve Baptiste1st6
2005 NIROCTad Rykojc1st5
2005 Chapter 6Allan Gibson1st6
total points22

Owned by Saoud & Nadege Rihan

2005 MACCDorothea Ashbery2nd4
2005 Chapter 32Mike Grohman5th2
2005 BBFDanny Iacovone1st6
2005 Chapter 1Michael Seiler3rd4
2005 MASCOTSam Can1st6
2005 Jersey ShoreLaura Schwanof1st6
total points28

Owned by Saoud & Nadege Rihan

2004 MASCOTMichael Seiler1st6
2004 Chapter 1Sam Can2nd5
2004 Chapter 17Angelo Gervasi1st6
2005 ClevelandMichael Grohman3rd4
total points21

Owned by Saoud & Nadege Rihan

2004 BBFSteve Baptiste5th2
2004 Jersey ShoreDaniel Iacovone2nd5
2004 Chapter 25Michael Seiler2nd5
2005 Chapter 16Daniel Iacovone5th2
2005 Chapter 1Michael Seiler1st6
total points20

Owned by Saoud & Nadege Rihan

2003 Jersey ShoreTad Rykojc1st5
2004 BBFSteve Baptiste2nd5
2004 Chapter 25Mike Seiler1st6
2004 NCBSJudy Snider6th1
2004 MACCMike Seiler3rd4
total points21

Owned by Saoud & Nadege Rihan

2004 MACCMike Seiler1st6
2004 BBFSteve Baptiste3rd4
2004 MASCOTMike Seiler2nd5
2004 Chapter 17Angelo Gervasi3rd4
2004 Chapter 25Mike Seiler4th3
total points22

Owned by Saoud & Nadege Rihan

2002 Jersey ShoreMike Seiler6th1
2003 MACCAngelo Gervasi1st6
2003 Chapter 17 (Oct. 11)Mike Seiler1st6
2003 MASCOTLaura Schwanof2nd4
2003 Chapter 25 (show 2)Tad Rykojc3rd4
total points21

Owned by Sam Can

2001 BBFLaura Schwanof2nd5
2001 Jersey ShoreAngelo Gervasi4th3
2001 NCBSMike Seiler6th1
2002 Chapter 32Judy Snider6th1
2002 BBFLaura Schwanof4th3
2002 Chapter 25Patrick Miller1st6
2003 Chapter 17Mike Bacon6th1
2003 Chapter 32Bill Jacobs1st6
2003 BBFChris Twaddle4th3
2003 Chapter 25Steve Baptiste3rd4
total points33

Owned by William & Donna Jacobs

2000 ClevelandSam Can4th3
2000 Greater ChicagoLaura Schwanof3rd2
2000 NIROCJerry Hosten2nd5
2000 Chapter 6Ivan Colorado2nd4
2001 NIROCJudy Snider3rd4
2002 Chapter 37Sally Kemerer1st6
total points24

Owned by William & Donna Jacobs

2000 Greater ChicagoLaura Schwanof2nd3
2001 Toledo Bird AssociationAlbert Montanaro3rd4
2001 NIROCJudy Snider4th3
2002 St. LouisAllen Gibson1st6
2002 Society Canary & FinchDoria Durkin4th3
2002 Motor CitySteve Baptiste1st6
2002 Greater ChicagoAlbert Montanaro3rd3
total points28

Owned by William & Donna Jacobs

1999 Toledo Bird AssociationMichael Grohman3rd4
1999 Greater ChicagoClay Beegle2nd4
1999 NIROCEarlene Nickoloff1st6
2002 Chapter 37Sally Kemerer2nd5
2002 Greater ChicagoAlbert Montanaro1st5
total points24

Owned by Mike Seiler

2001 Baltimore Bird FanciersLaura Schwanof4th3
2001 MASCOT show 1Sam Can1st5
2001 Jersey ShoreAngelo Gervasi1st6
2002 Maryland All Canary ClubSam Can4th3
2002 Chapter 25, show 1Angelo Gervasi1st6
total points23

Owned by Sam and Marilyn Can

2001 Pittsburgh ASAPBill Jacobs1st6
2001 Chapter 17Danny Iacovone1st6
2002 Chapter 32Judy Snider2nd5
2002 Chapter 17Danny Iacovone1st6
total points23

Owned by Sam and Marilyn Can

2000 Chapter 25Daniel Iacovone4th3
2001 ASAPBill Jacobs3rd4
2001 BBFLaura Schwanof1st6
2001 Chapter 25 show 1Jerry Hosten2nd5
2001 Chapter 25 show 2Mike Seiler5th2
2001 NCBSMike Seiler4th3
total points23

Owned by Warren & Sally Kemerer

1999 BBFM. Grohman1st6
1999 MASCOTT. Rykojc1st6
2000 Society Canary & FinchM. Grohman6th1
2000 ClevelandS. Can2nd5
2000 BBFM. Seiler3rd4
total points22

Owned by William & Donna Jacobs

1997 DRAGON IIE. Nickoloff4th3
1999 Society Canary & FinchW. Meyer2nd5
1999 Central OhioW. Meyer2nd4
1999 NIROCE. Nickoloff4th3
2000 Society Canary & FinchM. Grohman1st6
total points21

Owned by Tom & Celia Miller

2000 BBFM. Seiler1st6
2000 MASCOTS. Kemerer1st5
2000 Jersey ShoreS. Can2nd5
2000 NationalA. Montanaro1st6
total points22

Owned by John Keller

1998 ClevelandM. Seiler1st6
1999 Chap. 26W. Meyer3rd3
1999 ASAPM. Seiler3rd4
2000 ASAPM. Grohman2nd5
2000 ToledoP. Miller1st6
total points24

Owned by Sam & Marilyn Can

1998 Chap. 17D. Iacovone3rd4
1999 BBFM. Grohman6th1
1999 MASCOTT. Rykojc3rd4
1999 Jersey ShoreL. Schwanof4th3
2000 Chap. 25D. Iacovone2nd5
2000 Chap. 17T. Rykojc1st6
total points23

Owned by William & Donna Jacobs

1998 BadgerHosten2nd3
1999 ToledoGrohman2nd5
1999 Society Canary & FinchMeyer1st6
1999 MissouriMiller2nd5
1999 NIROCNickoloff2nd5
total points24

Owned by Warren & Sally Kemerer

1997 Mid-WesternMike Bacon4th3
1997 DRAGON *Chris Twaddle2nd5
1998 Mid-WesternClayton Beegle1st5
1998 ColumbusPatrick Miller1st6
1998 MASCOT-OddFrank Zuech1st6
total points25

* won DRAGON Futurity

97C140 is out of 95K543 (12 pts.), one of the Kemerer's favorite birds, which is out of 94K496 (19 pts., but chipmunk fatality), which is out of 93A390 (Grand Champion, 5 BIS under 5 different judges). The mother of 97C140 is half Kemerer and half Rykojc. I was fortunate to have judged 97C140, and what I remember is freedom, showmanship, and above all variety - I don't think I have ever heard a bird with his variety. He also has good tone and length of song. But, he almost ended up in a pet shop. As he approached the breeding season in 1997-98, he developed a bad note that really got to the Kemerers. They placed him in a very low cage hoping he would stop singing, no dice; they then placed him in a dark low area of the bird room hoping he would shut up, to no avail; they then waited for the molt, hoping not to hear the bad note, but he still kept singing through the molt. But, low and behold, when he finished his molt the bad phrase disappeared, and the rest is history - three straight Best in Shows! The Kemerers only bred 97C140 twice due to the bad note, but has two sons that have placed already, 98K895 (3rd BIS, ASAP) and 98K896 (2nd Best Young, Niagara Falls).

Owned by Tad Rykojc

1997 ASAPPatrick Miller1st6
1997 MASCOT OneClayton Beegle3rd4
1998 BBFSally Kemerer3rd4
1998 MASCOT OddFrank Zuech4th3
1998 National Cage BirdSally Kemerer1st6
total points23

What sets 96-D008 apart is showmanship. Sally Kemerer said at the National he sang for the entire 20 minutes, with a great mellow tone, smooth song with lots of variety, and flows from one tour to another, but above all - a great showman. Sally said she actually broke out in chills when she heard him sing at the National, his song was that beautiful.

Jessie Durkin has had the following Grand Champions:

Band No.   Year Won
E188-82 1986
D405-89 1992
D404-89 1993
D968-90 1992
D919-90 1993
D446-94 1996

Things that she finds interesting....

E188-82 is the Father of F654-86, a wonderful male who had over 20 ASC points but failed to get a Best in Show.

The unlucky F654-86 was the Father of D404-89 and D405-89 (who are brothers and kept beating their poor old dad at the shows).

D405-89 is the Father of D919-90 and D968-90 (Brothers) and D446-94 (a half-brother)

All of the above birds were excellent Fathers and all helped raise their babies. So much for the idea that inbreeding doesn't work and that males who feed their young loose their song.

Owned by Judy Snider

Medium variegated hard-feather yellow male. Size: average. This bird was bred from my alpha strain, based on a Morrison border male and Nowatzski female rollers. He had great personality and stage presence and fed all his young through the years. He won best in show his first time out and never failed to sing in a show. This bird had good but not great tone quality. His secret on the showbench revolved around his resourcefulness: He would typically be the first bird to sing, would sing his somewhat limited repertoire in a very smooth and confident manner never breaking off. He would break only long enough to listen and when the other birds would reveal their songs, he would integrate their notes into his own song. In competition he would mimic water notes, a wierd cardinal and even sing his own notes backwards in an attempt to outdo the other birds. He really seemed to sense that he was in competition and was determined to have the day for his own. When he returned home he did not bother with the notes of other birds, but went back to singing his old song unless, of course, I put on a tape.

1984Motor City Bird BreedersMahnkenfirstsix
1985Harrisburg PASimonsfirstsix
1985Pittsburgh PAVipondfirstsix
1986Cleveland OHSchaeferfirstsix
1986Pittsburgh PAHoeysecondthree
1986National, MissouriMahnkensecondfive
1986Chapter Six, ChicagoSchaeferfirstsix
1987Cleveland OHSimonsfirstfive
1987DRAGON, MIGibsonfourththree
1987National, OhioHoeysecondfive
1988Cleveland, OHHoeythirdthree
1988Pittsburgh, PAHoeysecondthree

Total bests in show: six
Seconds: four
Thirds: one
Fourths: one

Total points earned: 57 (Earned points from seven judges)

Owned by Judy Snider

Heavy variegated medium to large buff green male bred from my alpha strain crossed with a male from Frank Zuech. This bird had exceptional deep tone quality and a song 'as smooth as glass' as the first judge who heard him put it. His first time out, unfortunately, he never got to sing. Due to steward error, he never somehow got into the judging room. In the earlier part of the day he was assumed to be part of a class yet to sing. When that class's turn came, he was pushed aside, assumed to belong to a class which had already sung. I resolved then and there upon an additional reform in benching birds to prevent this from happening again. The judge, who picked him best in show a week later at Pittsburgh said, 'where was this bird last week? I swear he would have won if I could have heard him sing last week in Detroit! But though many judges preferred G05's song to that of his brother, G15-86 (the Kellogg champion), he could be fickle. One year he got so fat I feared he would not breed, though he did produce many young. Time has proven that G05's blood, even in small doses, was a powerful tool in maintaining tone and balance in my line in the next decade, though I don't believe his genes were as powerful as those of his less melodious brother, G-15. All in all, he was what I call 'a smooth operator'.

1986Pittsburgh PAHoeyfirstfour
1986National MissouriMahnkenfifthtwo
1987National OhioHoeythirdfour
1987Chapter Six, ChicagoGerritsensecondfive
1988Cleveland OHHoeyfirstfive
1988National CalifGerritsenfifthtwo

Total bests in show: two
Seconds: one
Thirds: one
fifths: two

Total points in show career: 22

Owned by Judy Snider

This American Singer was probably one of the greatest birds ever to grace an American Singer stage. Though I have bred many birds since whose song I preferred over G15-86, this bird possessed what I like to call 'balance'. He had a great tone, though not the absolute greatest. He possessed variety nonstop, could mimic, never broke off, was generally the first to sing in any class without being tedious or overwrought about it. He also possessed a sliding descending passage that could make the hair stand up on the back of your neck if you like that particular note, and every judge he ever met up with seemed to like this note. As a breeding male, he was the greatest resource I ever had. His son became my first Kellogg champion, two other sons won shows. His daughters produced grand champions for both Alberta Riedel and Jessie Durkin. Many birds on the showbench today are related to G15-86 in more ways than their owners even realize, often from both sides of their pedigrees! A large self-green buff bird, many of his offspring are hard-feathered green, which I don't quite understand, since genetically this is supposed to be impossible. G15-86 was an athlete and very difficult to catch when he escaped, which he did frequently, in my room. The year he won the Kellogg cup at the ripe old age of three I said to myself when catching all of my males, The last male I catch will be my highest-scoring bird, maybe even a Kellogg winner! I didn't realize until an hour later, when I tallied up the census, that 'his majesty' was missing. A search throughout the floor-to-ceiling flight revealed he had escaped me by hiding in his 'secret' compartment in the heating duct in the ceiling. I flushed him out, caught him, and he began to sing as soon as placed in the song cage. One thing I noticed about him: Whenever he won, there was usually a spread between him and the second-place bird. His brother, G05-86, was generally thought to be more mellow by those who studied them both in detail. He was fertile in the breeding cage, once fertilizing three hens who hatched almost simultaneously, one nest of seven (all of which survived) plus two nests of six each.

1986Motor City Bird Breeders MIHoeysecondfive
1986NIROC ChicagoGibsonsecondfive
1986Kaytee Great American ChicagoSchaeferfourththree
1986DRAGON MIBassettthirdfour
1987Cleveland OHSimonsfifthone
1987Motor City MIYuhasfirstsix
1987Chapter Six ChicagoGerritsenfirstsix
1988Motor City MIMillerfirstsix
1988Cleveland OHHoeysecondfour
1988National Calif.Gerritsenfourththree
1989Great American BaltimorePilsnikfirstsix
1989Motor CityHoeyfifthtwo
1989National New OrleansPilsnikfirstsix

Total bests in show: five
seconds: three
thirds: one
fourths: two
fifths: two

It might be added that when he lost, it was generally to his brother, G05-86 or to his uncle, F12-84 or to one of my son Tom's birds who were also winning in those days.

Total points in show career: 57. (earned points from nine judges)

These two birds, F12-84 and G-15-86, nephew and uncle, are tied as the two top scoring birds --- ever.

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