Canary Sales Contract

Band No. _______________

Sale Date: _______________

Price: _______________

Seller's Name: ______________________________

Seller's Phone: _______________

This canary is a (circle one):

Proven males and singers are guaranteed to sing within 2 weeks. If the bird does not sing and is otherwise healthy and not molting, then the bird may be returned for a full refund. The buyer may keep the bird and accept a partial refund of the price difference between a male and female of the same age. The bird may also be exchanged for another male if one is available for sale. Hens that turn out to be males may also be returned or exchanged if healthy.

There is no health guarantee. The buyer is welcome to examine the bird, or have a friend examine the bird before purchase. Buyers should realize that a healthy bird can become sick or even die within a day due to improper care. This includes but is not limited to putting the bird in a draft, exposing the bird to smoke or toxic fumes, and not providing water in a drinker that the bird recognizes. It is recommended that the buyer purchase and read a book on canary care.

Type of seed mix or brand of pellets this bird is used to: ______________________________

Pedigree (if available) and Basic Care Instructions attached.

Additional Notes (eg. lighting schedule, indoor or outdoor):