American Singers Club Chapters

Long distance phone calls might not be returned, so send email whenever possible. Blue names are links to chapter web sites.

Chapter Name or Location Contact Information Year Formed Newsletter?
3 New England American Singer Canary Club Joe Mullens 603-986-0878
2010 no
6 Chicago, Illinois Ed Medrano 773-717-6506
1945 yes
7 Midwestern American Singers Club Ed Medrano 773-717-6506
2008 yes
16 Free State (Baltimore Bird Fanciers) Tad Rykojc 410-343-2535
1965 yes
21 American Singer Canary Club of Toronto, Canada Aziz Abdali 647-226-1632
Chapter website:
2015 no
22 DRAGON (Michigan) Tom Yang 248-688-4686
1980 yes
25 New Jersey Tom Miller 973-546-6892
1988 no
28 Maryland American Singer Club Of Today (MASCOT) Larry Pieper 410-544-1971
1991 yes
31 American Singer Canary Club of Canada John Haddad 416-885-5881
1995 yes

Want to start your own chapter? The procedures are given in the ASC Constitution and Bylaws on pages 17 & 18 (Article XIV. Chapters) of the 1992 Edition. You need five ASC members to petition the ASC to have a number assigned. To draft proposed By-laws for your chapter, you may use this example as a template: Chapter 29 By-Laws. Send your petition to the current ASC Secretary. (See ASC Contacts)

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