American Singers Club Contact Information

For any contacts, please be considerate of what time it is where they are located.
They do not all read email regularly and many work and may not be able to return
phone calls until the weekend due to time zone differences.

American Singers Club Officers
Office Name Phone Location (Time Zone) Email
2024 President Laura Schwanof 631-357-2689 New York (Eastern)
2024 1st Vice President Jeanne Pieper 410-533-3435 Maryland (Eastern)
2024 2nd Vice President Steve Baptiste 941-625-7240 Florida (Eastern)
2024 Secretary / Treasurer Sue Kretchko 914-525-2097 New York (Eastern)
2024 Recording Secretary Carolyn Fenter 832-795-2118 Texas (Central)
2024 Newsletter Editor Kristine Stewart 517-449-3518 Michigan (Eastern)
2024 Website Editor Ginger Wolnik 408-739-3995 California (Pacific)
2024 Website Assistant Anand Persad 330-968-8236 Florida (Eastern)
2024 Advisor Arben Bebeti 289-217-1296 Ontario, Canada (Eastern)
2024 Advisor Tom Miller 973-546-6892 New Jersey (Eastern)
2024 Nominator Alex Amorin 401-438-7588 Rhode Island (Eastern)
2024 Nominator Ninez Giles 615-297-2281 Tennessee (Central)
2024 Nominator Tad Rykojc 410-627-9055 Maryland (Eastern)
2024 Nominator Tom Yang 248-688-4686 Michigan (Eastern)

Local Chapters are listed separately.

There are Facebook groups for canaries and American Singers, none are officially sponsored by the American Singers Club, Inc.

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