The American Singer as a Pet
Courtesy of DRAGON
Chapter 22 of the American Singers Club

The American Singer makes a pet canary without equal because of his ability to create 'atmosphere' with his songs. The pet diet should be simpler than the breeding diet and should include:

Every day: canary-rape seed, petamine or trill, greens, fresh water.

In the molt: a small amount of egg each day, extra greens, orange, apples, treat seeds.

Pet owners should be advised that out of season molting is caused by too much light (too long a day) in combination with temperatures above 75 degrees. Birds are prisoners of the light and going to bed too late brings them into breeding condition out of season and eventually will make them molt out of season. Canaries should not be kept up past nine for any reason, any time of the year.

Treats that benefit canaries are: hard-cooked egg (with shell), orange, cabbage, broccoli, kale, thistle, marigold flowers, corn. Avoid watery greens such as head lettuce or sweets.

Most AS like to bathe on a daily basis.

Keep perches clean to avoid foot problems. If you let them sunbathe, make sure they can get to some shade to prevent overheating. The cat is a canary's natural enemy. Avoid packaged seed but buy your seed in bulk at your local pet shop to make sure it is fresh. Vitamized seed, if fresh, is preferable.

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