American Singers Club Contact Information

First of all, if you are having an emergency with your bird, the fastest way to get free help is to join and ask the Canary List. You can also ask that list general questions about canaries (their care, breeding, where or how to purchase, etc.

A public discussion email list specific to American Singer canaries is Yahoo Groups american-singer. That list is not sponsored by the American Singers Club, Inc.

There are also Facebook groups for canaries and American Singers, none are officially sponsored by the American Singers Club, Inc.

If none of the above resources can help you, following is the list of club officers. They do not all read email regularly and many work and cannot return phone calls until the weekend due to time zone differences. Please be considerate of their time.

American Singers Club Officers
Only information that was authorized by each officer is listed here.
Office Name Phone Address Email
2017-2018 President Joaquin Torres (312) 259-2779 Chicago, IL
2017-2018 1st. Vice President Paul Ferguson (978) 423-4916 P.O. Box 466, Haverhill, MA 01831
2017-2018 2nd. Vice President Allan Gibson (832) 561-9120 Galvaston, TX
2017-2020 Secretary/Treasurer Ed Medrano (773) 717-6506 8908 S. Yates Blvd., Chicago, IL 60617-3863
2017-2018 Newsletter Editor Kim Higgins (207) 831-0944 Windham, Maine
2017-2018 Website Editor Ginger Wolnik (408) 739-3995 California
2017-2018 Advisor Jeanne Pieper (410) 544-1971 Maryland
2017-2018 Advisor Brenda Varhola (205) 265-6526 Ohio
2017-2018 Nominator Patricia Hartnett (817) 821-8707 Texas
2017-2018 Nominator Ninez Giles (615) 297-2281 Tennessee
2017-2018 Nominator Raul Betancourt 305-974-2502 Florida  

Local Chapters are listed separately.

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