Explanation of Scoring
Courtesy of DRAGON
Chapter 22 of the American Singers Club
  1. FREEDOM: Singer can earn one point for each song in 10 min. freedom period. 10 = max. Only complete songs are counted.
  2. RENDITION: Judge asks himself 'what is the song worth?' Tone, smoothness, number of variety notes, showmanship are considered. Max = 60.
  3. SONG FAULTS: breaking off, too short song, lack of variety, too loud or shrill, grating notes.
  4. CONFORMATION: color and markings do not count, color feeding is not allowed. See standard. max. = 20.
  5. CONDITION: health, cleanliness, tightness of plumage, neatness of feet. max = 10.
  6. If two or more singers end the competition with identical total scores, the singer with the higher rendition score wins and, in fact, there was never actually a tie between these two birds. If the rendition scores of tying singers are also identical, the judge will break the tie by examining once again the conformation of each bird, declaring the bird with the superior conformation to be the winner. Ties are never broken under condition.
  7. The exhibitor is given a complete score breakdown on each bird he enters on the official ASC scoresheet.

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