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Membership is by Calendar Year. First time members joining in the fall are paid through the following year. membership data will be provided to us by PayPal. If this is a renewal, select from the Membership Changes pull down menu whether your data is the same as before, or if we should update.

Dual Membership includes two persons at the same address.

Bands are sold it batches of 25. Select the quantity from the Band Quantity pull-down menu and check the Certification Agreement box. For non-U.S. shipping, select the second choice in the Shipping pull-down menu. All prices are in US Dollars.

Certification Agreement: I am a new or renewal paid member of A.S.C. for the band year 2024 and I certify these bands will only be put on chicks bred from canaries that have been banded with A.S.C. bands, or bred according to The Plan outlined in the A.S.C. Constitution.

Click on the link to Checkout on the bottom left. That will take you to the PayPal shopping cart where you can review the charges before submitting through their secure website.

Select band quantities here from pull down menu. Leave all the quantities as "1" in the PayPal shopping cart page. Click on "more" under each item in the PayPal shopping cart to review your inputs. You can click on "remove" and add again from this ASC ejoin webpage to make changes. Click on the "PayPal Check out" button on the shopping cart page when ready to pay.

Donations are optional and will be used to cover PayPal fees and to help support club operations such as website hosting and show awards.

After you login to PayPal, you should see American Singers Club, Inc. at the top, the total charges listed, and a Pay Now box button at the bottom. You will be able to review the charges again by clicking on the arrow to the right of the total amount. Your address and email will be provided to us by PayPal when you click on Pay Now.

After adding at least one item to your shopping cart, you can Click here to View Cart or Checkout

If you do not have a PayPal account and do not want one, you can still pay through PayPal using your credit card.
Note: ASC payments will be collected by ASC Treasurer Sue Kretchko using account


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