Advice to the Novice: How to Buy Stock
Courtesy of DRAGON
Chapter 22 of the American Singers Club

So you want to get started with American Singers? Great! The Novice is the meat and bone of any fancy.

Here is some advice that should save you some grief:

  1. Buy only from American Singer fanciers. Make sure the birds you purchase wear a closed ASC band. The initials AS will always be on this band (in addition to the serial letter of the fancier).
  2. To get the very best stock, buy from fanciers who consistently exhibit. These usually only keep songbirds since other type canaries tend to corrupt song.
  3. Make sure you hear the male sing you purchase --- this insures his freedom as well as his variety of notes. What you hear is what you get in the AS world.
  4. Try to buy young hens, if possible.
  5. Forget about variegation and ground colors. American Singer judges are blind but come equipped with a huge set of ears. The song is the thing!
  6. Fanciers who join American Singer chapters usually obtain better stock since fellow chapter members want novices to 'stick around' to become a part of the fancy. Most fanciers charge about the same for American Singer stock; your principle investment will be in your time, not in money.

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